To Those Who Came Here and Forgot

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To those who were being touched, but do not continue.
To those who allowed to be lost again in delusion.
To those who will come in the future.

I would like in my experience sharing to express without unnecessary fervour that great feeling and sacred moment in which Fa found me. I felt embarrassed and happy at the same time, special and bewildered, because I did not know what was happening and how only one male voice and a melody of audio lecture can influence me in such a powerful way in a strong emotional collapse for me. My escalating: grief, rebellion, resentment, betrayal were washed away for just a few seconds, as a small black drop in the vast ocean of tranquillity, cleanliness, friendly presence, grandeur. It was like HE told me, "Calm down now! From now on I will be always with you. Stand up and go freely, without the shackles of sentiments. I give you a lotus flower which will bloom whenever you look at it and will lead you to immense heights. Keep it and take good care of it! "

I held my breath with excitement and anxiety, something has started to change inside me without my control. I was looking feverishly for answers – who is this, what is that? I did not receive answer immediately, a long time had been passed before to understand ... but I knew in my heart that this is something good, that this is someone who I can trust. It is like I, myself, was this flower and I blossomed under the melody of the exercises even without doing them (still I did not know there are any exercises). It was like in the fairy tale "Sleeping Beauty” who was awakening after 100 years sleep. And I really struggled every day with the pressure of karma, pinned me to the bed around 10 years, but this time this was not something imaginary. This time I was not alone. I had great support and visibility. Every day I became stronger and stronger, more and more capable. Now, after four months of practising I can firmly declare to everybody that Falun Dafa is good! This is my Pure Land!

I am glad that at this pure land there are more than 100 million and welcome every good sentient being here, where people do not think one thing while saying another; here where to be really good and open person does not classified you as foolish; here where not being vile and cunning does not mean failure; here where tolerance does not mean weakness!

Thank you, Master, for this open door that led me!

Thanks to all righteous beings that have made tremendous efforts in order to be able to move forward!

* * *

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