My few realizations from cultivation practice

Submitted to Nordic Fa-Conference
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Greetings, dear Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

My name is Benjamin. I started practicing cultivation in Dafa in 1996. After the evil CCP started the persecution, because my understandings of the Fa were not enough, and because my human mentality was too heavy, I met with evil persecution. Later I felt that I couldn’t stay in China, so in 2003 I went to Malaysia, and more than two years later I came to Sweden with refugee status. I have lived in Sweden for 16 years now.

When I had just arrived in Sweden, a local reporter from a newspaper came to interview me, and I told her that it was like heaven here. Because of the evil persecution I had experienced in China, which was like being in hell personally, I would often have the feeling that one day was like a year. In comparison, people in Sweden have freedom of belief, people mutually respect each other, and people are kind-hearted, and I felt that it was very good here. However, there is no heavenly paradise in the human world, and those Chinese people who have come out of China have received harmful effects from the evil CCP’s culture and have to look within at their own words and deeds, to respect the surface culture of Western society, but also need to realise that Western culture has also already become corrupt. After I came to understand Swedish culture more, I realized that the evil ideology of Communism, in Western society, was poisoning people in a different way to how it is done in China. Atheism and so-called evidential sciences, are tying up peoples thinking, making people disbelieve in God(s), pursuing material benefits. Some people even in the name of freedom and human rights, turn their back on moral principles. Modern western culture which has turned its back on God(s) has already reached the end of its rope. During the Dharma ending period, the world is comprehensively heading toward collapse. In western society, Dafa disciples are the hope for salvation of the people here.

Seeing clearly through the false appearance of sickness karma

Dafa disciples have no sickness, and the symptoms of illness that appear are false appearances. After I had read through “Zhuan Falun” once for the first time, I had the phenomenon of what appeared to be karma elimination. I was normal during work time, but when I would return home my whole body would be in pain, and I would get payback, but after a few days it would disappear. Before I practiced cultivation I was indisposed with a feeling of suppression in the chest, and when pressing my heart with my palms I would feel that my palms were met with a feeling of a pin cushion, and that was really an illness. After I practiced cultivation in Dafa, this phenomenon disappeared.

After the evil CCP’s persecution started, I was arrested because of handing out truth clarification materials, and the back of my brain was pounded violently by a hard object, and I was in a coma for who knows how long, and when I woke up my head ached, and two hematomas each the size of half an egg on the back of my head appeared. When I was interrogated by the police, he ferociously used his knee to run into my legs, and he kicked me his leather shoes, after which I could not stand for a whole week. These injuries healed very quickly, and it didn’t leave behind an aftermath.

After I came to Sweden as a refugee, a community worker scheduled a physical examination for me, and the doctor said that he had discovered an abnormality on the chest, and that I needed to go to a higher level hospital for further examination, however I refused it. A few years later, for a period of time I continuously spit out blood, at the time I didn’t have the symptoms of either bronchitis or pneumonia, apart from the appearance of spitting out blood from an inflammation, and modern medical science would suspect this to be pulmonary tuberculosis or lung cancer. I didn’t take notice of it, and after a while passed by the coughing up of blood disappeared.

Using my own strong points to assist Master in rectifying the Fa

Starting from 2010, I founded some Chinese medicine clinics in Sweden, and later I opened online courses in Chinese medicine. At the beginning my motive was to have a financial income, but after a while I felt that it wasn’t so simple. The Dao and medicine have the same origin, the energy channels as talked of in Chinese medicine, Qi and its relation to the cultivation of the human body. Treatments of Chinese medicine can’t actually eliminate karma, however it has a curative effect on the illness at the surface of the body, and can improve the healthy condition of the human body. When people can’t find a cure in hospitals after a long time of treatment, the methods of Chinese medicine can very quickly alleviate symptoms or eliminate the sickness. In this way people realize that apart from the medicine they know of, there is also the medical science coming from China’s divinely imparted culture, enabling people to realize the limitations of modern science, and even easily accept Chinese traditional divinely inspired culture. However amongst those who open Chinese medicine clinics there are also those who are wholeheartedly in it for making money, and in this world there is not a single pure land in any profession.

There was a limited amount of people coming to have treatments in the clinics, so to enable more people to come in contact with us, I set up an account on facebook, and put in quite a lot of time and effort to enrich the content, and to expand its influence. I demonstrated to these people the effectiveness of treatments, and introduced them to the ideas of healthy lifestyle, recommending Epoch Times newspaper and Shen Yun performances, introducing them to Falun Dafa, exposing the CCPs evil persecution. After developing it for a few years, I now have 5000 facebook friends, and 9000 people who are members of the group I set up.

Whilst obtaining an income from my work, enabling people to understand China’s traditional culture, to see clearly through the evil CCP, enabling people to come to understand Dafa, allowing those with predestined relationships to enter Dafa, this is what I was doing. A fellow practitioner who also opened a Chinese medicine clinic shared experiences with me and said, she realized why she had inserted so many needles to this day, and said she felt that Dafa disciples should use their fortes and specialities to spread the Fa with wisdom, and that saving people was our mission, and that Dafa disciples were assisting Master to rectify the Fa in their own spheres and environments.

Cultivate away attachments, taking part in Dafa activities

Many of the attachments that people have are related to this material world, but the final destination of Dafa disciples is not of this material world. No matter whether people are attached or not attached, whether they let go of them or not, none of what is in this material world can be brought with them, and the fame, gain, sentimentality, no matter whether one is unwilling to let go of them, in the end one has to let them go. The time spent walking amongst the human world, or the sadness following a joyful reunion all in vain, being attached to anything is a manifestation of not having a good enough enlightenment quality. When some attachments are let go, then ones mind will be somewhat relaxed, and to have a realm of mind of great freedom then one must have no impeding attachments.

