Stepping Up to the Frontline to Save Sentient Beings

Shared at the 2014 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference
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Greetings to revered Master! Greetings to fellow practitioners!

I am from London and I have been doing truth clarification work in London’s Chinatown. People from all over the world like to come here, especially people from mainland China. Practitioners have been preserved in clarifying the facts here for years. I joined them a year ago and started doing face-to-face truth clarification work to save sentient beings.

1. Going to the frontline passively to save people
I have never thought about going to the frontline to save people. I thought that elderly practitioners knew how to help people quit the CCP and their words would be easier for people to believe. So I believed that this job was more suitable for them. I am young and didn’t know how to talk to people about quitting the CCP, so how could I go to the frontline? Later, a fellow practitioner asked me if I would like to go to Chinatown to cover her shift, because she had family responsibilities two days during the week, which meant that there would be no one at Chinatown these two days. I told her that I didn’t know how to help people quit the CCP. She said that it didn’t matter whether I could talk or not, as long as I could put up the banner there, that would be fine. She said: “This banner is very important. Lots of people will look at it when they are passing, and it is good for them to see, even if you don’t talk to them.” I still didn’t want to do it, because I knew it was a hard job and I would have to face people with all kinds of attitudes. Another reason was that I didn’t want to show my face in public. But being a practitioner I need to harmonize the Fa and save people. In the end, I agreed to do it.

I was quite scared standing alone in Chinatown at first. I thought there might be too much evil in other dimensions. Chinatown is also a place that is monitored by the Chinese embassy, and the shop owners aren’t friendly to us either. They looked at us with cold eyes, or said something unkind. There is a casino next to the place where our banner is. The people who go there stand outside and smoke or chat. I was worried they would make trouble for me. I always looked forward to seeing other practitioners coming soon. At least, we could look after each other. As time went by, I dared to stand there on my own. I wasn’t scared when my mind was filled with righteous thoughts. Sometimes people stood at the place where we put the banner. I sent righteous thoughts first and asked them politely to leave.

I didn’t know what to do initially in Chinatown. I just put up the banner and stood there. I either read the truth clarification materials, or followed a fellow practitioner to look at how she talked to people. I then packed up when we finished. I thought I had put up the banner and people would see it while passing by. I had done what I was supposed to do. A while later, I felt I couldn’t just stand there doing nothing. I then started handing out English flyers. Westerners are quite polite, even when they don’t accept it, not like Chinese people. Slowly I dared to hand out newspapers to Chinese people, but I was still afraid to talk about Falun Gong. I had clarified the truth to my friends and relatives before, but I now I needed to do this in Chinatown, and in a very short space of time as people are passing by. I didn’t know where to start. Although I heard how other practitioners clarified the facts to people, that was their experience. So I didn’t talk to people about Falun Gong for a long time and only handed out the newspapers, unless people came in front of our banner. One time, a few students looked at the banner, but I didn’t know how to clarify the facts to them and couldn’t answer their questions. They left and I felt ashamed. I thought if my fellow practitioner was here, she would definitely have got them to quit. A veteran practitioner often encouraged me when this kind of situation took place and she assured me that I would catch up eventually.

I tried to learn from other practitioners how to clarify the truth, and shared with them how to answer the questions better. I also realized the importance of daily Fa study. I thought that it would help us talk better, but that was only a skill from the human level. The more important thing is that we need to disintegrate the evil in other dimensions. I altered the time of Fa study from the evening to the morning, and then read one chapter of Zhuan Falun in Chinese, and half an hour in English, as sometimes I needed to talk to westerners about the beauty of Dafa and clarify the facts to them as well. I exercised for one hour after reading. I thought this could make my body energized when I was doing the Dafa work and also I had the Fa in my mind. I tried to fully prepare myself for the afternoon face-to-face truth clarification work. I read Master’s lectures in the evening when I came back from Chinatown. I also read news from the Epoch Times and Minghui website. Reading the news and sharing would help me to do the better job. Slowly I have accumulated my own way of talking to people about Falun Gong.

