Elderly Heilongjiang Woman Persecuted to Death

Ms. Li Yulan, a Falun Dafa practitioner from Daqing, passed away on January 1st, 2017. She was arrested on December 26th, 2016, for distributing Falun Dafa calendars. Her home was ransacked while she was in custody.

Persecuted for Her Belief

After she was arrested, Ms. Li was handcuffed to a chair in the police department and questioned about the source of the calendars. She refused to divulge any information.

Officer Lin Jiawei ordered her to sign a statement guaranteeing that she would no longer practise Falun Gong, which she refused to do. However, her son arrived and pressured her, and she signed and fingerprinted the statement so that she would be released.

Ms. Li was harassed repeatedly after she was released. The police warned her that her whole family would be arrested if she went out again to distribute Falun Dafa materials.

Ms. Li passed out and was hospitalized on December 29th. While she was in the hospital, members of the residential committee still disturbed her family.

She died three days later at the age of 71.

Lawsuit Against Jiang

Before her death, Ms. Li filed a criminal complaint against former Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin. In her lawsuit she also requested that people be allowed to practise Falun Dafa legally.

She wrote:

“Jiang Zemin is responsible for persecuting Falun Dafa and defaming the practice and Master Li, the founder of Falun Dafa. I also hold him accountable for my suffering.

“If Jiang Zemin hadn’t started the persecution, I would have been free to practise Falun Dafa and I would not have been ill. My husband would not have threatened to divorce me and my family would have been happier.”

Benefits of Falun Gong

Seeing how much her sister-in-law and neighbors benefited from practising Falun Dafa, Ms. Li decided to pick it up in June 1999. After the persecution began in July, she stopped practising due to fear and family pressure.

By 2009 she’d had a stroke, and was crippled and in pain with rheumatoid arthritis. Her life was so miserable that she didn’t even want to live. She tried all kinds of treatments, but nothing worked.

It seemed that Falun Dafa was her only hope, so she began to cultivate again in January 2011. All of her ailments disappeared a few months later. Healthy and full of energy, she told everyone that Falun Dafa was good.

Participants in the Persecution of Ms. Li

Lin Jiawei (林家威), captain, Daqing Domestic Security Division: +86-459-342-3319 (home), +86-13394653699
Ma Baigang (马百刚), police officer, Daqing Domestic Security Division: +86-459-342-4698 (home), +86-13351199711
Yang Li jun (杨立军), police officer, Daqing Domestic Security Division: +86-13936983789
Lu Wei (卢 伟), police officer, Daqing Domestic Security Division: +86-18644022313

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