Harmonising the one body

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Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow disciples!

I left my home country in 1996 for work, and I obtained the Fa in 1999 when I returned to mainland China to visit relatives. Later because of the persecution of Dafa practitioners happening, when my visa for the country in which I was settled ran out, I had no way to return to that country, so in 2001 I returned to Sweden.

Studying the Fa more, stepping out of the everyday people’s state, directly going to the truth clarification spot after my night shift.

Since Master in his Fa lectures told us to use great strength to clarify the truth to Chinese people, I then went to hand out truth clarification materials to Chinese tourists at noon every day. Because I was often on night shift, after finishing work I would sleep for a little bit, when struggling to get up and hurry to the tourist spot, often the tourists had already left. I regretted this each time, but every time I couldn’t breakthrough my sense of self, and this state continued for several years.

During the first year of spreading Shen Yun, because of often not getting enough sleep, this resulted in me often getting a slight fever. That year when Shen Yun finished performing, I made a decision, and hoped that maybe next year it wouldn’t be the same condition. During this time, I received the help of a practitioner from Norway, and as a result started to try to study three lectures a day. A sharing article on minghui.org regarding fellow practitioners’ experiences copying out the Fa by hand, and memorising the Fa encouraged me a lot, so to enable myself to catch up with the process of the Fa rectification and to break through this state, I also began to memorise the Fa. As I was memorising and memorising, I felt that I could enlighten to many Fa principles, and moreover felt that Master was strengthening me.

After going through a lot of Fa study and memorising, when I went to the tourist spot again, I felt that it was not so difficult, but I was a still a bit later at arriving than the other practitioners. Thereupon I was determined: Upon coming home from work I would just not sleep and directly go to the tourist spot to clarify the truth! As soon as my righteous thoughts emerged, the sleepiness demon that had been interfering with me for so many years simply disappeared without a trace. Even though now I sleep a little less, I no longer have the feeling of being drowsy all the time.

Cooperate with the one body to run the anti-persecution truth clarification activities during the time of the pandemic as usual.

Several years ago, when there were many Chinese tourists, apart from us Swedish practitioners clarifying the truth every day at the town hall to Chinese tourists, we also had anti-persecution truth clarification and Hong Fa (Fa spreading) activities in the downtown area. After the CCP virus swept across the world in 2020, every country in Europe one after another put into effect some evil epidemic-prevention measures, however we were permitted by the Swedish police to clarify the truth and oppose the persecution in the downtown area, and Sweden also became the least restricted country in Europe when it came to epidemic control.

Although we didn’t see any tourist groups from China there, however because Sweden had not completely closed the door to the outside world, so there were still tourists from many parts of the world. Starting from June 2020, our once every week anti-persecution truth clarification activities in the downtown area increased to twice a week, the main spot where the most tourists were was in the banking square. This spot just happened to be in between Swedish parliament building and the Swedish Royal palace, and many government officials and politicians would often pass through here, and occasionally when someone would see our activity and truth clarification leaflets, they would tell us who they were, and moreover express their support. Maybe there were many more politicians who were silently paying close attention to us.

During these two years, whilst clarifying the truth and opposing the persecution at the Stockholm downtown area, we encountered people with predestined affinities from 50 different countries around the world. Often during the activities, we usually needed three or four fellow practitioners at the same time to clarify the truth to the tourists, and moreover we had more visitors than we could attend to. My personal understanding was that: these people had all come to this other area to come to listen to the truth and obtain salvation, I hoped that they could all disseminate the beauty of Dafa and the true situation of the persecution to each part of the world.

At the activity, each of us practitioners played our own part, and everybody silently harmonised the one body. In order to save more people during the limited time, everybody took the initiative to get there half an hour beforehand, hanging up posters, arranging the display boards, setting up the tables, and our cooperation became more tacit. We only needed a few minutes, and our preparation would be ready. Then some practitioners would clarify the truth to some tourists whilst some other practitioners practiced the exercises. I would play the music for everybody, and everybody would first send forth righteous thoughts to clear out the field, and we would eliminate all the factors of interference, and then they would practice the exercises again.

One practitioner took photos of the scene of the activity, and another one would write a report on minghui.org, and not only did they get the reports about the anti-persecution activities out and shocked the evil, encouraging the practitioners suffering persecution in mainland China, waking up more people with predestined relationships, but also left behind a precious moment in Sweden’s history.

Every time before the activities, no matter how difficult it was after finishing my night shift at work, I would always study a lecture of Fa before setting off. Continuing like this I felt that my own righteous thoughts were stronger and stronger, and I had the mentality of urgently saving people. Master said in the Fa teaching given at the 2016 New York Fa conference: “Gods don’t look at you on the surface but at how much heart you put into things! Nor do they look at how capable you are, but rather, at whether you put enough heart into it, and whether your mind is on the Fa. If it is on the Fa, gods will help you to work together with others.”

