Experiencing the Power of Participating With Righteous Thoughts as “One Body ”

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In terms of any news about Falun Dafa, the positive recognitions and concerns from everyday people will give them a foundation for obtaining the Fa in the future. But in terms of Dafa practitioners, any news about Dafa is a field, a field which we can participate in, which we can embody and in which we can eliminate evil elements in other dimensions.

With the music of Pudu, sending righteous thoughts on the internet has become a part of my Fa-rectification cultivation.

If accessing the internet for two hours, I send righteous thoughts for about one hour, and this way has become a natural state. Not necessarily raising one palm, the energy will be sent out continually from the microscopic particles of my body. I broke through three levels probably due to my concern with this news. (After sending the energy, the microscopic particles of my body shook three times). The concern for the next news let me break through five levels.

In the beginning I only read the interchange between practitioners, because I thought it was more helpful for my personal promotion and comprehension of Fa-principles. With the progress of Fa-rectification, overseas news, mainland news, and the truth of the persecution have become the fields through which I took part in with my righteous thoughts, because I found that my personal enhancement was connected to them.

More importantly, I’m enlightened that as a particle in Dafa, we are a part of the whole Fa-rectification. Everything which happens in Fa-rectification is closely related to every one of us particles.

When we compose an indestructible wholeness, we will have no loopholes by which the evil can enter, so we as a whole can do anything. During the process of participation with righteous thoughts, I found every picture, every persecution news, every cultivation report, and even every voice of support or a prize for Dafa all have a field waiting for our participation with righteous thoughts.

For example, when I am connected from the bottom of my heart through the pictures of practitioners who were practising exercises and sending righteous thoughts, it was just like I transcended the limitation of time and space and joined everything through righteous thoughts with them.

Through every piece of persecution news, I felt the gong (energy) sent out by me was eliminating evil with practitioners and destroyed the arrangements made by the old forces.

And through every voice of support and every prize for Falun Dafa, I witness their magnificence with my righteous thoughts, because I know the future enlightened beings are born.

“When one’s Buddha-nature emerges, it will shake “the world of ten directions.” During the process of participation with righteous thoughts, I recognise that every Dafa practitioner represents a world of ten directions.

As long as the Buddha-nature of sentient beings emerges, we will help them unconditionally, and make them perfect, so that they have opportunities to assimilate themselves to Dafa, and lay foundations for their bright future.

I can’t forget forever the moment 36 western practitioners went to Tiananmen Square for Fa-clarification.

I can’t forever forget the moment that I was moved by hundreds of thousands virtuous people in Iceland.

Although my body was in Taiwan, my “soul” was in Iceland, in Tiananmen Square, in anywhere there were practitioners and Dafa practitioners.

By sending righteous thoughts, I actively made the whole perfect, and witnessed the mercy of Dafa and the magnificence of practitioners.

Translated from http://www.yuanming.net/articles/200302/16965.html

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