Romanian practitioner: "I have integrated within me the feeling of doing things for others"

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Falun Dafa practitioners from Romania at the parade in Warsaw on September 10, hold banners advocating for Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance, principles that are severely persecuted in China by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party), contrary to the country's own Constitution.

More than 1,000 practitioners from 35 European countries gathered in Warsaw on September 10, 2022 for a series of activities, including a parade, to raise public awareness of the persecution in China. We dedicated several previous articles to this European event, and this article is dedicated to the contribution of Romanian practitioners to the success of the event in Poland.

Here is a perspective on the event as it was perceived by a Romanian Falun Dafa practitioner.

It was the first time I participated in an event of such a large scale. Once I was in the midst of Falun Dafa practitioners, I felt that I was one with each of them, that we were all there for the same purpose, which is to show the people of Warsaw the beauty, majesty, and grandeur of the practice of Falun Dafa, but also the crimes and horrors that China's Falun Gong practitioners are exposed to.

The parade itself was so long that one could not see the whole thing. The entire organization of each participant was carried out by a coordinator, and each participant, applying the principles learned in Falun Dafa practice, conscientiously carried them out.

On the first day of the parade I felt that I was doing too little, that I was contributing to such an event in a very clumsy way. I wanted to do more but everything I was entrusted to do seemed to line up in such a natural way that I felt that I was not doing anything, just things and people around me were moving, settling according to rules unseen by me.

All through the first day's parade, all I did was keep my thoughts as pure as possible. As I walked with righteous thoughts throughout the streets of Warsaw, I could see the parade in front of me soaring into the sky, as if above the parade in this dimension there were still other parades coexisting higher up, along with us. The sounds of the marching band in front of me could be heard so clearly.

I kept smiling at the passers-by on the street, avoiding being photographed, as I was not part of the parade but only part of the wardens who are responsible for parade safety, and occasionally guiding the group of girls in white behind me who were commemorating, holding photos of fellow Falun Gong practitioners in China who were killed by the communist regime.

At the end of the first day's parade, over lunch with fellow practitioners, I was encouraged to continue doing the next day what I had done on the first day, however small and insignificant my contribution may have seemed.

Little did I know that on the second day of the parade even more interesting things would await me. I hadn't even settled in when the first girls in the commemoration group thanked me for the help I had given the day before. They thanked me for my kindness and gentleness in interrupting the parade the day before so that pedestrians could cross without disturbing the actual parade. At that moment, I smiled and knew that it was just the effect of the Fa, that the beauty of the Fa was able to manifest and reach the people, just by aligning myself with the Fa.

On the second day of the parade, for reasons unknown to me, I ended up guiding the practitioners at the end of the column that formed the parade, namely the drum team. I would do what I did and periodically some colleagues changed places with me, so I still ended up around the drum team, guiding this group of practitioners. When we reached the final point of the parade, the drum team stopped and performed. My job seemed to be over, I was standing with my hands outstretched horizontally, so that the pedestrians would not disturb the drum team who were being photographed and admired by many passers-by in the street. And I, in turn, eagerly admired both the sounds and the costumes, the smiles, the movements of the drum team.

It seemed as if I had escaped from reality, that I was being carried to another place, higher than the one I was touching with my feet. With my physical eyes I could see the drum team glowing with beauty and refinement, with my ears I could hear heavenly music. I struggled not to cry with emotion, I had tears in my eyes as I watched the drum team. I kept smiling both at the drum team and at the passers-by, and I wanted to hold on until the end, to keep the moment dignified and solemn. My wish was granted, I was able to quietly enjoy the performance.

Although on the first day of the parade I thought that I had not done much for it, the next day I forgot about myself and integrated within myself the feeling of doing things for others, of letting the events flow naturally and me just following their course, maintaining a peaceful and calm state.

With righteous thoughts, I was placed in the right place and, according to what I could do, I was entrusted with probably the easiest task: to quietly watch over the smooth running of the parade.

A tourist addressed us in English. He was curious about what brings us together and what is the message of our parade.

He received a leaflet in English. A practitioner clarified the truth to him in detail, specifying that since no one had talked about these serious things directed against humanity and Falun Dafa practitioners for a long time, it was necessary for them to expose it to the whole world. They are demonstrating to the world what Falun Dafa practice is all about and testifying to the benefits it has brought to their lives as they have measured their thoughts, words, and deeds by the measure of the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.

By exposing the persecution, they help the people of the world see the true face of the communist specter. Telling the truth about the crimes of the communist spectrum is an act of global cleansing, it is the prelude to the emergence of the Clean World, which we invite you to build together!

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