Participating in this activity enabled me to see fellow practitioners’ sparkling points and moreover to find my own shortcomings, and everybody’s selflessness and efforts all enabled us to form one body. One practitioner would bring the display boards, tables, and truth clarification materials as well as other articles in the car; Another practitioner sewed a table cover for the table, making this truth clarification table pretty, clean and tidy; It was often snowy and raining in Sweden, so another practitioner made a see-through rain cover for the display boards. After a snowy and rainy activity finished, that practitioner would also wash clean and dry the rain cover, table cover, and meditation mats. Practitioners also prepared suitable clothing for this sort of weather, and day-to-day wearing the raincoats we could practice the exercises or send righteous thoughts without interference, and the heavy rain would often become light rain, or the sky would often clear after the rain. During our activities, on the whole we would continue regardless of the weather, because nobody wanted to lose a single opportunity to clarify the truth and save people.

Master would also use sentient beings’ feedback to encourage us. Once, an overseas woman from Hong Kong who was once misled by the Chinese media, sighed with emotion and said after seeing the display boards: “Today you could say I have finally understood the situation, it really is admirable that you have been clarifying the truth in different parts of the world for so many years already, and I hope that more people can also come to see clearly through the evil of the CCP sooner.” Upon conversing with practitioners, a German citizen excitedly said: “I truly hope that the persecution will end soon, your standing here is hope!”. Some Swedish tourist guides who came to understand the true situation also became our friends, and we would often hear them taking the initiative to clarify the truth about Dafa to the tourists they were guiding.

Bringing Arabic versions of “Zhuan Falun” to Tianti bookstore.

In this locality there was a disciple who had translated “Zhuan Falun” into Arabic, and moreover published it. Before the epidemic, I took the opportunity of attending a Fa conference to bring to the Tianti bookshop in America a large bag of Arabic “Zhuan Falun”, and they were very pleased, because at that time they still didn’t have any Arabic Dafa books, and Arabic is a very large language family, and this was just what they needed.

This year before the European Fa conference, I obtained several tens of Arabic copies of “Zhuan Falun”, I wanted to take the opportunity of the Fa conference to bring these Zhuan Falun’s to the French Tianti bookshop. When I contacted the coordinator for the French Tianti bookshop she was very pleased, because the French Tianti bookshop did not have this language version of the Dafa book.

The introduction “Lunyu” (On Dafa) in these several tens of Zhuan Falun’s were all the old version, so I asked a fellow practitioner to help me print out the new “Lun Yu”, and I pasted them into the books one after another.

Because there were quite a lot of books, I purposely used a large trunk to fit all the books inside. When I went to the European Fa conference in Poland, apart from the originally agreed luggage I paid extra money to add another consigned trunk. On my way back from the Fa conference, I used this trunk again and filled it up with different language versions of truth clarification materials to bring back to Stockholm, to use for our weekly anti-persecution truth clarification.

Master told us in a Fa lecture: “If you feel that something is not ideal in some regard, and you do your best to make it better, then that is remarkable, that is what divine beings want to see, and that is what a cultivator should do.” (“Fa Teaching at the 2013 Greater New York Fa conference”).
I personally experienced, that when I would send righteous thoughts, at that moment when thinking of the one-body, everything would be arranged just right.

Catching up with the process of Fa rectification

During the peak of the mass epidemic, many people worked from home, and this brought difficulties to our clarifying the truth face to face, and I also felt that we were pressed for time. Apart form the two times we clarified the truth at the anti-persecution activities, the practitioners in Stockholm decided to hand out the “end the CCP” pamphlets directly into local peoples letter boxes. The industrious efforts and righteous thoughts of the practitioners surrounding me encouraged me, and I often wouldn’t make it home to rest after my night shift and would go directly to post leaflets into post-boxes. Although this was very difficult, I enlightened that tempering the will through suffering was also an indispensable part of cultivation practice, and I did not feel that this was suffering. Not more than a year later, we had already handed out over 350,000 “End CCP” pamphlets, not only in Stockholm, but also handed them out to some far away parts of Sweden and some small cities where there were no Dafa disciples. I truly hoped that the sentient beings there, after obtaining the truth, could arrange their places correctly, and thereby be saved by Dafa.

On the last day of the Poland Fa conference, I was fortunate to attend the truth clarification activities for the quitting the CCP movement and had an even deeper understanding of “End CCP”, and understood that the slogan “overthrowing the evil spectre of the CCP” was mainly to save Westerners, and that it had the same Fa power as “Falun Dafa is good, Truth Compassion Tolerance is good”. I enlightened to the fact that: this was to cooperate with the celestial phenomena of the time, and it was something that Dafa disciples should do during this transition period before the great force of the Fa rectification was to arrive in this dimension and was Dafa disciples saving of sentient beings from the evil CCP before the great tribulation was to arrive. When heaven is eliminating the CCP, to enable people to understand the true situation and to refuse the CCP and thereby attain salvation, using all opportunities to wake sentient beings up during this time is our responsibility.

Looking back at these 20 years on the path of cultivation, every time I made even the smallest of progress in cultivation, Master would encourage me, and at my workplace over a hundred Udumbara flowers blossomed.

To conclude, I would like to encourage myself and fellow practitioners with a quotation from the “Fa Teaching at the 2015 New York Fa conference”: “Clarifying the facts and saving sentient beings are what you need to accomplish. There is nothing else for you to accomplish. There is nothing else in this world that you need to accomplish.”

The above are just a few of my experiences in cultivation practice. If there are any shortcomings, I ask fellow practitioners to please point them out.

Thank you, Master!
Thank you, fellow practitioners!

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