Chinese Tourists Eager to Quit the CCP at Scenic Spots in Europe on Chinese Lunar New Year

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On February 27, 2013, Europe was a world of ice and snow. Even so, buses arrived at the scenic spots one after another, fully loaded with tourists from Mainland China. The Chinese Lunar New Year is a very popular time for Chinese from the Mainland to take their vacation, and many students also have their winter break, so there are many families who bring their children for some sightseeing.

The situation for Chinese tourists to learn the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong and to have the opportunity to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has become better, and upon seeing the volunteers who help people quit the CCP related organizations, many Chinese tourists quit right away after the volunteers talk to them.

The tour guides also no longer stop the tourists from learning the truth. Some tour guides even persuade the tourists to take some informational materials back to their hotels to read.

Many Tourists Wish Master Li a Happy New Year

Recently, almost every day more than one group of tourists have asked the volunteers to wish the Master of Falun Gong, Mr. Li Hongzhi, a Happy New Year! The moment they accepted the truth-clarifying materials, they thanked the volunteers and said: “We also wish you a Happy New Year! Greetings to your Master!” and “Happy New Year to Master Li!”

Quitting the CCP and its Affiliated Organizations

After the New Year greetings, the volunteers would tell the tourists that they should quickly quit the CCP related organizations. They tell them not to forget that this is the year of the snake, and in history that often comes with huge disasters. Regarding this, they mentioned to them that quitting the CCP related organizations will keep them safe.

Once, several tourists from Mainland China stood close to me for quite some time, without saying anything. But they did not leave either. They kept listening to the volunteers clarifying the truth to the other guests. Eventually the volunteers went up to them and said that they had listened for a long time, but hadn’t quit the CCP-related organizations yet? The volunteers said, “Let me help you find an alias name and then you can quit.” Those tourists immediately said: “Fine, thank you!” They did not leave until they had all quit the CCP related organizations.

Another time, a group of tourists stepped out of the bus, including a boy who was about 12 to 13 years old. He repeatedly called out: “Falun Dafa is good” to the volunteers who were handing out the truth-clarifying materials. He was calling out while he was walking. All the tourists were surprised and looked at the boy, some with smiles and others looking back at him with a smile. The boy’s parents also looked at their son and smiled.

On another occasion, there was a group of tourists who said to one of the volunteers, “You sound like you came from Beijing, are you a Beijingnese?” The volunteer smiled and said, “Yes, we are Beijingnese, and to have met each other here during the Chinese Lunar New Year, we must have a very strong predestined relationship.” The tourist said: “What you said sounds very pleasant, we are quite related,” The volunteer said, “If you can listen to the truth that I am going to tell you, you will feel even more pleasant.” The tourist said: “Yes, please just start.”

The volunteer talked to them about July 20, 1999 , and how the ex-President of the CCP, Jiang Zemin, started the severe persecution of the 100 million Falun Gong practitioners; the truth about the staged “Tiananmen Self-Immolation Incident”; how the CCP harvests the organs of live Falun Gong practitioners and steals their bodies; and also the inside stories of Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun, and the corruption and infighting amongst Community Party members. The tourists asked: How come you know so many things? We have never heard about these things. We believe what you say has grounds.

The volunteers said: You have such a short time to listen, and there are many truths we are not able to tell you, so we have prepared these materials for you. Please make good use of the time to quit the CCP related organizations before each of you take a copy of the materials. Take them home to take a careful look, since there are more details in them, and you will be interested. Especially those who don’t know how to use the internet--you should make good use of your time in coming abroad to learn more about the truth, and when you return, you should tell your friends and relatives, and ask them to quit the CCP related organizations and be saved as well.

After this group of tourists quit, they were happy and took the materials with them onto the bus. They were waving to the volunteers who were standing in the snow: “Don’t forget to wish Master Li a Happy New Year on our behalf. Master Li has such good disciples, thank you people and thank you Master Li!”

A Family from Beijing Quit Both the Youth League and the Young Pioneers

One family came from Beijing. The parents said to the volunteers that this is the slow season for tourists in general and very few foreigners will come here except for the Chinese. They said, “The reason we come here now is because we want our children to experience the good environment outside of China, so that they can focus on studying, and in the future can leave China to study. We as common people would just like to rely on our children.”

The father said: “After we came here, I did not want to go home. However, it does not work if we do not want to go home.” The volunteer told him: “I know why; among the ten most populated cites in the world, China has seven, and Beijing is also one of them.” He said: “The polluted air in Beijing hardly allows us to see the sky. The Chinese people do not even have clean air to breath, how are they going to survive?”

