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From the 2011 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference
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Greetings Master, Greetings Co-practitioners,

I am a Dafa practitioner from Romania. This is a precious chance for me to share with all of you about how I use RTC to make calls to China and the conflicts and Xinxing upgrade processes I’ve experienced. I wish to appeal to more practitioners to join this project to make calls to save more precious Chinese people and fulfill our vow to assist Master in rectifying the Fa. I hope all of us can do a better job in quickly saving more sentient beings, achieve our right fruits and return to our original homes.

When Xinxing is upright, it’s not hard to call
Since last year’s New York Fahui, hearing the experience sharing of practitioners from the US, Taiwan and other countries about how they call China urging people to withdraw from the CCP, I was very touched. I realized that this is the most convenient and direct way of saving people. I am very aware of how important it is to urge Chinese people to withdraw from the CCP groups, especially as so many people are still unaware of the truth, believing the lies of CCP. Some are struggling under the regime of the CCP; they wish to withdraw but don’t know how. With this understanding, once I was informed that the global RTC platform is established, I realized that this is the most suitable way for me to call to Mainland China to save sentient beings. It’s the best way to help more Chinese people withdraw from CCP, keep them safe and help them have a bright future before the CCP is demolished by God’s will.

Master said in Be more Diligent, “There is one point that you’re all very clear on: history’s being able to progress to this day, here in this world, is precisely because it was reserved for Dafa disciples to save sentient beings, as this chapter of history exists expressly for Dafa disciples’ success and so that you may fulfill your vows. Of course, it’s not solely about your pledges and fulfilling your vows. It’s also tied to the Fa-rectification and the Fate of the immeasurable lives of this cosmos―something that huge. If you can do a good job with what you are supposed to do, everything in the Three Realms will go well and the interference that Master Faces in the process of rectifying the Fa will be less.”

I realized that I was arranged to join the RTC call project by Master due to my eagerness to save sentient beings. Once I had joined, I could feel the harmony and felt so close with practitioners from different countries, like at home with my Family. Because all of us are eager to save sentient beings, we share experiences often. All the troubles and tests in cultivation can be shared and compassionate responses are obtained from other practitioners. If there are practitioners who have a wish to save sentient beings through calls, you are welcome to come to find out more and benefit from the positive energy field of this project. Many practitioners have reflected that the energy field is very wonderful. The number of people who withdraw from CCP as a result of this method is much higher than calling by oneself. It’s basically because the practitioners who work on this all have strong righteous thoughts to save people. I feel that it’s Master’s great mercy to reinforce and upgrade my Xinxing to save sentient beings. Even new practitioners can quickly pick up the phone to call and save the Chinese people controlled by CCP.

At the beginning when I started calling into China, I was unprepared as all I had was a thought to save people. I prepared a lot and read the drafts several times, thinking that this is not difficult as long as I can talk. However, when I actually made a call, I forgot all my preparation and didn’t know what to say. When it came to telling people the real meaning of the CCP withdrawal, I couldn’t speak or remember the draft. I had to speak about whatever came to my mind, so I told them the truth and let them withdraw from the CCP. There were a few of them that agreed, but I felt it’s not enough.

A few days later, one thing touched me. I called to an old man in Tianjin and asked if he is a CCP member. He said he was so I told him about withdrawing CCP to secure his life, mentioning how corrupt the CCP is, as well as all the disasters and manifestations of the Gods demolishing the CCP. He answered, “You don’t know as much as I do, all this cannot persuade me.” Then I felt a lot of what I wanted to say was not systematically well organized. He was influenced deeply by the CCP culture and whatever I said could not get him to withdraw. Afterwards, I realized it’s not enough to have passion to break through the notions of this old man; it’s important to tell the truth in a systematic, logical way to save this sentient being. This is a good lesson I learned, I decided to learn the technique and try harder to learn from the practitioners with good experience.

