Having faith in Master and the Fa and looking within. Dafa shows its divine might

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Greetings dear Master! Fellow practitioners, greetings!

The following are some personal experiences of miraculous stories from my cultivation.

Looking within, I opened my handcuffs myself.

On the 20th of July 2022, is the 23rd anniversary of the CCPs persecution of Falun Gong. Swedish Falun Gong practitioners at the public square in between the Swedish parliament building and Royal palace held an event to commemorate the 23rd anniversary of clarifying the truth and opposing the persecution. Amongst these was a torture exhibition. After the CCP started suppressing Falun Gong, because I persisted in practicing cultivation and moreover clarifying the truth of the persecution to the people, I was twice thrown in prison by the evil Chinese communist party. I thought that with my identity as someone who had been persecuted, if on the second day of the event of the anniversary of continuing to oppose the persecution I would sit in an iron cage, to display to the Swedish people the brutal persecution by the CCP, then maybe there would be an even better effect. So, I put forward my thoughts on the matter to the coordinator of the event. The coordinator of the event was very much in agreement with my idea and told the fellow practitioners who were at the scene on the second day, to recount and tell the people my experiences of being persecuted in China.

On the afternoon of 21st of July, after fellow practitioners helped me put on the make-up, they put me in the iron cage, and even brought out some handcuffs, and cuffed my hands to the iron cage, this way it had a more real feeling. I sat in the iron cage for around 2 hours, and then another practitioner came to take my place so that I could get out and rest. However, the handcuffs on my hand would not come off.

The Western practitioner who was responsible for the torture exhibition brought tools to release the handcuffs, but however he did it he was incapable of prying them open, and even made my hands painful. A practitioner who had sat in the iron cage on the first day said that she had used the handcuffs yesterday and there was no problem, so why were they not working today? Two practitioners had tried to help me open the handcuffs, but they didn’t succeed in opening. At this point two policemen who were on duty next to the parliament building saw this, and they came over one after the other to use their keys to try and open the handcuffs. Then they left for a while and thought of finding another way to help me.

At this point I realised that this was evil interference. I reminded fellow practitioners to send righteous thoughts, and not to use tools to try and pry it open anymore. I thought it must certainly be the case that I had omissions, that lead to me being persecuted. I started to look within and looked back at my thoughts of when I participated in the torture exhibition. On the afternoon of the 20th, when the coordinator was explaining my situation of being persecuted in China and using my personal experiences as an example when exposing the evil, fellow practitioners expressed acclaim in their speech and in the way they looked at me. However, at that time from the depths of my heart I developed a sense of pride of sorts, thinking that I was like a hero. I thought that other practitioners had never had the experience of being persecuted in a CCP prison, and this was my show off mentality. On the 21st, when I was sitting in the iron cage, I earnestly listened to the fellow practitioner clarifying the truth, but I didn’t hear a single practitioner mention my name, which made me feel rather hopeless in my heart, and I felt like there was no point to be sitting here. This was my attachment to fame and self-interest, an attachment to being in charge. Also, when I started to sit in the iron cage, a fellow practitioner said that we should first check the handcuffs, because it would be tragic if we wouldn’t be able to take them off. In my mind I was a little bit afraid that we wouldn’t be able to take them off, and this was negative thinking. After looking within more, when I was on my way to attend the activities on the 20th of July, another practitioner pointed out my shortcomings, but I didn’t maintain my Xinxing, and got angry with that practitioner, and this was not Shan (compassionate).

After discovering these problems, I remembered once again when sharing experiences with a practitioner in mainland China, I heard about the example of how a practitioner, after being handcuffed by evil policemen, asked Master to help open the handcuffs. Remembering this strengthened my righteous thoughts and faith, so I said to Master in my mind: “I, your disciple, have omissions, and I will cultivate away these bad attachments in my cultivation hereafter, and use the Fa to rectify myself, I don’t acknowledge the Old Forces persecution of me; I believe that Dafa is boundless, and there is nothing it can’t do. Then I started to recite in my mind the Fa rectification formula: “Fa Zheng Qian Kun, Xie eu quan mie” (The Fa rectifies the cosmos, the evil is completely eliminated) “Fa Zheng Tian Di, Xian Shi Xian Bao” (The Fa rectifies heaven and earth, immediate retribution, immediate lifetime!” After reciting the Fa rectification formula, I subconsciously turned a small button on the most upper end of the handcuffs, and at this point I heard a sound of snapping, and then the handcuffs opened by themselves. The western practitioner on the scene excitedly gave two thumbs up. From the bottom of my heart I said : “Thank you Master! Thank you Master!” In this way, with Masters’ support, a demonic obstacle that could not be humanly resolved was settled, which is a testimony to the power of Dafa.

