Amnesty International in the Czech Republic Calls for Releasing Illegally Detained Falun Gong Practitioners

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Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Jin Zhaoyu was invited by Amnesty International in the Czech Republic on May 21, 2012, to come to Prague to help rescue her mother, Ms. Chen Zhenping, who is being persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in China. Along with local practitioners, Ms. Jin delivered an appeal letter to the Chinese Embassy, called for the release of her illegally detained mother, and presented plush toys. The plush toys symbolized the relationship between mother and child.

Gabriela Bartova, Amnesty International Czech Republic Activism Coordinator, said in front of the Chinese Embassy that Falun Gong practitioners' children are often separated from their parents this way (because their parents are illegally detained), and they were here to present these plush toys to tell the CCP to keep them and return the detained Chinese parents to their children.

Practitioners and Ms. Jin Zhaoyu walked into the Chinese Embassy, but the embassy staff avoided receiving them by going through a police officer and refused to accept the plush toys and the letter that requested the release of Ms. Chen Zhenping.

Pepa Nos, renowned Czech singer/songwriter, was present. He commented on the brutal persecution of Falun Gong despite the fact that the Chinese Communist regime publicly states that it upholds humanity and the basic principles of human nature. “If the CCP regime treats its people this way, how will it treat people in other countries in the future? If we can't stop this most evil atrocity that has far exceeded that of the Nazis, and is far beyond all other Communist countries in the world, then every citizen in our country will soon face merciless, horrible consequences due to their indifference.”

Ms. Jin Zhaoyu said that her mother's ordeal embodies the experiences of tens of thousands of illegally detained Falun Gong practitioners in China. She called upon the international community to extend a helping hand. She said, “I hope the governments and the media in all countries will pay attention to the case of my mother, help rescue my mother, release all Falun Gong practitioners, stop the persecution, and restore Falun Gong's good name.”

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