Studying Fa is the first priority
I used to be incapable of expressing myself well, but if I want to do well in calling Chinese people it’s important to have some fundamental language skills. The first thing I needed to do to achieve this was to cultivate my unstable heart, so that no matter what happened I could keep stable and not be moved. Studying the Fa was the first priority. Only if we study the Fa well will what we say have the energy to save people. Studying the Fa is the most important thing when making calls to China. “Your righteous thought comes from Fa” (Be more diligent), I followed Master’s teaching to do well in the 3 things. Every day I study the Fa more than 4 hours, two lectures of Zhuan Falun and some of the new articles. After I join the calling team, I study the Fa well not just with the team, but with my local Fa study groups. When I study the Fa, I read loudly and let all molecules in my body read together. Reading aloud can make sure I don’t get the words wrong. Whenever I study the Fa, I take in each and every word and sentence so it can cultivate my xinxing, establishing a good foundation for calling. This has a grand effect on me. After studying the Fa, I feel my whole body warm up. All my molecules benefit, leaving me feeling lighter and younger. When I make calls, I talk logically and compassionately. I can respond quickly and what I say is easy for the listener to accept.

Calling Chinese people puts our compassionate energy out through our voice and is a way to share the wonderful good news. It’s necessary to do the three things well so that the recipient of the call understands us. Only when we cultivate well and have compassion in our heart, without any complicated thoughts, will what we share convey righteous, positive messages. A few sentences can eliminate the bad things in people’s minds. I could feel that everything we said is reinforced by layers upon layers of Buddhas, Daos and Gods. People can be saved only when what we say is on the Fa.

Best ways of calling
Calling is like a student doing homework: if you pay attention, the outcome is naturally good. When we call, it must come from our heart. We can’t fool around and must not pursue just getting someone to withdraw from the CCP, without properly clarifying the truth to them. Only when we are clear on our mission to save sentient beings can we achieve good results. I’ve had many touching experiences; here I would like to share a few.

One day in January, I called and a University student answered. He was deeply influenced by the CCP and as soon as I said a few words, he hung up the phone. I called again and he lost his temper, calling me names. I told him, “It’s our connected destiny that we can talk over phone. For the happiness and safety of you and your family, remember to withdraw the CCP.” He said he only recently joined the CCP and emphasized that he won’t withdraw. He said he is a graduate of a famous university and his future counts on the CCP to achieve success. He said he is one of the happiest people in the world and everyone envies him. His words were full of evil party culture and he was so proud of it.

I though how pathetic! You are still thinking this is good for you! I patiently told him, “Yes, you are very lucky to study in a famous university, but you don’t know that your luck is not from your hard work, it is passed down through generations and is related to your karma. The Chinese people come from 5 thousand years of profound culture but the CCP you joined in is an evil spirit from the west. Marxism–Leninism doesn’t exist anywhere else.” He hung up the phone again. I called again thinking that this young man has a pure heart. He may be deeply influenced by the evil party, but he also has his compassionate spirit within. I had to help him withdraw to be saved. Then I said, “When you want to go abroad to study, if you are a CCP member, you won’t be able to obtain a visa. You are so young, don’t ruin your own future like this. In China more than 90,000,000 people have withdrawn from the party. You won’t lose anything if you withdraw, but you will secure yourself a bright future, why don’t you accept it?”

He calmed down, so I told him how all over the world people from more than a hundred countries are now cultivating according to truthfulness, compassion, and tolerance to be a better person. Falun Dafa has won more than 3000 awards and proclamations. Jiang Zemin was prosecuted in an international court due to his persecution on Falun Gong. The CCP staged the self-immolation in Tiananmen Square to frame Falun Gong. Since the CCP established its regime, even in peaceful times, over 80,000,000 Chinese people have been murdered. Even none of the soldiers who killed the students in the 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre were allowed to live. Throughout its history the CCP has always killed its helper after the work is done. He kept listening and I kept talking. After a while, he said, I need to go to toilet, can you wait for me? I said, yes. When he got back, he said, “I understand and agree to withdraw.” I happily told him that a good person gets blessings from God and Buddha. He thanked me for telling him the truth. At last, he told me that his whole family would also like to withdraw. I am very excited to know that this young man is saved.

