60-Year-Old Hebei Province Woman Subjected to Extortion and Electric Shock Torture for Upholding Her Belief

Once on the brink of death, Ms. Wu Shengjiang's heart and liver diseases were miraculously gone shortly after she started to practise Falun Gong—an ancient spiritual discipline for body and mind—in March 1999.

However, she wasn't able to enjoy the happiness of regaining her good health for long. Four months later, the persecution of Falun Gong started.

Because of her persistence in practising Falun Gong and telling people about the health benefits, the 60-year-old Hebei resident was arrested four times, extorted huge fines, and shocked with electric batons during detention.

Financial Persecution

As part of the destructive persecution policy by the then Chinese Communist Party (CCP) head, “bankrupt them financially” was one of the methods of persecution.

Ms. Wu Shengjiang's husband has a taxi business. To celebrate World Falun Dafa Day, a 70-year-old practitioner hired him to drive her so she could hang banners in a neighbouring area on May 12th, 2014.

They were reported to the police. Both the practitioner and Ms. Wu's husband, Mr. Bo Mengxiang, were arrested and detained at Julu County Police Department. His car was confiscated.

Ms. Wu went to the police department the next day and demanded that her husband be released. The police released her husband and the practitioner, but refused to return the car. It was reported that Lu Dongli, head of the Domestic Security Division, tried to use it to get Mr. Bo to provide them with information about local practitioners.

The couple went to the police department to ask Lu to return their car. After being given the run around several times, Lu finally agreed to return the car on the condition that Mr. Bo pay him a 500-yuan1 “storage fee.”

“We make about 100 yuan a day with the taxi business. During the one and a half months our car was confiscated, we lost more than 3000 yuan in income,” Ms. Wu said.

Victims of financial persecution, Ms. Wu's family has also been extorted out of a large amount of money in the past 15 years.

Police officers from Julu County Police Department broke into her home and raided it in March 2008. Ms. Wu was arrested and sent to a detention centre. She suddenly suffered a stroke. The police extorted 11,000 yuan in cash and other valuable items from her family before releasing her.

When Ms. Wu was arrested for the first time in April 2001, the police extorted 6000 yuan from her family.

Shocked with Electronic Batons

After her arrest in April of 2001, the police brought her to the Julu County Detention Centre.

On the night after the arrest, they interrogated her about the source of the materials practitioners were distributing and information about local practitioners. She didn't give them any information.

The police shocked her with electric batons on her arm, back and face. They also beat her with the baton. She still didn't say a word.

Furious, they hung her up, and used a higher voltage electric baton to shock her. She kept silent. They changed to an even more powerful one. When the electric baton ran out of power, they grabbed a new one and continued to torture her. She was shocked for three hours straight, until the police themselves became exhausted. Her body was covered with burns and bruises.


1. "Yuan" is the Chinese currency; 500 yuan is equal to the average monthly income of an urban worker in China.

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