As times went by, I could do face to face truth clarification work, even though I couldn’t get many people to quit. At least I had moved a step forward. I still remember the first time I helped someone quit the CCP. A man with a pushchair was waiting for his wife outside a shop. I thought he might be a person waiting to be saved. I walked over to him and passed a copy of the newspaper to him. To my surprise, he took it. So I asked him if he had heard about quitting the CCP. He said that he heard of it and read the materials before. He told me that the Chinese Communist Party is too evil, and tyrannizes people. I asked him if he had quit the CCP. He said that he wasn’t a member. I explained that he also needed to quit if he had joined the Young Pioneers. With his permission, I used an alias to quit for him. Just then, his wife came out of the shop, I told her about quitting the CCP and that her husband had just quit. I asked if she would also like to quit. I only said a few words, and she quit. I didn’t realize how easy it was to help them to quit. I was delighted. I knew this was Master’s compassionate encouragement. Master brought people in front of me. Through this process, it boosted my confidence in saving people.

Sometimes people asked me if the newspaper talks about Falun Gong when they took it. They then looked at me with astounding eyes and said: “You practise Falun Gong at such young age?” I explained: “I am not young. Falun Gong teaches people how to be good people. It not only improved my health, but my morality as well. Therefore, people look younger than their age. In fact, it is not only elderly people that practise Falun Gong. Lots of young people, including intellectuals, also practise it. What you hear in China about Falun Gong is all propaganda and false.” I then carried on clarifying the facts to them. I felt that when young people talk to people about Falun Gong they can let people know that people from all walks of life practise it.

2. Filling the time slots and harmonising the one body
Due to the evil interference, one of my fellow practitioners could not come to Chinatown, so there were three days that needed covering. Initially I only covered some of the days, but later realized that I needed to do my best to fill all of the days. Therefore, I added one more day to my schedule, so I was now doing four days per week. A return trip from Chinatown to my home takes about six to seven hours in total. And I had to stand there and keep talking to people during that time, as well as picking up the banner and materials from somewhere else and taking them to Chinatown and then returning them back. I was exhausted at the end of the day. I thought I needed a day off. Things was on like this for two or three weeks until something happened that changed my mind. My kitchen light seems to be a spiritual thing, very often Master uses it to give me hints. Whenever I have a problem in cultivation, the light doesn’t work, after I realised my problem, the light returns to normal. It was the same situation this time, sometimes working and sometime not working for a few days. I realised it might be Master’s hints but I could not figure it out. Later I thought the lamp might really be broken. I was tired and did not want to enlighten any more, I simply wanted to get a new one. However the light was going on and off, meaning it wasn’t broken, but only wanted to remind me of something. Soon it went off again. This time I was really angry, and kept switching it on and off, muttering angrily to myself, while thinking of any possible loophole. When I mumbled that I should also go to Chinatown on my only day off each week, the light went on surprisingly. Then I switched it off and on a few times, the light was working fine. I was very unhappy, wondering why I couldn’t rest at home for that one day. Although I knew I should take the initiative to harmonise the one body and to do things in accordance with the requirements of Master, my heart was still reluctant. However my righteous thoughts ultimately defeated human notions, I decided to go to Chinatown without taking a day off and ensure Chinatown was covered every day, to be a powerful place for eliminating evil and saving sentient beings.

3. Improving my Xinxing in the process of clarifying the truth
My cultivation path has been arranged by Master and I felt I was being pushed step by step by Master. I couldn't have imagined the incredible changes in my cultivation, from never thinking about going to the frontline progressing through to doing face to face truth clarification work in Chinatown. I believe that Master has arranged the best cultivation environment for practitioners. Chinatown is a place that can temper my xinxing. I have come across all kinds of people there. And only in the most complicated environment can I improve my Xinxing level faster, let go of attachments faster and save more sentient beings.

