Germany: Practitioners Hold Events in Nuremberg to Celebrate World Falun Dafa Day

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Melodious music filled the air at Lake Wohrder in Nuremberg, Germany, on May 13, 2021. A group of people dressed in bright yellow sat meditating, their backs straight and countenances peaceful. Joggers, walkers, and bicyclists passing by stopped to look and learn more about the spiritual practice, Falun Dafa.

On May 13, 2021, Falun Dafa practitioners from the regions of Bavaria and Franconia celebrated World Falun Dafa Day and wished Master Li Hongzhi a happy 70th birthday by Lake Wohrder in Nuremberg.

May 13 this year marks the 29th anniversary of the public introduction of Falun Dafa and the 22nd World Falun Dafa Day. It also coincides with the 70th birthday of its founder Master Li Hongzhi. To celebrate this special occasion, practitioners from the regions of Franconia and Bavaria introduced the practice, did the exercises together, and told people about the persecution in China.

Lake Wohrder is north of Nuremberg and often hosts large cultural events such as outdoor concerts. It has become the center of arts activities in Nuremberg and a popular destination for relaxation. Many people were out enjoying the fine weather on Ascension Day, a public holiday in Bavaria.

People stopped to observe practitioners doing the exercises. Some read the information on the display boards while others asked questions. After learning about the brutal persecution in China, they signed the petition to support an end to the atrocities.

Happy Young Practitioner
Sara, 15, is a young Falun Dafa practitioner. She has practiced with her parents since she was a child and often accompanies them to truth clarification activities. When asked about the benefits of the practice, she said, “We read the teachings every day at home. I feel extremely lucky to be able to grow up in such an environment and become a Dafa disciple. The principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance have changed me tremendously. I have become less hot-tempered and self-centered. Compared to people my age, all my friends say I know what is right and wrong. I am not addicted to computer games. Even though I seldom use social media platforms popular among teenagers, my life is fulfilled and happy.”

Sara (middle) joined other young practitioners taking part in the day’s activities at Lake Wohrder, Nuremberg.

Her classmates and friends know that she practices Falun Dafa and they admire her for her strong faith.

Sarah says there are still areas she needs to work on in cultivation. For example, she has conflicts with her younger sister. “I regret it afterward and ask myself why I didn’t control myself. I must do better next time and not lose my temper. I shouldn’t have negative thoughts about my sister,” she said.

She was delighted to attend and celebrate the occasion with everyone. She said, “Thank you, Master, for teaching me Dafa. Happy Birthday!”

Brothers Encourage Each Other in Cultivation
Andreas and Richard are brothers. They began to practice Falun Dafa one year apart and have been practicing for 18 and 19 years. They are typical Franconians, practical, hardworking, and reticent but full of depth of character. Nearly every weekend, be it freezing cold or blazing hot, they hold information day activities in a city in the Franconia region.

Andreas does the sitting meditation at the World Falun Dafa Day celebrations in Nuremberg on May 13, 2021.

Andrea said, “Thank you, Master, for making it possible for me to cultivate. My mind and body have changed positively and I am a better person. I give every customer at work a flyer about Falun Dafa.

Richard said, “I had been searching for the true purpose of life before practicing Falun Dafa. Dafa has unlocked all mysteries. It is the only path. Everything has become wonderful because of cultivation. Thank you, Master. Words cannot describe my gratitude.”

At the end of the day’s activities, everyone pressed their palms together in front of their chests in a gesture of respect and thanked Master for his compassionate salvation. They wished him a happy 70th birthday.

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