Young Chinese Students Learn the True Facts About Falun Dafa in Singapore

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For two and a half years, I have clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to Chinese people at major tourist sites after work. With every practitioner's hard work and input, more and more Chinese people have learned the truth about Falun Dafa.

Last Saturday, when we were setting up truth clarifying materials and posters, several young Chinese students came over. They carefully read every poster and we gave them flyers as usual. While they were looking at the posters, I handed them two Falun Dafa-related CDs and asked them if they would like them. A teenage student looked at the two CDs carefully, and decided to take one. He said, "This one will be easy to take back to China." Two youths who looked at the posters came to me and said, "In our home in China, no one can practice Falun Gong." I said, "Yes, we know. Do you think that this is reasonable? People practice Falun Gong in over sixty countries and all over the world, while people in China are deprived of the right to practice it. Falun Gong originated in China, and so many westerners admire that Chinese people can read the non-translated Zhuan Falun [The main text of Falun Gong]. It is so sad that Falun Gong is banned in its place of origin. Chinese people should be proud of Falun Gong."

Both the teenage boy and girl, listened to me, thought it over and then nodded to themselves. They felt sad about what is happening in China. It is not common for people of their young age to be eager to know the truth and be able to think independently. Another practitioner came to talk with the boy while I explained to the girl how and why the persecution took place in Mainland China. Later, a pair of girls came and asked, "We read from your materials that female practitioners were raped and subjected to brutal torture. Are all these facts true?" I said, "Yes, indeed. Many people were beaten to death, some were sent to mental hospitals to be forcefully injected with drugs that could damage their nervous systems. There are now many international organizations condemning the persecution in China and who are closely watching the situation. We must tell people about the truth of Falun Dafa and the persecution in China. Please help us to inform more Chinese people about the truth facts of Falun Dafa." The girl said, "Absolutely." At that moment, the practitioner who was talking with the boy said to me, "He wants to look at our poster that introduces the Falun Gong exercises." I said gladly, "Sure!" But then I hesitated... poster? Did we still have the poster? I knew that the Jianzheng magazines had all been given out. I looked for it in other practitioners' bags that were carrying Falun Dafa materials. Eventually, I found one copy of the magazine. The students gathered to look at the magazine together. I took out some different truth clarifying CDs and asked them if it would be convenient for them to take the CDs to China. They took one and wanted to take the magazine. The high school students talked with us for over twenty minutes, and took some truth-clarifying materials with them when they were leaving. Before they left, they thanked us and we expressed our pleasure to meet and talk with them.

When we left the tourist site, I felt so happy for these youths. Their innocent and kind hearts will bring the light and truth to more Chinese people.

February 9, 2003

* * *

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