Through teaching the exercises on the internet, spreading Dafa and saving the worlds people

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Greeting dear MasterGreetings fellow practitioners

I obtained the Fa in 1995.During the period of the epidemic, many people were in a situation whereby they stayed at home and isolated. Adding to that, during the cold winter, most activities were required to be done indoors, and because people avoided having contact with strangers, even if many people wanted to study Falun Gong, it was also very difficult.

One day a volunteer contact person told me that Canadian practitioners had started teaching the exercises online and hoped that I would sign up my name to find out about it, to see whether we could also use this format to spread Dafa. Even though many people were looking for something during the period of the epidemic, there was no way for them to learn the exercise method like before. When I went online and had a look, I was very enthused, and felt that we could also do this.

Technically speaking, it didn’t look too difficult. It’s just that I had never done this before, soI had to make a breakthrough and had to try and find out about it. Although I wanted to do it, making the first step was also very difficult. One day, a practitioner that I knew very well but that I had never collaborated with before contacted me, saying that she had heard that I had wanted to do this project of teaching the exercises on the internet, saying that she didn’t have that much time but that she would like to help. In this way we both formed a small team with another practitioner, and we started the task.

We and the other practitioner translated the materials from other countries into Swedish. Even so, the effect after translation wasn’t ideal. Carrying this on my back didn’t feel very easy and also wasn’t very natural. For example, one of the pages was displaying local government officials support, and on it there were many photos of American and Canadian members of government. I also looked for photos of Swedish members of government who opposed the persecution, and pieced them together, but the effect this gave people was very awkward, furthermore it was as if this added another feeling of distance.

Even though, we still used these translated materials as our primary demonstration, and we invited some Swedish practitioners to come and listen to me speak, in the first place it was to test the software we were using, and secondly we hoped they could give us some feedback from an objective perspective.When I was speaking I felt like I couldn’t remember the order of the content, the previous sentences wouldn't connect to the later sentences. I would on the one hand speak but on the other hand hesitate, whilst looking at my own draft, I myself felt that the results were very messy. However, the fellow practitioners all encouraged us, saying that we did very well. This project did have great meaning, even though at present it wasn't perfect, as long as we could start doing it, it would be alright, and then we could improve on it.

The demonstration this time reflected some problems, which was that the materials from other countries weren’t necessarily suitable for us. Every region required us to speak according to local conditions and customs, and although the way it was done in other countries could serve as a reference, however we had to walk our own paths.

After returning, we amended all the materials anew. After we amended them ,the materials were very smooth. We began to introduce Dafa and were also telling them the true situation of the persecution, but we weren’t bringing trouble to their moods by telling them about the persecution, because in the end, we would tell them how many people around the world were sparing no effort, doing what they could to make great effort to oppose the persecution.

Whilst teaching the exercises on the internet, my experiences were that having righteous thoughts and righteous actions was very important. If I had any omissions, this would directly influence the people who were attending to learn the exercises. When this team of ours were very absorbed in our task, and our thoughts were very righteous, the results were very good. Ifthere were conflicts within our small team, this would lead to interference.

Once, becauseI had to go to Denmark to take part in a local Shen Yun promotion, I talked to another practitioner, and said that the next time she was to be responsible for the exercise teaching, because that was on the day I would be coming back from finishing doing promotion. I expected that after coming home I would certainly be very busy with work, because up until now I had taken leave of absence, so many things were waiting for me to take care of when I got back. Of course, when I got back, I was very busy with work.

On the day before teaching online, I suddenly received a message from that practitioners saying that her child had got sick, and whether I could be responsible for teaching the exercises because she needed to look after her child. At the time because I felt there was no other way, I agreed, but because I was very busy with work, I unknowingly developed an attachment to blaming the other practitioner. She originally agreed to it, so she must have been interfered with, I thought. I didn’t realise that maybe I also had been interfered with and had no time to rehearse. At the time I believed that my getting busy with work was something within my expectations, so I wasn’t aware that this was also interference that was increased because of having blame in my mind.

However, wasn’t having the opportunity to save sentient beings something to be happy about?Instead, I regarded it as a burden. Because of this attachment to blame, on the morning of the same day another practitioner gave me a Xinxing trial, which made me very angry. One wave had not settled before another wave rose up. I readjusted my state of mind to the best of my ability, not allowing these things to influence me. Just before needing to broadcast, my computer started having technical difficulties. I simply didn’t dare believe it. How could there be technical difficulties? Every time we would rehearse beforehand, to ensure that there would be no technical difficulties. Many times, I thought that technical difficulties most of the time were not real technical breakdowns but were problems with operating them manually.Even so, this time it really was a breakdown. I phoned a practitioner who was responsible for technology, and he comforted me and said that there was no problem, not to worry, and simply to use another internet browser, although the quality might not be as good, however there was no problem, the effect most certainly would be very good, which made me less nervous.

There were still a few minutes until I had to broadcast, but there still was no way to operate it, how could I not be nervous? At this time, I suddenly received a text message from another practitioner, she said that she also had a technical breakdown, and she had no way join online.My first response was, why was she accessing it at this point in time? She should have tried to access it earlier and then helped me to send forth righteous thoughts. When thinking of this, Immediately realized that all of this was interference, and that I shouldn’t use this sort of negative thinking to think of fellow practitioners, and that it was also very difficult for other practitioners. This series of interference came about simply to sow discord between us, making us unable to do well this matter of saving people. I concentrated my efforts, and changed my method, and in the end, I started broadcasting on time, and the other practitioners also joined online on time.

We accomplished this broadcast relatively successfully, but I knew in my mind that this experience reflected a lot of my problems. Afterwards I hoped we could share experiences, but at the time there was no time to allow for this. However afterwards another practitioner sent me an experience sharing of looking within, and very calmly shared how this time she had received interference. When I saw this, I was very moved and also sent her my own understandings of looking within and seeing my own inadequacies. After passing through this, we were not only not separated, but actually cooperated much closer together than before.

Up until now, we had already taught the exercises online for a whole year. This year, close to 400 people attended our online classes, came to know what Falun Gong is, and learned how to practice the exercises. During this time there was also a Norwegian practitioner who introduced those coming in to the classes. Because our languages were very similar, manyNorwegians also listen to and understand Swedish.

The people attending the online exercise teaching had very positive feedback, and some had various beautiful experiences, such as feeling very comfortable after finishing the exercises, and having a very light feeling, and some felt energy and heat. Every time I would hear this sort of feedback, we all felt very gratified.

Thanks to the support and accompaniment of other practitioners along this path. We will continue to put forth effort, imparting the beauty of Dafa to more sentient beings.

Thank you, Master, Thank you, fellow practitioners!

(2022 Nordic Fa-Conference)

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