The first attachment that was removed since going to Chinatown was my attachment of comfort. I need to travel nearly half a day to get to Chinatown every day and stand there for hours whatever the weather. And I also have to run after people to tell them the truth about Falun Gong and ask them to quit the CCP. It is hard work. Especially during bad weather, I didn't want to go out at all. At this time, the first thing I had to overcome was my attachment of comfort. For example, it was very windy and there was heavy rain last Christmas. The wind caused the electricity pylons to break, so the train was cancelled. I thought for a long time about whether to go to Chinatown or not. I thought these two days were my duty, and it wasn’t right if no practitioner was there. As long as one person sees the banner, it was worth it. I eventually got to Chinatown. There were only a few people there due to the bad weather. I had to hold the banner with one hand, and the other hand held an umbrella because of the strong wind. I questioned whether anyone would be there to look at the banner, let alone quit the CCP? Two men came next to me and stood there to smoke. I then passed the newspaper to them. They took it and then stood in front of the banner to read it carefully. I immediately went over to them to clarify the facts. To my surprise they decided to quit. I didn’t think I talked well, and I didn’t have enough experience to help people quit either. I only said a few words and they both quit and shook hands with me after that. They thanked me again and again when they left. I was very happy for them. I knew Master was encouraging me and telling me that I did the right thing going to Chinatown. I stayed much longer than normal on that day, because more and more people were coming in the evening. Lots of people went to Chinatown for a meal on Christmas Eve, and I handed out a lot of materials that evening.

When I was going home, nearly all the trains at the station were stopped due to the bad weather. It suggested on the notice board that people take a bus. The majority of the trains were cancelled, with only a few of them still running and they were all delayed. The bustling station now looked deserted. I couldn’t find any staff, and there were only a few people carrying their luggage walking around anxiously. I could tell they were in a hurry to get home for Christmas Eve. I was confused, as I really didn’t know which bus I should take to get home, especially at this late hour and in the terrible weather. Just then I suddenly saw on the electronic board that the train to my home was working and it would arrive on time. It was only this train that was working normally. I was so excited! I knew Master was helping me! When I had a thought of comfort later, I would remember that I am very lucky compared to fellow practitioners in mainland China. We only work our body, but their life is at constant risk. What big deal is this little bit of suffering? Our environment is much better than in China, so we don’t have any reason for not being able to do well.

When I clarified the truth to people in Chinatown, I felt I was in a similar situation that is stated in Zhuan Falun: “It must beg for food and meet different kinds of people who will scold, insult, or take advantage of it. It might encounter all kinds of things.” (Zhuan Falun 2000)

During the process of clarifying the facts, what I learnt was not to be moved by anything. When I started going to Chinatown, I saw that when people were pointing at fellow practitioners directly in the face, swearing at them and screaming in front of them, and they were not affected at all. They only felt pity for those people who could not be saved. I think they have high level xinxing. Later I also went through some different kinds of attitudes from people: some people talked with sarcastic words, some laughed at me, some were indifferent, some tried to argue with me, some were angry and some swore at me. There were also some who were deluded by the CCP and tried to defend them. A woman once said to me: “If your Falun Gong is so great, why can’t you find the lost Malaysian airplane? If so I would admire you, and I would quit the CCP.” Another person said: “Why you are always doing something useless? Why don’t you set up a political party to go against the Communist Party?” Some even said: “I don’t believe in the Communist Party, but I don’t believe in your Falun Gong either. I only believe in myself.” My Xinxiang had improved during the conflict with those people again and again.

One day, a family with about four or five people passed by. I gave them the newspaper, and they happily took it. I then gave them the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. They were happy to take that as well. They asked what the information was all about. When they heard about quitting the CCP and the words Falun Gong, they immediately changed their attitude, threw the materials back to me, and said: “What is wrong with the Communist Party? Where hasn’t there been corruption? You make the Chinese people lose face. China would have become better earlier without people like you.” After saying that, the whole family surrounded me and kept talking. I didn’t have chance to say anything. When I was given the opportunity to talk I said: “I have got nothing to say, I hope you all have safe and peaceful life.” When they heard that one of them said: “You wish us safety and peace? You’d better wish yourself safety and peace. You are doing something a renegade would do. It is you who needs to be careful.” I was a bit angry by this, but I adjusted myself right away and carried on to save people.

But the xinxing tests I went through was coming one after another. Another time, I saw a few middle-aged men standing outside a restaurant. I walked over and gave them truth clarification materials and told them about quitting the CCP. Two of them didn’t want to listen and said loudly: “How can China be as it is now without the Communist Party. Are you Chinese or not? If the Communist Party fell, what good would it do you? If China is in chaos, what benefits will you get?” I replied: “The Communist Party doesn’t represent China. China has five thousand-year history. Has the Communist Party been around for that long? It is the Communist Party that causes China’s chaos. China will be better without the CCP, and people’s lives will be better.” They continued: “Without the Communist Party defeating the Japanese, how can China be like it is now?” I said: “All the news you read or have watched inside China is false. The Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda tool is used to fool people. The Japanese weren’t defeated by the Communist Party. How could its relatively backward weapons defeat the Japanese invasion? In fact, it was the Taiwanese Kuomintang party that beat the Japanese. The Communist Party only seized the opportunity to fight the KMT when it was tired after the war with Japan. They stole the fruits of the labour after the war.”

