Trumped Up Charges and Fabricated Evidence--Baoding Police and Court System Conspire to Persecute Falun Gong Practitioners

Recently the South District Court of Baoding City notified the family of Falun Gong practitioners Ms. Wang Jinfeng, Ms. Wang Manhong and Mr. Song Guobin that the trial against them would begin within ten days. Before this, the Procuratorate of the South District had trumped up charges and fabricated evidence three times.

The Domestic Security Division trumped up charges and fabricated evidence on three separate occasions. The Procuratorate of the South District twice rejected the charges. After the Procuratorate received the indictment for the third time, they sent the case to trial. The South District Court found that the charges were still not acceptable and asked the Procuratorate of the South District to remand the case for “insufficient evidence.” The court instructed the Procuratorate to alter the charges and make up evidence.

The Sequence of Events:

On the morning of May 4th, as he was just about to leave home for his job selling fabric, Mr. Song was arrested by the police from the local Domestic Security Division and police station. On the same day, police from the Hanzhuang Police Station, Tanzhuang Village, Beisanhuan, Baoding City arrested Ms. Wang Manhong. Associate Director Ma Wenkui and Cao of Hanbei Police Station arrested Ms. Wang Jinfeng at work on the afternoon of May 7th. The police said they were arrested because the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) 18th Congress would open soon, and they would be released when it is over.

Ms. Wang Jinfeng's family hired an attorney to handle the case. But officer Jiang Chunzeng from the Domestic Security Division of Baoding City has prevented the attorney from seeing his client. The attorney was harassed when he tried to read the indictment in the South District Court.

The attorney pointed out that the Baoding City Police Department, the Procuratorate of the South District and officials of the South District Court were well aware that Ms. Wang Jinfeng was innocent. Her case had exceeded the valid trial period and Ms. Wang had been detained past the legal limit.

Ms. Wang's attorney submitted a “Legal Request to the Judiciary of the South District of Baoding City to Revoke the Indictment and Release Wang Jinfeng” on May 15th, 2013. He requested: “Revoke the indictment, release my client, follow the law, protect human rights, and do not arrest any more innocent people. This is a great injustice perpetrated by the judiciary and has caused inestimable harm to my clients and their families.”

However, the Procuratorate of the South District, South District Court, and the 610 office (an organisation of special agents just for persecuting Falun Gong), who are behind this, have once again fabricated evidence and trumped up charges in order to sentence the three Falun Gong practitioners.

In the past 14 years, the Baoding City 610 Office, Police Department, procuratorate and court have been violating the laws and committing crimes to arrest and detain innocent Falun Gong practitioners and to sentence them to labour camps and prisons. As a result, some practitioners lost their lives, some lost their family and jobs. In fact, these authorities know full well that Falun Gong practitioners are innocent, and sentencing Falun Gong practitioners is completely without any grounds in the legal statutes. But being devoid of conscience and for personal gain, Baoding Domestic Security Division racked their brains to fabricate evidence so they could issue an indictment. Even worse is the fact that judges conspired with the procuratorate to change the charges in order to persecute Falun Gong practitioners, to deceive the public, and also to try to prevent lawyers from seeking justice. This is abusing power and implementing false accusations, which has violated Article 199 of the Penal Code -- "committing judicial misconduct, abusing one's power in executing judgment and committing a crime

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