Taiwan: Traditional Art to Cultivate and Purify the Mind

The International Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Art Exhibition was held on January 7th, 2012, in front of the Nantou County Cultural Centre in central Taiwan. The artists utilised traditional painting techniques in their works and many who visited the exhibition felt that their souls were purified after seeing the paintings.

On January 7th, six special guests were invited to the opening ceremony. They were (from left to right) calligrapher Hsieh Jun-Shan, President of the Hsin-San-Tsai Culture Association Cheng Chin-hwa, Nantou County Art Association Yao Shu-fen, chief of the Nantou County Cultural Affairs Bureau Yu Shou-chung, artist Ning Ke, and Nantou County Councilor Liao Tzu-Yu

Visitors listen attentively to the guide explaining the meaning of the paintings

At the opening ceremony, the Divine Land Marching Band, made up of Falun Gong practitioners, gave a live performance. The music was lively and energetic and sent out the positive and beautiful message of Falun Dafa.

Chief of the Nantou County Cultural Affairs Bureau Yu Shou-chung

Yu Shou-chung, chief of the Nantou County Cultural Affairs Bureau, spoke at the opening ceremony. Yu stated, “Magistrate Lee Chao-Ching of Nantou County values culture and art and the Cultural Affairs Bureau is hosting this exhibition with the same ideology. I am deeply honored. The opening ceremony of this exhibition is very grand. The Divine Land Marching Band’s performance is majestic and thrilling. The art works are very meaningful and depict true values. The little girl in the painting Call of Innocence manifests the spirit of truthfulness-compassion-forbearance. This exhibition nurtures us with beauty and purifies our minds.”

Artist Ning Ke

Artist Ning Ke, currently a standing councilor of the Nantou County Art Association, commented on the paintings. “Every work of art presents an extraordinarily magnificent touch in its colours and technique. The paintings make me want to be part of the story,” he said.

The Nantou County Art Association is one of the sponsors of the exhibition. Yao Shu-fen, president of the Art Association, was impressed by the enthusiasm of the exhibition volunteers. She believed that the compassion and peace reflected in the paintings would influence anyone who viewed them.

Nantou County councilor Liao Tzu-Yu said that the Falun Gong practitioners in the paintings validate their belief with their lives. She admired the practitioners’ perseverance and suggested that more people should come and see the paintings.

Guests at the opening ceremony of the International Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance Art Exhibition hosted by the Nantou County Cultural Affairs Bureau

Chou Yi-hsiu is an artist from Taiwan. She feels that the artists in the exhibition, who are also Falun Gong practitioners, learned how to let go of self and to reach a selfless realm in order to create art of higher realms. She believes that they all follow the same principle: to use traditional techniques to create works that are lifelike, bright, and that project a sense of purity and kindness.

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