Those people became even angrier when I finished. A few of them surrounded me and started shouting: “What do you know? Don’t make our Chinese people lose face in a foreign land. You are promoting your Falun Gong things to confuse people’s minds. You work with foreign countries to go against China. I am telling you that even my driver makes more money than you.” I replied: “I am a volunteer, no one gives me money, and I also have to spend my own money and time to do this work. Only the Communist Party uses money to ask people do things for them. We are saving people with our hearts.” Just then, more and more people came over. Their colleagues came out from a restaurant and also stood there listening. I raised my voice for the purpose of letting more people hear it. I said: “It is not easy to come abroad, you’d better take some truth clarification materials back with you. Don’t believe the Communist Party, the Communist Party will perish soon. All the high-ranking officials know it. They have stashed their money in foreign banks. And the Communist Party isn’t only persecuting Falun Gong, but also harvests the organs from living practitioners. Falun Gong practitioners try to be good people according to the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance. The Communist Party’s actions are against heaven, and will be punished by heaven. You’d better hurry up and quit so you won’t get bad luck when heaven eliminates it.”

One of the men was so angry after listening to me. His face turned red and he started breathing heavily. He put one hand on his hip, and the other hand pointed at me. He said: “You dare to condemn me? Will I have disasters if I don’t quit the party? I tell you my life is wonderful.” I wasn’t frightened. I looked at him and at the same time sent forth righteous thoughts. I carried on: “Sir, I am not condemning you, I am saving you. This is the consequence of the Communist Party’s evil crime. I hope you won’t go with it. I hope you will be safe. This is the reason I tell you the truth and ask you to quit.” He became silent. Another man said: “I have heard about organ harvesting for years. You still talk about the same thing. Do you have new information? Can you do something realistic to contribute to China and the Chinese people? Don’t just talk here.” I said: “Isn't saving people realistic? Isn't it more important than anything else? We have been doing this job for a long time, but lots of people still don't know the true story of Falun Gong, so the crime of harvesting practitioner's organs is still ongoing. What we do here is just let more people know about it and try to stop this crime.” The atmosphere became a bit tense at that time. A man jumped out from the group and said: “Little girl, you don't need to talk about it any more, we understand what you mean. Go and talk to others.” I realized that some people from this group still wanted to listen. So I continued: “I hope every one of you chooses a bright future for yourself. Your life is controlled by you. Whoever quits the CCP will be blessed. It doesn't matter whether you use an alias or your real name to quit. Heaven only cares about a person’s heart.”

Later, I looked inward and realized that my heart wasn't compassionate enough. I didn't keep a peaceful mind and a good attitude. Therefore, the power of my truth clarification couldn't disintegrate the evil forces behind them. And, I also had an attachment to being competitive when they used biting remarks. I wanted to argue with them, and at that time my heart wasn't on saving them.

I realized that keeping a compassionate heart and mentality is very important when clarifying the truth. I should not be moved by what people say or their attitudes. Otherwise, I can't do the job well. And once my heart is affected, the effect of saving people won't be good either. Slowly I have improved on this issue. Now I can have a calm mind and compassionate heart when I talk to people. And I always sing Dafa songs while handing out flyers. This makes my heart purer and more tranquil and I can sense the beauty of this state of being. So when I give out flyers, I smile at people whether they take it or not. Some people don't want to take the flyer initially, but after seeing me smile, they change their mind and take it. Some even pass by me and then come back. I believe that it was my compassionate heart that disintegrated the evil behind them. With this kind of pure and compassionate heart, the effect of clarifying the truth normally goes very smoothly, and more people quit the CCP.

Many people don’t want to quit the CCP when they hear the truth the first time. One time, I talked to a few people and asked them to quit the CCP, but none of them listened to me. Although I tried very hard and even followed them quite far, they still didn’t want to do it. I was a bit frustrated. I thought: why do I have to save them? I have told them the truth. It was their business whether they want to quit or not.

