Taiwan: Divine Land Marching Band Creates Sensation at International Band Festival

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On December 29th, Falun Dafa practitioners’ Divine Land Marching Band was invited to perform at the Chiayi International Band Festival. Local residents and tourists packed the streets to watch the parade.

The Divine Land Marching Band in the parade

The Divine Land Marching Band enters Chiayi Stadium

The Divine Land Marching Band perform in front of the main stage

With 250 members, the Divine Land Marching Band was the largest of its kind in the parade and was arranged to be the last performing group, which started at the Sun Yat-Sen Avenue and ended at Chiayi Stadium. Spectators were excited to see the spectacular display and performance of the band.

Sun Yat-Sen Avenue is the main business street of the city, and practitioners' performance created a huge sensation among the spectators. People were deeply impressed by the marching band’s Tang Dynasty costumes, size and perfect coordination among all members.

Some people walked with the band to the very end, and they told members of the band that their music was perfect, harmonic and uplifting. One of them exclaimed: “This is the most spectacular marching band!”

The Chiayi International Band Festival started in 1993, and has grown into a trademark musical festival of Taiwan. This year, the festival attracted 88 domestic and international bands and presented 71 concerts. On Dec 29th, 34 bands performed in a grand parade.

All members of the Divine Land Marching band are Falun Dafa practitioners who strive to follow the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. Today, there are several hundred thousands practitioners in Taiwan from all walks of life. The band not only performs regularly in local events, but also perform abroad. Most recently, the band made a 5-day tour of India.

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