Recalling Master Li Giving Lectures in Sweden

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April 7 to 14, 1995, were the most memorable days for Falun Dafa practitioners in Sweden. After giving lectures in France, Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Dafa, came to Gothenburg as his second stop to introduce the practice overseas.

During his lectures in Gothenburg, the second-largest city in Sweden, Master Li explained the purpose of life and how to return to one's origin. He talked about cultivation practice and the principles that people need to follow to elevate their character. Practitioners who attended the lectures remember the scenes well and were very touched by them.

Mr. Li Hongzhi, founder of Falun Dafa, gave lectures in April 1995 in Gothenburg, Sweden

More than 100 people attended the lectures, and most were Westerners. Pirjo, a registered nurse at a hospital in Gothenburg, was among them.

“Many of us listened to the lectures. During the class, Master Li asked us to think of a place in our body where we have illness or discomfort. Since back pain had bothered me for more than two years and made it hard for me to sleep, I was hoping Master could help with it,” she recalled.

“Right at that moment, I felt a breeze entering my body from my back. I felt relaxed immediately—the agonizing pain left me instantly. I immediately realized Falun Dafa is so extraordinary and wonderful,” she said.

To help the audience understand, when Master Li explained the structure of cosmic bodies, he also illustrated it on a board in the classroom. The content he presented answered many questions that Pirjo had about life. This included the origin and purpose of life, returning to one's origin, and how they are related to our daily lives.

Pirjo, a registered nurse at a hospital in Gothenburg

“For example, Master said we need to align ourselves with the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, that is, returning to the most fundamental, the purest, and the kindest nature of our souls. That is the entire purpose of our life,” she said.

Since there would be all kinds of tests, Master reminded practitioners to constantly correct and improve themselves in order to return to their true selves. “He told us not to be afraid of difficulties; instead we should handle these situations with compassion and forbearance. It is very important to always be kind and considerate of others,” she said.

Pirjo said the students could deeply feel Master’s compassion. “Some of our questions were very basic and even foolish, but Master always explained them with patience,” she said.

After Master talked about the principles of good and evil being rewarded accordingly, Pirjo asked Master if Dafa could help people who had done wrong in their lives. “I remember Master looked at me seriously and replied, ‘Yes, Dafa can help you with that, even including those things you have done but you are unaware of.’ I knew he was talking about things in my previous life cycles,” Pirjo explained.

During those seven days, practitioners did the Dafa exercises together. Many felt energetic and rejuvenated. “I had a little sickness karma, something like a headache or the flu. But it went by quickly, and I felt relaxed again. I hadn’t had such a comfortable feeling for the longest time. Dafa was so wonderful, and I felt very grateful and fortunate. Those were the best days of my life,” she remarked.

After practising for 25 years, Pirjo said she now has more empathy towards others. “This happens naturally as we practitioners continue studying the Falun Dafa teachings, doing the exercises, and improving ourselves during tribulations,” she explained. She said practitioners handle conflicts with compassion and forgiveness instead of seeking revenge. With a positive attitude, they turn adverse incidents into opportunities to look within and improve; this is something Dafa has taught them to do.

Looking back over her 25 years of cultivation practice, Pirjo said her gratitude was beyond words. “I know Master is always by us, protecting and helping us,” she said. “Whenever I lost confidence or slacked off, Master would help through other practitioners’ words, discussions, or experience sharing. This would allow me to re-evaluate myself and stand up again.”

Pirjo said there are many things that she could have done better. “But even during our most difficult times, Master is always there, helping us compassionately without a word, so that we can continue on the cultivation path. That is why I am often moved to tears by everything Master has done for us,” she said.

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