Norway: Falun Gong is Welcomed at the University of Stavanger

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On October 23 and 24 (UN day) 2019 the practitioners in Stavanger, Norway, were back at the University in Stavanger to inform people about the ongoing persecution of Falun Gong and the large-scale organ-tourism in China.

The practitioners set up a boot by the student canteen where most of the students, professors and staff pass by. They wanted to talk to as many as possible, hand out leaflets and urge people to sign a petition to stop the persecution in China.

The practitioners talked with many reflective and obliging students as well as lecturers. The passers-by accepted the leaflets with great gratitude. Many people signed the petition. A young man said before signing: "It’s the least I can do, I know a number of persecuted groups. This is very important! Keep up your good efforts!"

Two young men came by and wanted to know more about the event. When informed about the ongoing trade with organs in China one of them exclaimed; “Why are you standing here with this nice leaflet - with a beautiful woman meditating? You should display something awful, similar the content. I was about to pass by, and not stopping, because I thought it was an invitation to a Yoga class or something…” Both were media-students and they immediately came up with ideas for a suitable front page for the information-leaflet. They had a lot of ideas and suggested front pages with organs and operating tables. They both agreed; “It has to be something very horrible!”

A woman with a doctor’s degree in social science returned to the practitioners boot and said: “Now I have read the entire leaflet. This is horrible! I had heard only a little about this before, but never thought it was this awful. What can I do?” She was eager to sign the petition urging the Norwegian government to deal with these serious infringements on human rights with China.

A female student said: «I am studying human trafficking in different countries, but in this case it’s actually the state that runs the organ tourism. This is really horrible! It’s unbelievable that this can be happening today. It’s even worse than the Nazis during the war!”

A student had attended a lecture about organ transplants a few years ago. That lecture claimed that it was legal to travel to foreign countries and pay for an illegal organ (taken illegal from others). The practitioner notified the woman about the new addendum in the Norwegian Law of Organ transplants which states that it is punishable to buy "unethical" organs, that is, organs we do not know for sure are donated.

A Uighur (a Muslim from the north of China) who is a student at UIS, (the University of Stavanger) came by and talked with a practitioner. He said; “I have read the information leaflet. Everything written in here is true. Thank you for standing here! ”He was relieved that his father, who spent two years in prison for his faith, now was released and alive.

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