When those two police officers who were on duty outside the parliament building came back to see that my handcuffs were opened, they were also very shocked. I hoped that from this they would also see that Dafa was unusual, moreover that they would be willing to come to know more about Dafa.

Clarifying the truth to Chinese tourists, A Swedish bus driver let me on the bus at the crossroads.

In the Summer of 2018, at that time there were many Chinese tourists coming to Sweden to visit. One morning when I was at the town hall giving Chinese tourists truth clarification newspapers, suddenly 7 or 8 Chinese tourists came by amongst whom one took the initiative to ask for a newspaper, and moreover asked me the way to the Royal palace. She said: “Right now is our free time, and I would like to visit the Royal palace.” After I told them how to get there, I continued to hand out newspapers. After these several tourists left, I suddenly called to mind that currently the road from the town hall to the Royal palace was being repaired, and as they were strangers in a strange place, they might not get there smoothly. At that time there was another practitioner at the town hall who was handing out truth clarification newspapers, so I decided to accompany those Chinese tourists to the Royal palace, so I caught up with them, and told them that the road over there was being repaired, and that I was afraid they might get lost and not find it, so I took them over there.

This act of mine made these Chinese tourists very happy, and they immediately drew closer to me, so I took the opportunity to clarify the truth of Dafa to them and told them of the great wave of people making the three withdrawals. When we got to the old city we could see the Royal palace, so I stopped in my tracks, and said: “The royal palace is in front of you, I’ve delivered you here and it wasn’t far, I hope you all remember that Falun Dafa is good!” Then they all said in chorus “Sure! We will remember it, Falun Dafa is good!”. Then I also said “I hope you nullify the pledges you made when joining the Communist party, when joining the Youth League, and the Young Pioneers, and hope you can all be safe and sound with good luck, and wish you a beautiful future!” Then they all said in chorus “We will! Thank you for guiding us along the road.” Several of the young women also came over and gave me a hug! I waved farewell to these people who had such a friendly atmosphere.

Following with my eyes the Chinese tourists after leaving, I sighed in my heart, after they had seen with their own eyes that Dafa disciples care for them, then the CCPs lies will be easily broken through. At this point I realised that I should quickly return to the town hall area, because the practitioner who was by himself there was probably very busy. I was hurriedly rushing towards a bus stop near the Old City, thinking of quickly getting a bus to return to the town hall. But upon getting near to the crossroads near the bus stop, I saw that the bus I wanted to take was not far off but had already closed its doors and had started away. I regretted having not arrived half a minute earlier to get on this bus, and was turning things over in my mind, about how the next bus would only arrive after 7 or 8 minutes, adding to which was the time on the road, so I would need about 10 to 20 minutes to get to the town hall. What was I to do? I stood there not moving, seeing the bus drive past me. But the bus driver suddenly stopped at the crossroads, and even opened the bus doors, all along smiling at me. I suddenly realized, this was plainly to let me on the bus, so I hurriedly got on the bus, and repeatedly said “Thank you! Thank you!”. At that time, I felt that the driver must have been controlled by God(s), otherwise how would he know that I wanted to get on the bus, and moreover stop at the crossroads to let on me on the bus? It really was unbelievable, but this really happened. In this way I managed to hurry back to the town hall in just 3 minutes.

Using righteous thoughts to speak to the God of rain, the rain and snow stopped in a twinkling

One year, Sweden held a performance of Shen Yun. For the period of time before the performance, when we were promoting the show in a market, I took part in spreading Shen Yun advertisement fliers. One day I went by myself to a wealthy area to hand out Shen Yun fliers, halfway suddenly it started to rain a bit. In the beginning I used a scarf to fend off the rain, and continued to post the fliers, however the rain got heavier and heavier, so I had to go home. When I returned and looked back, some of the Shen Yun fliers had been drenched by the rain. I was quite upset in my heart, so I used an iron to dry each of the leaflets. The second time I went out to hand out Shen Yun fliers, halfway there it started to rain again: I thought: Shen Yun is the Creator saving lives, I am assisting my Master in saving people in the human world, what I am doing is a righteous thing. Rain God, you have arranged for it to rain during this time, soaking wet the Shen Yun flyers, aren’t you committing a crime? You completely have the power to find another time to make it rain! Just as I thought this, I felt that the weather had suddenly become brighter, and when I looked up, the dark clouds that were covering the sky had all gone, and the sun had come out, and the snow and rain stopped, allowing me to successfully hand out the Shen Yun fliers.

Thanks to Master for saving me from hell, to enable me to know the true meaning of human existence and to enable me to become a Fa rectification disciple, giving me honour in the universe, and an opportunity to cultivate. I would like to make an effort to cultivate myself well, and to complete my historical and holy mission, and to return to the real heavenly home.

These are my few experiences and lessons from cultivation practice, if there is anything unsuitable in what I have written please compassionately point them out.

Thank you, Master!
Thank you, fellow practitioners!

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