In February this year, I called an old man in Xianxi. I told him that I am a volunteer from the CCP withdrawal center, that there is a trend of withdrawing from CCP, and that only if you withdraw from CCP can your life be secured when the disaster comes. He told me that he was in the CCP but wanted to withdraw so I helped him withdraw using a pseudonym. Then he said, “Broadly shines a Buddha’s light, justly setting all things right.” He told me that before the persecution started, he practised Falun Gong and his illnesses were cured. When Jiang started the persecution against Falun Gong, he quit cultivation and now his health is very bad. He lives in a small city and could no longer get in touch with the practitioners he used to know. He asked how Master Li is. I told him that people from over 100 countries are no cultivating in Falun Gong. He said he knows that Dafa is good and doesn’t believe what he sees on the state-controlled TV. He asked me to send his sincere greetings to Master. He gave me his phone number and asked me to call him more often. I promised I would. This was very touching. Many predestined sentient beings are in the Mainland. The more calls we make, the more the evil forces can be eliminated, accelerating the destruction of the CCP.

Another call that stayed in my memory was when a mother with a kid answered. She immediately started crying and told me that her son had been ill for a whole day, with a high fever. I told her, “Don’t be sad. Listen to me, and sincerely repeat from your heart, ‘Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance is good.’ This will bring you some help.” She was so anxious about her son’s illness; she followed me to say out loud, “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance is good.” I told her to keep repeating this and things will change. I told her not to be anxious and that I would call her again tomorrow. The next evening I called her again and she excitedly told me that her son was much better and the fever was gone. I was really happy for her and told her that she could often repeat the phrase and it will bring luck to her family. She and her son agreed to withdraw from CCP.

It’s important to help others
Gradually as I got more and more experienced at calling, my wish to save sentient beings became stronger. The situations where people lost their temper, called me names or refused to listen, which I used to encounter every day, got less and less. In the process of calling, my only thought is to save more people. Now we can all feel that the time is going fast, there is never enough time. We are eager to grasp the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, every minute and every second are so valued. As Beijing and Europe have a time difference of 6 hours, in the morning in Europe, it’s noon in Beijing. Calling can take place until the evening in Beijing so the window of opportunity is small. My family are also practitioners. They all support me to call. I don’t have mental pressure and there is less interference when I am making the calls. Every day the number of withdrawals from my calls is between 30 and 40 people.

My attachment to pursuing the number of withdrawals rose to the surface. I kept calling as the first priority but I thought that sharing between practitioners was wasting time. As the trend of CCP withdrawals goes forward, more and more practitioners are getting into making calls, and it’s necessary to have experienced practitioners to help them learn how to do it. However, I was strongly attached to the pursuit of the numbers of CCP withdrawal; I ignored the importance of helping others. I even think it affected my making calls, as I was worrying that my goal could not be achieved. In fact, it revealed my attachment of showing-off.

Other practitioners saw my attachment to pursuing the numbers. Master pointed it out with the coordinator’s words to let me realize my attachment. I told the coordinator that I was so attached to showing off I was worried helping others with calls would affect my success rate. She told me that all Dafa Disciples in the Fa-rectification period are like beautiful shining pearls. But coordinators are like to the chain that links all the pearl into a beautiful pearl necklace, to make them useful. Although it’s a very simple example, I felt her compassion. It’s important to call but it’s more important to help more practitioners join in this project. Dafa Disciples are one body. Advance together, ever diligent, To a glorious future. (One with the Fa, Hong Yin) Ever since then, I let go of my pursuit, and coordinate with other practitioners to make calls. In fact, the process of calling is a process of cultivation. Truly let go of oneself and everything is righteous.

