What Really Happened to These Two Falun Gong Practitioners?

The Epoch Times , a Chinese newspaper that is not controlled by the Chinese regime, reported that it appears that Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Xia Junfeng's organs were removed and sold for profit, and netizens in China have recently started to pay attention to his case.

Entire Family Disappears

After reading about Mr. Xia's death, it occurred to me that the organs of Mr. Li Baishun, a practitioner who died as a result of the persecution, could also have been removed and sold for profit.

An article about him and his family was published on the Minghui website on August 1st, 2013: “ Jinzhou City: Mr. Li Baishun and His Teenage Daughter Killed in Police Custody, His Wife and Sons Unlawfully Imprisoned .”

Mr. Li was arrested around November 20th, 2011, when he was distributing Falun Gong materials. He died in the Zhengda Police Station, cause of death unknown. When his wife and two sons tried to find out what happened, they were arrested and sentenced to lengthy prison terms. His adopted daughter, 13 years old, also died the Zhengda Police Station. Police claim that she committed suicide by taking poison. The whereabouts of Mr. Li's sons are unknown.

Foul Play Suspected in Mr. Li Baishun's Death

The police notified Mr. Li's family that he had committed suicide. If this was true, why would the police be worried about his wife's appeals?

There was no need for officials from the Political and Legal Affairs Committee and Judicial Department to sentence Mr. Li's wife to prison for three years and eleven months, one of his sons for eight years, and the other to seven-and-a-half years, unless they wanted to conceal something about Mr. Li's death.

Mr. Li's wife, Ms. Li Yanqiu, was forced to allow his body to be cremated. She was not able to view the body. However, his daughter's body was placed in the Jinzhou Funeral Parlour.

Was Mr. Li quickly cremated to conceal that his organs had been harvested?

Li Xiaodong, the director of Zhengda Police Station, made sure that his wife was sentenced to prison. He also forced her to sign the cremation documents. Since she was in prison, she could not see her husband's body prior to cremation nor appeal to find out the truth behind her husband's death.

Suspicion Concerning Mr. Li's Daughter's Death

Ms. Li Yanqiu was told that her daughter, Li Meijiao, had committed suicide. This seems unlikely.

Li Meijiao was only 13, and she died at the police station. How could a 13-year-old know where to get poison? Unless the poison was extremely potent, she wouldn't have died right away. Did the police get medical help for her?

Li Meijiao was the only one in Mr. Li's family not in prison. It is more likely that the police murdered her to prevent any information leak.

Mr. Li's Two Sons Disappeared

Where are Mr. Li's sons? After they were arrested and sentenced, they disappeared. Officer Liu Xiaodong told Ms. Li Yanqiu that he could not find them to sign the cremation documents for Mr. Li Baishun. Are they also dead? Or were their organs harvested?

Ms. Li Yanqiu's case was marked top secret. She was forced to sign the cremation documents for her husband and daughter's bodies. Also, prison guards threatened her not to disclose anything about her family to any of the inmates.

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