Ms. Rong Dehuan from Bazhou City, Hebei Province Detained in Labour Camp

“Where is my daughter? You broke in and ransacked our home, then arrested my daughter. Don't you know this is illegal?” He said, “For others it would be, but not for us.”

Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Rong Dehuan from Tangerli Town, Bazhou City, Hebei Province was sentenced to one year in a labour camp without her family being informed. A month after Ms. Rong was arrested, her family asked the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) staff about their daughter’s situation, but the response was only lies, and to this day her family has not been able to see Ms. Rong.

Police Broke Into Ms. Rong's Home to Arrest Her

Two unidentified people broke into Ms. Rong's home on the evening of August 29th, 2012, and said they were looking for Mr. Rong's husband Mr. Zhang Yuchun. Mr. Zhang wasn't home at the time. After the family asked the two people their names, they said they were from Tangerli Town Police Station.

The next morning at 6:00 a.m., Yang Dequan, deputy director of Tangerli Police Station, led more than ten officers from the police station and Bazhou City State Security Division, and broke into Ms. Rong's home. Ms. Rong's family wasn't even up yet. The police ransacked the home and arrested Ms. Rong. They took away Falun Gong books, Shen Yun [a world-class traditional Chinese cultural show] DVD's, a radio, and two mobile phones. They did not leave any official paperwork, and upon leaving they dragged Ms. Rong into a police car. Ms. Rong's mother immediately chased them to the police station and asked them to let Ms. Rong return home, but the reply was that she had already been sent to Langfang City.

Family Repeatedly Lied To

Ms. Rong's mother went to the brainwashing centre in Langfang City on September 3rd to ask for Ms. Rong's release. The brainwashing centre is located inside the detention centre, and there is a phone at the detention centre gate. However, when Ms. Rong's mother called, the people in the brainwashing centre would not come out to meet her. They said via the phone that they didn't know who Ms. Rong was. The next day Mr. Rong's mother went to Tangerli Police Station and asked Yang Dequan, “Where is my daughter? It has been five days since you arrested her and you still haven’t told us where she is.” Yang said, “We have been given orders from above. Go talk to State Security. They were the ones who transferred your daughter. I really don't know.” Ms. Rong's mother then asked Yang, “If one is directed by someone else and kills someone, do you think the killer is guilty?” Yang said, “What you said makes sense. But this is different.” Ms. Rong's mother said, “It's not different and you are also implicated. You should stop and save yourself.”

On September 4th, Ms. Rong's mother went to Bazhou State Security to look for Liu Dongfang, but Liu wasn't there. However, she saw a person next door who was one of the people that arrested Ms. Rong. He was a deputy captain. Ms. Rong's mother asked him, “Where did you take my daughter after arresting her? Why didn't you notify the family after this long?” He said, “It's getting cold, so I went to Langfang this morning to see if anyone needs winter clothes. However, your daughter didn't know her husband's or her daughter's number, so we couldn't notify you. We were going to let the village staff notify you. Just go tomorrow to Langfang and take some clothes to her.”

On September 5th, Ms. Rong's mother brought some clothes and again went to the brainwashing centre to see Ms. Rong. The staff there said, “Wait for one moment.” Ms. Rong's mother waited outside for 40 minutes and no one came out. She called again and the person who picked up said, “Who are you looking for?” She said, “Cao Lou.” Cao is the head of the Langfang's 610 Office. He said, “I don't know him.” Ms. Rong's mother said, “What about Chen Bin?” “I don't know him.” “I'm looking for you then.” “Well I don't know you.” Ms. Rong's mother said, “If you come out we can get to know each other.” The person put the phone down and wouldn't pick it up again.

At around 2:00 p.m., Ms. Rong's mother again went to the brainwashing centre and called inside. Just as someone picked up, she saw Cao Guijun from her town's government, along with another officer who was involved in arresting her daughter. These two people were standing next to the door. Cao said, “Here, I'll talk to them for you.” Afterward, Cao said, “They will be here in just a moment.” But they waited for a long time and no one came out. Cao called again and said, “Just a moment.” But after a while no one came out. Cao called the third time and said to Ms. Rong's mother, “They said there are enough clothes and asked me to tell you to just go home. They said even if you don't go, they are not going to come out to take the clothes.” This implied that Ms. Rong was definitely at the brainwashing centre.