I was still upset the following day. Later I saw a man and woman sitting down. I walked over and greeted them and then gave the newspaper to the woman. She accepted it. I then clarified the truth to her, but she told me that she had heard it before. I asked her if she had quit, and she replied “No”. I told her I had a good name for her, but she said: “Other Falun Gong practitioners gave me a name before, but I didn’t want to quit. And your Falun Gong people said if you didn’t quit this time, don’t miss the next time if someone wants to help you to quit.” I said: “You are very lucky; you have another chance to listen to us again. Don’t miss this time.” She finally agreed to quit. I suddenly understood that although lots of people didn’t quit after listening to me, the foundation had been laid for them. It would be easier next time other practitioners talk to them. So the work I have done wasn’t wasted.

I need to keep strong righteous thoughts when I clarify the truth in Chinatown. Another time, a few people wanted to take a photo and video of me. They claimed that they would take it back to China and hand over to the Chinese Communist Party. I wasn’t affected by it and said to them strongly: “People who are involved in the persecution of Falun Gong have been punished. Zhou Yongkang has been arrested, Bo Xilai has been sentenced. Others have got incurable illnesses, been killed in accidents or committed suicide. Even their family members have suffered too. The police try to leave a way out for themselves. Whoever still helps a tyrant to persecute Falun Gong will be punished.” They seemed frustrated after listening and left.

Another time, a group of people came in front of our banner and started talking loudly on purpose. They surrounded our banner and took photos. The fellow practitioner and I went over and clarified the facts to them, but they didn’t listen. Their attitude was rude and they even swore at us. The fellow practitioner and I had to stand on the opposite side to hand out flyers. Later, we thought we had to go back, we shouldn’t let them occupy the place. We then went back and handed out flyers just near them. Just then, two or three people came to me and stood just next to me. Their body’s nearly stuck to mine. I wasn’t afraid of them and carried on leafleting. I thought I am on the path towards Godhood and no one could affect me. I sent forth righteous thoughts and asked for Master’s strengthening at the same time. We handed out lots of flyers during that time, and many people took it, whether Chinese or western. I thought our pure energy field made people have positive attitudes towards Dafa, and our energy field restricted the evil. Those people finally left after about one hour.

During the process of truth clarification, I have met many people with unkind attitudes. But I have also met some very nice people as well, who thanked me again and again from the bottom of their heart after I clarified the facts and helped them quit the CCP. Some people shook hands with me. Some people understood the facts and told me that they had quit. One person also said: “A Falun Gong practitioner’s life isn’t easy. The persecution has lasted for over a decade, but you still persist in your belief. Falun Gong practitioners are all good people and very kind, but they are brutally persecuted. The CCP will be done for, and your reputation will be restored. You have been working hard.” I was very pleased when I heard that. All the suffering I have gone through is worth it.

I also came across some people who specifically came to Chinatown to look for Falun Gong. Whether wanting to apply for asylum or other intentions, they all know that they can find Falun Gong in Chinatown. Chinatown has become a window for people to know about Falun Gong. Whoever comes here must have a predestined relationship with the Fa and is waiting to be saved. The seeds of practising Falun Gong have been planted in them. Some people come to ask about tourist places, or inquire about other things. I normally help them to resolve the problems and then clarify the truth to them. They appreciate the help I offer and some of them agree to quit. I believe that Master uses this way to bring people to us. I wish I could help more people and save more of them.

Thinking back over the past year of my cultivation path on clarifying the truth in Chinatown, from not wanting to go to there to cover the time slots, to actively clarifying the truth and saving people there, it was a process with Master’s benevolent compassion and my xinxing improvement. I cherish the opportunity of clarifying the truth on the frontline. Only here, I can truly sense that sentient beings are being saved, and I can also see the improvement in my cultivation. In cultivation, it is easy to relax in cultivation, so we need to strengthen our mindfulness by constantly studying the Fa, and keep improving. Finally, I would like finish my sharing by a sentence from Master: “Cultivate with the heart you once had, and consummation is certain.” (Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa Conference) I hope every practitioner can keep to the spirit of "Cultivate with the heart you once had", be more diligent on the path of the cultivation, and fulfill the mission of a Dafa disciple!

Thank you Master. Thank you everyone!

* * *

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