The volunteer said: “Isn’t this caused by the CCP system?” He said: “I have never felt good about the evil CCP, and I did not join the Chinese Communist Party. I joined the Youth League and Young Pioneers when I was small and just wanted to make a living.” The volunteer asked his son if he had joined the Youth League and Young Pioneers when he attended university. He said yes. And his father said: “It does not matter if you joined the Youth League and the Young Pioneers.” The volunteer told them: “It does not matter after you quit it. But if you have not quit, it really matters.” The child said: “I do not care, so just help me quit.” The volunteer said: Please take this seriously! Please don’t think that we are joking around. It is an issue of life and death. You’d better quit, only when you quit will you secure your safety. Your Dad loves you so much and he spent money taking you out of the country to have a look. I am also happy for you. I wish you great success in your studies. Let us use a name to help you quit the CCP related organizations. The child said immediately: “Quit, quit, quit both the Youth League and the Young Pioneers.” The volunteers asked his father: “How about finding you a name and you also quit?” The father said: “Yes, quit!” After his whole family quit, they repeatedly said “thank you, thank you” to the volunteers.

Tourist: The “Tiger King” that Pu Zhiqiang Wanted to Report Must Be “Jiang Zemin”

On another occasion, after the volunteers and the tourists greeted each other with Happy New Years, they talked about the anti-corruption situation in China that focused on both the “flies” and “tigers”. The volunteer said that on the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year, there was a lawyer named Pu Zhiqiang who made a wish on his blog, saying that he is going to report a much bigger “Tiger King”. It was wondered who this referred to. The tourists all “reported”, and eventually they all agreed that it should be Jiang Zemin.

The volunteer said: “It is this Jiang Zemin who used the CCP to persecute Falun Gong and the Chinese common people. Now he has not only driven himself to death, he has also driven the CCP to death. “Heaven's Destruction of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)” is approaching, if everyone wants to protect themselves, please make sure to quit the CCP related organizations. The moment he finished saying this, all the tourists said together: “Quit.”

A Young Man: “I Tried Three Times to Join the CCP, and Could Not. Now the Lord Buddha Is Protecting Me!”

There was another time when a young man around 30 years old heard about quitting the CCP, and told the volunteers: “Honestly, I tried to join the CCP three times; it is not that difficult to join the Party. But I just could not.” The volunteer asked him: “Do you still want to join it?” The young man shook his head and said: “It was just for the convenience of finding a job. Now I do not think of it, it is only a fool who joins!” His peers who were around him all laughed. The volunteer said: “Young man, you are so lucky for not joining the evil Party! It is a good thing so you do not need to quit. But if you ever joined the Youth League and the Young Pioneers, you’d better quit them, since they were also related to the evil Party. You have to void the vow that you made.” The young man said: “I understand now, today I am so lucky to meet you, to have met the good people. Please help me quit both the Youth League and the Young Pioneers. You said that the Gods and Buddhas are compassionate towards me, I am so lucky. Now I want to thank the Lord of Buddhas. He bowed, saying “thank you, thank the Lord of the Buddha, thank the Lord of the Buddha for blessing me.”

The volunteer also talked to his wife and peers: “If you understand what I am talking about, please quit the CCP as soon as possible. I can help you find a name. Whatever you had joined, just quit them all. Six to seven young men quit happily before they left for some shopping.

Tourist Who Asked, “Aren't You Involved In Politics” Also Quits the CCP

Nowadays there are still tourists who do not accept the truth-clarification materials offered to them. But after saying just a few sentences to them, they often take it. There were also people who did not understand and said: “You people stay at such beautiful scenic spots, why don’t you enjoy it and why do you care for this unimportant business? Aren’t you people involved in politics?” The volunteer said: “When the CCP needs you, they ask you to care about politics, but they just make you suffer.”

Now they use “getting involved in politics” as a club to hit people, defaming Falun Gong. Falun Gong teaches “Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance” and to be good people, but it has now been persecuted for thirteen years. Falun Gong practitioners have been peacefully clarifying the truth in order to stop the persecution. Just now there were people here who heard that these were Falun Gong materials and they just turned away from it. This means that all they had in their minds are the lies that defame Falun Gong. If they keep listening to the CCP’s lies, refusing to listen to the truth, if they confuse right from wrong and hate the Buddha Fa, it will be very dangerous for them. They will be weeded out when Heaven destroys the CCP.”

The volunteer also talked about how Falun Gong has spread to over one hundred countries and regions, received over one thousand, seven hundred and ninety five proclamations. Many tourists nodded their heads when listening, and at the end they all quit, including the one who asked: “Aren’t you people involved in politics?”

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