Keep stable Xinxing and don’t be interfered with by outside factors
Two months ago, my ordinary life changed. It affected the harmony in my heart, and provide a Xinxing test for me. My husband’s boss wanted me to work in sales as a substitute for an employee who was going away. I am very busy calling every day but I could not refuse his request. My husband kept sending righteous thoughts and urging his boss to find someone else. After two days the situation hadn’t changed, he still wanted me to work. It affected me a lot. In the end, I explained the situation to the coordinator and said that we would need to find someone else to train new people to do calls.

Some practitioners shared with me that as a practitioner I’m supposed to do ordinary work, and make calls when possible. Some shared that this is interference from the old forces and I should not accept it. Some said that there must be some attachments I’m not letting go? I went to the job in a quite emotional state. I saw that other practitioners also worked and made calls. I then thought how I could harmonize both work and making calls. I knew I couldn’t make calls but I could get online to send messages to practitioners that I am sending righteous thoughts for them. At lunchtime, we could study Fa together.

May 13th is the Falun Dafa Day. I woke up in the early morning and sent my best regards to Master, wishing Master a happy birthday. In my mind I told Master my wish to find a way out. I wrote a poem to express my feelings, that I would like to share here:

To accomplish our vow
Today is May 13th, bowing in front of Master.
Wish Master Happy 60th birthday with my best wishes.
My gratitude shows in flooding tears, not forgetting our vows from pre-history.
With heavy duty on our shoulders, saving people is so urgent.
Overseas phone calls prevail, righteous thought express boundless compassion.
To reveal the lies of the evil, let all sentient beings change their notions.
The number of withdrawal goes up, the evil is scared to death.
Once the universal truth is revealed, it’s the termination of the evil party

I gradually realized that the environment changing was a test of whether my thought for saving sentient beings was steadfast. A steadfast Dafa Disciple would not be moved under whatever circumstance. So many other practitioners have a job as well as doing Dafa work, and they have done a good job. I have to change my concept and do well to reveal the mighty virtue of a Dafa Disciple. “If everyone were to study Dafa and give up their jobs in society, ordinary human society would cease to exist, and so would this level of the Fa.” (Essentials for Further Advancement, Cultivation and work) After I got over this attachment, it was like “every cloud has a silver lining”. The change to my schedule cannot stop my eagerness to save sentient beings. At 5:00am I wake up to make calls, it’s nearly lunchtime in China. I use 1-2 hours in the morning to make calls. As long as my Xinxing is righteous, it has a great effect. The number of withdrawal keeps increasing. In the few months since I started my job, I’ve helped more than a thousand people withdraw. I believe, as long as our thought to save sentient beings is steadfast, and we believe in Master and the Fa, any interference can be eliminated.

In the process of calling, there have been some more surprising stories. In May, I talked to a gentleman who pleasantly agreed to withdraw from the CCP. I asked him why it was so noisy in the background. He said he was in a meeting. I asked him to let everyone in the meeting know about withdrawing from the CCP for their safety and raise their hands if they want to withdraw. He told me that everyone in the meeting agreed to withdraw and they all hate the CCP. There were 56 withdrawals in total. I immediately gave them pseudonyms and asked them to often repeat “Falun Dafa is good, Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance is good.” They said they all know Falun Gong is good and thanked me. I was so excited that 56 lives were saved.

Once I called a guy who was eating with friends. All his friends agreed to withdraw. There were 6 withdrawals and they all agreed to repeat Falun Dafa is good. There are many cases like this.

Now the number of withdrawals from the CCP is more than 100 million. The trend is like water flowing. All the Chinese people are waking up to protect human rights and stand against the violence. The CCP will soon collapse. There are still a lot more predestined Chinese people waiting for us to save them. Time is urgent. Master said, “Dafa disciples have a duty and must, no matter what, fulfill the vows that brought them to this world. For it was on that account that you once pledged your life as a god and were thus allowed to become today the most magnificent kind of being in the cosmos―a disciple of Dafa.” (To the European Fa Conference) In my cultivation path, I will follow Master’s requests to do the 3 things well, and save more sentient beings to accomplish the vows signed with Master.

Thank you.

* * *

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