Sweden: “I Will Always Stand With You”

Falun Gong practitioners held activities in Stockholm on September 8 and 11, 2020 to introduce Falun Gong and raise awareness of the persecution in China. Many people expressed support for their activities and even admiration for this peaceful mind and body cultivation practice.

The event was held beside Konserthuset, the concert hall where the Nobel Prize is awarded every year. A large outdoor farmers’ market is located outside the hall, and there are many shopping malls and supermarkets nearby.

The quiet scene of Falun Gong practitioners doing meditative exercises was quite a juxtaposition to the hustle and bustle of this busy downtown area. Many people paused to watch the exercise demonstration, read the informational posters and talk with practitioners. Quite a few signed a petition opposing the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) persecution of Falun Gong.

Demonstrating the Falun Gong sitting meditation

“I Hope My Signature Can Help You”
Telmuun from Peru and his girlfriend were passing by the concert hall when they saw Falun Gong practitioners doing the exercises. They were excited, and Telmuun commended Falun Gong.

“I know this is a good practice that benefits mind and body,” Telmuun said, then added, “I know about the persecution. It is incredible.”

He glanced at the signature book for the petition and saw that the page was almost full. He said with excitement, “I'm so lucky! It seems that this last line of the signature form is reserved for me.” He signed and said solemnly, “I hope my signature can help you.”

Telmuun noted a flier in Spanish and a poster with a brief introduction for new practitioners. He asked about the time and locations of group practice sites in Stockholm and said he wanted to join a group practice on Sunday.

Another couple, Tim and his wife viewed the posters and then signed the petition. Tim said indignantly while pointing at a poster about the CCP’s live organ harvesting, “The CCP regime is terrible! This is a crazy government that normal people cannot accept.”

Tim explained that both he and his wife had just returned to Sweden after working in China for four years. From their personal experiences in China, Tim said he believes the regime does indeed carry out live organ harvesting of prisoners of conscience.

The couple said that China is a beautiful country with a long history and they were impressed with the hardworking and kindhearted people. But they are worried for the Chinese people.

They recalled that their Chinese colleagues and friends were very careful when they spoke, because everything is under the control of the government and there is no freedom at all. They also said that one must be especially cautious when writing emails to friends. This shows that the CCP regime is capable of doing anything imaginable to maintain the regime and its economic interests.

Tim said that if he had another job opportunity in a Chinese-speaking country, he would not go to China again but would choose a democratic country, such as Taiwan. They said they hoped their signatures could help stop the CCP's crimes.

Talking to practitioners to find out more

“I Will Always Stand with You”
Rivera, a middle-aged woman from Russia, stopped by to sign the petition just as the event was about to wrap up.

“I come from the former Soviet Union,” Rivera said. “I know that the Communist Party did many wrong deeds and killed many people. I have a deep understanding of the communist dictatorship. I want to help you.”

A practitioner told her that her signature could help people, then spoke about how the CCP conducts live organ harvesting by killing Falun Gong practitioners when someone needs an organ transplant. The practitioner said that they were holding this event in Stockholm to raise awareness of the issue.

Listening to the practitioner explain the situation, Rivera was almost in tears. She said indignantly, with tears in eyes, “This is unacceptable! You must tell this to all people of the world and let everyone know, to expose the evil and the persecution. You must fight to the end.”

She hugged the practitioner excitedly, seemingly forgetting about the current social distancing guidelines. She told the practitioner repeatedly, “What you are doing is right. I will always stand with you.”

Rivera said that she was interested in Falun Gong. She lives in Stockholm and asked about group practice sites nearby.

Signing a petition against the persecution Rivera listens to a practitioner talk about the CCP’s live organ harvesting.

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