TURKISH DAILY NEWS: Falun Gong protests China

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By Hasan Altinisik

The Falun Gong movement, based on inner questioning through meditation, protested the Chinese government at a press meeting because of the ban on their activities. Chinese, Dutch and German members of Falun Gong, which became widespread about a decade ago, participated in the meeting held at the Pera Palas Hotel.

Academician and Falun Gong member Lili Feng said that the movement, which allows people to [question] themselves and find the truth, was banned by the Chinese government in 1999. Stating that the activities of Falun Gong were stopped due to its being a religious [group], Feng claimed that the Chinese government started a smear campaign since then.

Feng said: "Hundreds of Falun Gong members were arrested after the ban and hundreds were treated badly. Many people under arrest died because of torture. More than 200 Falun Gong members started a hunger strike two weeks ago in order to protest their arrest without due trial. We want the world to know that the Chinese government has treated Falun Gong badly and without legal justification."

Feng asked all human rights defenders to pay attention to their plight and support them in their struggle.

Source: Istanbul - Turkish Daily News, http://www.turkishdailynews.com/FrTDN/latest/for.htm#f6

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