After one man finished his acupuncture and moxibustion treatment, he said to me, next is the part that everyone enjoys the most. By this he meant he had to pay his money now, and I would be very pleased. This man probably thought that making money is the most cheerful thing for a person, as for someone who doesn’t practice cultivation, his purpose in life is to attain his aspirations in the human world, the majority of which are to satisfy different attachments, and many of these attachments need money to satisfy them, and this is caused by the human realm.

Before I had started practicing cultivation in Dafa, I was indeed very attached to money, and thought of more ways to earn money, and it was as if the purpose of my life was to earn money, because at the time I was at the realm of everyday people. As a cultivator I of course had to get rid of this attachment, and this was also a process, and as for being a practitioner amongst other people being urged on by attachments there of course were times when I didn’t do well. Realizing my own attachments, and consciously getting rid of these attachments, was what lead to a raising of realm. Sometimes I would recall my actions and behaviour from before when I was controlled by attachments, and I would feel very ashamed.

Now when I was facing this patient who had asked for help, what made me happy was not how much money I could make, but being able to help him get rid of the pains of his illness, and what made me the happiest was enabling some people to enter cultivation practice in Dafa.

After coming to Sweden, I attended some truth clarification activities, and sometimes I narrated my experiences as someone who had gone through persecution, and sometimes the media would report on this. Very soon the evil CCPs public security department became aware of this, and passing a message through some people within China they said : “you are very active, your opposition to the communist party will not have a good outcome”.

I was able to exit the borders whilst facing evil persecution, and this was due to Master and Dafa’s mercy and arrangements, the Western society needed the testimony of those who had experienced persecution, and this was the need of the Fa rectification, and this was the duty of my mission. The threats of the evil CCP are useless on a true Dafa disciple, and the evil CCP can only carry out threats to the Dafa disciples’ interests and lives in this world, but we are precisely those who want to get rid of attachments to interests and our lives in the world

Peoples attachments to fame, gain and sentimentality are all related to people and things within this dimension. Sometimes I would think, if tomorrow I was to leave this world, what would I be unable to let go of? Close relatives? Property? What else? Whatever I would be unable to let go of would be attachments that I had not cultivated away, and there should be nothing that impedes the realm free of hindrance. If nothing in the world can give rise to practitioners attachments, then a cultivator would not be living for him or herself, and also there would be no attachment to life and no fear of death.

The most recent large scale activity was at the European Fa conference in Warsaw. Because I was afraid of suffering, and not willing to undergo a tiring journey, I was all along hesitant about whether to go or not, and the deadline for signing up had already passed. This was my attachment to the pursuit of comfort that I had not let go of all along obstructing me, and also it was because I had not truly understood the meaning of a Fa conference for a practitioner. In the afternoon of one day late July, I saw in a dream a Dafa disciple wearing yellow waist drum group clothing standing on the stage, she was dancing at the same time as playing the drum with both her arms, her sleeves were fluttering, the movements beautiful, solemn, and the people watching below the stage were looking up, the scene was very vivid, and I started to revere that Dafa disciple in my heart, and had a feeling of admiration towards her. After I woke up, the scene from my dream was still clearly in my view, and one or two hours later I suddenly received a message from the coordinator of the waist drum group, asking me whether I had signed up my name to play the waist drum in Warsaw. This was like being suddenly woken up, as if Master had pointed me to the correct path in this way, and however slow witted I was, I still enlightened that this was something I had to go to.

Playing the waist drum wasn’t so difficult, I just spent a few days practice and basically learned how to do it. Two days before the big parade in Warsaw was going to begin, as a member of the waist drum group, I stood there crying because I was so moved, and this was a feeling of being moved from the deepest part of my life, rejoicing at this opportunity to take part in Dafa activities, as a Dafa disciple, in body and mind, my life belonged to Dafa, and as a particle of Dafa, I naturally wanted to melt into the Fa, and I was meant to be there.

In the past I had seen a video sent to me by another practitioner, the great energy that was emitted from the waist drum group, which was stirring. Playing the waist drum wasn’t just for the people by the road to see, this was a project of Dafa. Master wrote in “Hong Yin 2”:

“Waist-Drum Troupe (in Yuan verse)

Waist-drum formations
Gods steeped in the Fa

Every sound of the Fa drums
pipes Zhen Shan Ren

Purging evil in the Three Realms,
Saving the earth’s people

The majestic sight and righteous thoughts
Shake Heaven’s gate

Rotten demons have nowhere to flee

(January 22, 2004)”

In the waist drum group of dozens of people, walking at the very last part of the parade team, the team members movements were in good order, and very magnificent in sight. Although it was a little difficult for those in the waist drum group, however from my inner heart I was filled with a joyous feeling of being together with Dafa, and felt the glory of being a disciple, and in the inner depths of my life I felt grateful to Master and to Dafa for saving me, eliminating evil, saving people and having steadfast faith. After the parade finished, my legs started to hurt, and I could only hobble, but on the second day I was well, it was clear that this was to eliminate karma, and of course this was a good thing.

Finally, I would like to say a few sentences, Dafa disciples, whilst in the human world should complete the sacred mission of assisting Master rectify the Fa. Of course, we practice cultivation amongst people, and of course we will have human attachments, human sentimentality, but these things shouldn’t become elements that impede a cultivator from completing his or her mission.

The above are some of my experiences from cultivation practice, please point out anything that is not right. Thank you.

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