Taking Responsibility and Following Master’s Arrangements

Shared at the 2014 European Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference

Honoured Master!
Honoured fellow practitioners!

This is the first time I am sharing my cultivation process at a Fahui, and this is not an easy step for me to take since I am not good at expressing myself neither in writing nor in speech.

Before, I was never interested in spiritual things, so was also never seeking spiritual things. My wife on the other hand has been seeking most of her life and tried many methods over the years. But none of them interested me.

One evening, when I came home after a long business trip, she had just finished the 7 days lectures that Master gave in Sweden in 1995. She showed me the first exercise and I immediately said, “I want to learn this.’ But my cultivation process has been slow and I still struggle to become a diligent Dafa practitioner.

I am a diving engineer and in my work I often have a supervisor’s role. The nature of my work means that I have to have a strong sense of responsibility. One mistake can mean a life and death situation for people around me. But because I am a specialist in this area, I feel a certain comfort in knowing I do my work well. So I often try to give more than my work demands of me to make things work better.

For me responsibility is not a light matter, especially if I do not know much about the subject. So I try to avoid practically everything that is not related to diving and underwater technology

When Fa rectification began, I was just happy to follow my wife in everything she did since she took care of things. If she suggested something, I just did it and we did many things together over the years. Of course it was not without many xinxing tests that also started just before we were about to do truth clarification together. My wife did share about this at a Fahui so I will not go into this. I have for most of my cultivation stood behind others assisting them, not wanting to stand in front. This way I did not have to take responsibility and could avoid making mistakes.

Taking a step forward
Many years ago, I was asked to read a speech given by a known Swedish politician in Washington DC at the National Press Club. It was a really difficult situation for me. I experienced very strong fear inside me. I have given speeches to over hundreds of people before but it has always been in my field of work so it has never been too difficult. I do not feel that it is difficult to hold a lecture as long as it is my area of expertise. But to give a speech that I did not write in front of other people and do it well – that fear was really difficult to bear. I did not even tell this to my wife so she did not have any idea how difficult it was for me.

Much later, I told this to my wife, which surprised her. She said she did not notice my fear since I did it so well, as if I was comfortable in doing so. I also did get feedback from others that it was good. I think it was my attachment to reputation that made me feel such a strong fear.

I thought this was only a small incident in my cultivation and I could again just hide behind my wife and did not have to take any responsibility. Staying safely in my “ comfort zone”. But this was really about my attachment to comfort.

When Shen Yun came to Sweden 6 years ago I had to take responsibility for the security. I did not take my responsibility casually and I did my best to do a good job. Still, I was in the background, so to speak, and also I was not alone, so all went well. Every year many practitioners help to make it possible.

Free China- taking responsibility is cultivation
Two years ago when we were in New York we heard about Free China and saw the film. I could see that this film was a really fantastic tool for truth clarification. I had been involved in NTD some years earlier so it was matter of course to help out here. And to help with truth clarification activities around the film, well it was a duty for any Dafa disciple, I thought. When I was encouraged to take responsibility for it, I was unsure if I was ready, but I reluctantly accepted it. I had to overcome many shortcomings inside of me like, comfort, intolerance, feelings of inferiority etc. Today I am so grateful to be part of the Free China project with many other practitioners. Now we have meetings every week to encourage each other to break through things together, and to give an opportunity for sentient beings to know the truth.

Already from the start we cooperated with other practitioners involved in other projects. For many months we worked together with practitioners in the political group or other groups to reach our parliament members. We showed the film to both long established contacts and new ones. We organized many private screenings and when politicians did not come we contacted them again and again to show them the film one-to-one. Or we even sent them a copy and then made sure they returned it to us so we knew they had seen it. This way many politicians got to know the truth. When they understood the real story, some of them got together to organize a screening in parliament. Above our expectations, many came to see the film and we could see they were very touched by it. I think they were even more touched to actually meet, in person, the filmmakers, who were invited to Sweden for this occasion. They answered many questions that came up. So the screening in parliament became very special.

Free China opened many doors for us. The politicians who saw Free China and understood the truth of what was happening made it possible for a fantastic organ-harvesting seminar half a year later in our parliament. Politicians from all parties co-arranged the seminar together. And many more politicians were present than at the Free China screening. Afterwards, several politicians were talking about how they could move forward to help and many of these politicians also signed the DAFOH petition. We noticed that the politicians were obviously quite touched and very concerned about the situation in China. Again, none of this would have been possible without the Free China film and the body of practitioners who have worked intensively to reach many of these politicians.

I'm still so touched and happy every time I see so many people come to the Free China screenings. For example, for two consecutive years, we have been in Almedal, a political week arranged in the old medieval town of Visby on an island off the east cost of Sweden. Here we show Free China. Every year both parliament and county politicians, organizations, companies and mainstream media and TV networks from all over Sweden come here. And most of these people are very aware of the world around them and want to be responsible for and be part of their society. Many practitioners from Sweden go there as well. These practitioners stand many long hours in the blazing sun or rain to hand out information about the film or seminars we arrange and the theatre is usually packed with people. We even had to arrange extra screenings both years to meet the demands of people. I truly feel a deep gratitude to Master for arranging this great opportunity for us to rescue more people.

In Almedal we met several people who came up to us and said that the Free China screening they saw the year before was the best part of the whole Almedal week or that was what left the strongest impression on them. One lady, after she saw the film, could not leave and told us that she was so touched. She said she had not been aware of this situation before and had many notions about Falun Gong and practitioners. Now she had to go home and needed to cry because her heart hurt, and that she had to do something about this in her work and also to tell her husband. We could see that she really was a good-hearted lady. Some people came back to see it again and brought friends or colleagues along. I also know that the other teams who were in Almedal, such as the Zhen Shan Ren exhibition group or Falun Dafa practitioners who demonstrated exercises had similar experiences as us.

I feel blessed when I look back on the Almedal weeks and the process of building up the Free China Team in Sweden: I feel so honoured to be working with so many amazing practitioners who are working tirelessly. Whatever our projects might be or we belong to, I believe that our joint efforts and our cooperation made things possible in Almedal and parliament. Our cooperation is the key that makes all things possible. I am so eternally grateful to Master for giving us this great opportunity to save more people ... I hope together we make diligent progress.

Thank you master!
Thank you fellow practitioners!

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