Ms. Rong's younger sister went to see her on September 10th, in Langfang. When she made the phone call at the gate, the people inside still would not come out. Ms. Rong's sister wanted to just go in. Then Chen Bin came out. Chen is the one who is responsible for putting drugs in Falun Gong practitioners' food in the brainwashing centre. He said, “Your sister is not here. You can go wherever you like to look.” Ms. Rong's sister said, “The other day when my mother came, you and Cao Guijun said she was here.” Chen said, “I don't know who Cao Guijun is.” But it is obvious that Chen and Cao know each other.

Ms. Rong's mother went to find Cao on September 11th. Cao said, “I did say that they have everything in the brainwashing centre, but I never said that Rong Dehuan was in there.” But if Ms. Rong isn't in there, then why did they tell Ms. Rong's mother to not worry about bringing her clothes? Ms. Rong's mother again went back to Bazhou State Security Division on the same day and asked the deputy captain, “Where is my daughter? You broke in and ransacked our home, then arrested my daughter. Don't you know this is illegal?” He said, “For others it would be, but not for us. We are just performing our duties. Just go to Langfang to take clothes to your daughter.”

To this day the family has not seen Ms. Rong, but they did receive a notice that Ms. Rong was sentenced to forced labour camp for one year.

Ms. Rong Was Arrested and Mistreated in the Past

Sun Yanbin from Tangerli Town Politics and Law Committee, together with Cao Guijun, went to Ms. Rong's home on November 15th, 2011 and said, “We are just here to see if you still practise Falun Gong.” Ms. Rong and her mother then told them about the persecution facts, “We practice Falun Gong and we have obtained good health. We are just trying to be better people. You should not persecute good people. There are divine beings everywhere and they are all watching. If you continue to do wicked things, you will be punished by them.”

Sun said in a secretive tone, “Don't worry and don't be mad. We won't arrest you, and we won't take you away. How is that persecution?” Then he went outside alone and made a phone call. Soon, Tangerli Police Station sent over many officers. They came in and pushed Ms. Rong to the ground, and then carried her to a police car. They then handcuffed her and took her to Langfang Brainwashing Centre. On the way there, they swore at Ms. Rong.

When Ms. Rong was put in the brainwashing centre, Chen Bin said, “It's not time to put drugs in your food.” He realized that he’d let the facts slip, and tried to recover by saying, “And we've never done that in the past.” Even though Ms. Rong never personally saw them putting drugs into her food, after she ate the food, she couldn't sleep all night long. Because she resisted the “transformation,” [forcibly renounce Falun Gong] the brainwashing personnel, including someone with last name Mao, Li Hansong, Han Zhiguang, and Chen Bin, threatened her with a forced labour sentence. Chen said, “All I need to do is to turn in a small piece of a paper, then you will be sentenced, to either Tangshan or Wanzhuang.”

Ms. Rong resisted the persecution with a hunger strike and was then force-fed. Ms. Rong nearly suffocated to death. She could not bear the torture and had to eat the food. But after she ate, she again couldn't sleep at night. After several days her mind was no longer clear. Under duress and not being in her right mind, she agreed to be “transformed” without knowing what she was doing. She realized what she had done only after she got home.

When Ms. Rong was detained in the brainwashing centre during this time, her 70-year-old mother went to the town government daily to request a visit with her daughter, but Sun Yanbin and Cao Guijun threatened her. With Ms. Rong's mother's strong request, the government staff had to let her meet with her daughter at least once at the brainwashing centre. Ms. Rong's daughter told the perpetrators involved in the persecution, “It's not against the law that my mother conducts herself as a good person. I want to take her to my home.”

Responsible people:
Yang Tongxin from Tangerli Town Political and Law Committee in Bazhou City, Hebei Province
Duan Jinhu, Director of Tangerli Town Police Station
Zuo Benzhong, Party Secretary of Tangerli Town

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