Shaanxi Province Hospital Offers Patient Choice of Three Liver Transplant “Donors”

Editor's note: Falun Gong practitioners have been collecting leads to assist international investigations aiming to expose the full scale of the organ harvesting atrocities ongoing in China. A key fact leading to confirmation of illicit organ harvesting is the short wait time for organ matches. This points to the existence of a live organ bank and the killing-on-demand of donors, believed to be prisoners of conscience.

A doctor at Xi'an Xijing Hospital in Shaanxi Province suggested in November 2014 that a friend of mine get a liver transplant, and that there was a compatible organ available. The transplant was done the next day. It seems as if liver matches were waiting for patients, and ready whenever the patients were.

My friend also learned that, in this department at Xijing Hospital, five liver transplants were done within a two-week period.

Yao Kaishan (姚凯山) is the former surgical department director at Xijing Hospital. The current director is Yang Shaoxu (杨召绪). Yao is still the chief surgeon.

Three “Donors” to Choose from for One Liver Transplant

A retired head of a public security institute in Tianjin developed liver disease in late 2013 and needed a liver transplant. His hospital provided three “donor” sources for him to choose from. He picked one, and the operation was successful.

The top echelon of the Chinese Communist Party was going to investigate him early this year, but he suddenly died. His wife sold their real estate in Tianjin and moved to Weihai, in Shandong Province.

His son-in-law, who works at Military Factory No. 754 (Tianjin Optical Electrical Communication Technology Co., Ltd.), was asked to resign.

Involuntary Blood Testing in Sichuan Province

I was told by Li Chaoyong (李朝勇) at Deyang Prison, Sichuan Province, in 2005, that, “Our superiors' orders are that we carry out blood tests. We must conduct blood tests on 100% of [Falun Gong practitioners].”

I was assigned to forced labour in Ward No. 3 at the prison. Despite my resistance, Li and his accomplices drew my blood. Li was the head of Ward No. 3.

Heart Missing from a Falun Gong Practitioner's Body

Ms. Lei Jinxiang, from Jianyang, Sichuan Province, died in 2013 as a result of torture at Yangmahe Women's Prison in Sichuan Province. Before her body was cremated, family discovered that her heart was missing.

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