Latvia: Clarifying the Truth with a sincere heart

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Greetings, esteemed Master!
Greetings, fellow practitioners!

In my cultivation journey I have realized that truth clarifying events are very sacred places. They are places where we fulfill our sacred vows and help Master save sentient beings.

That's why every time I join the events I always send forth righteous thoughts and clean myself. I remind myself that I'm here for the sake of sentient beings, and that my compassion can melt people's hearts.

I often clean out the entire field of our event and in my heart visualize that everyone who steps into this field will be cleansed.

Before and in the event I always keep one thought - that people with predestined connections will come to me. I ask Teacher to send people with predestined ties to me. And always before I speak to people I send forth righteous thoughts, thinking: “That my compassion can open their hearts. That this is humanity's only hope for salvation. That each and every word of mine awakens their divine sides and deeper layers - because this is the truth that everyone has waited for!”

I always try to speak to people with a clean, friendly and compassionate tone. I try to understand what type of person he is, so that I could clarify the truth from his perspective, so that he could easily accept it.

In my experience at truth clarifying events, I have understood that repeating the same text does not work for me. That I always need to speak from my heart and that my words need to be addressed at their deeper levels. And often in that state people soften, listen and truly understand the truth. I am often surprised how sincerely people thank me after they have learned the truth. It truly fulfills my heart with an indescribable energy.

Despite that, these events are also reflections of our cultivation state and a great place to improve.

Even though in truth events I always try to be in my best state, there are some times when my uncultivated parts are showing up. I want to share one of my recent experiences.

Letting go of the attachment to prove my point and express my views

One experience that has deeply stayed with me is with a man who was in a very drunk/intoxicated and unclear state of mind during the event. It seemed that nothing could awaken him.

Once, at the beginning of an event I saw a man who was heavily intoxicated. I noticed him next to another event where people talked about the Bible, and he tried to provoke them. He soon saw us and started to talk to one of our practitioners. At the beginning I didn't pay attention to it and continued to give out flyers, believing that the practitioner could handle him. 

Then I noticed that this man was aggressively putting his face next to the practitioner's face. I understood that I needed to help him and went to talk to that man. As soon as I did that he got stuck to me and started to provoke me. He wanted to start a disagreement. The man was talking in Russian.

I kept a very sincere heart and tried to talk to him. But I soon realized that he was so intoxicated that he didn't understand anything. He only wanted to provoke, argue and kept pushing his face next to mine. I tried to explain what we were doing here. It didn't help. I tried to kindly answer his questions - it didn't help. I tried to go away from him, saying that I would continue to do what I'm here for. It didn't help either. He followed me and didn't allow me to leave.

He continued to be more rude. I understood that I needed to take him away from the center of the event, so that we did not disturb other people. I took him behind the tent and started to send forth strong righteous thoughts. In the beginning I asked for Teachers help, but then I realized that it was a test for me: that I need to elevate myself.

Many things he said, I couldn't understand, but I continued to kindly agree with him and tried to find loopholes in what he said to awaken him. I sent forth strong righteous thoughts to disintegrate all the demons behind him that control him. While talking to him I looked inside and saw in myself a strong attachment to competitiveness, proving my point and indifference when I tried to leave him after seeing that he was stubborn.

When I let those things go, a strong compassion developed in my heart and one thought came to me - that his true soul had come here to be saved. I needed to awaken him. I continued to FZN and realized that I didn’t need to run away from him. I needed to face him. I did that and while looking at him and sending forth righteous thoughts I saw that he was becoming more clear headed. I listened to him more, and let go of my attachment that everything needs to go only as I wish, and that I was here and now just for him. I continued to FZN, to destroy all demons behind him and block his soul from awakening.

When he finished proving and clarifying his truth to me, he asked me what I wanted from him and I said - I want to help you! I said that with all my heart, very sincerely without any doubts, because at that moment I truly felt that. I saw that he was lost and couldn't help but feel deep sympathy for him. He was taken aback and was shocked, because he probably thought that I would try to prove my point to him and start to compete with him. After that our dialogue changed to a more friendly tone and I continued to awaken him with my compassion. In my heart I repeated that I am here only for him, only for him.

Suddenly he became very clear headed and his eyes showed clarity, without intoxication.

I told him not to do bad. That everything he just said and stood up for - that was his truth, and that what we were doing today was also truth! I said that we try to draw people's attention to the injustice. I said to him: ”I also see you are against injustice, because you strongly stand up for truth.”

He changed completely and told me that I was very good! Tears welled up in his eyes and he turned around and left.

But he didn't leave the truth clarifying event.

I shared my experience with other practitioners and recommended that they don't start a fight with him. I soon saw that this man got “stuck” to another practitioner, but soon also left. Later this practitioner shared that he also brought this person to tears.

Later this man again saw me and came to me. This time he was talking to me in Latvian, and said that I shouldn't touch his people - Latvians. I continued to talk kindly to him and as a result he said to me that I'm better than others. That I was the best. 

In the end he sincerely thanked me and left the event.

After this experience I realized more deeply how important it is to awaken people with compassion, and that I shouldn't give up when faced with difficult people. In this process I saw in myself attachments to competitiveness and indifference. That in the beginning when he argued with me and provoked me I tried to convince him and change him, and then gave up when I couldn't.

But after I started to send forth righteous thoughts and understood that it was a test for me - that I truly needed to help this person - I developed a true wish to help save him and awaken him. And then with an altruistic heart and compassion I felt how I step by step awakened him. Awakened the goodness in his heart and highlighted it.

For me, this was a very special experience that confirmed the power of Dafa, righteous thoughts and cultivation. That everything truly depends on our hearts and that no situation is by chance. We are here for the sake of sentient beings, and that truth events are not only formal places to go distribute some flyers, or to give up when we meet difficult people. It is a place where we need to affirm our righteous thoughts, compassion and truly help save sentient beings. 

At the end I would like to share Masters words: “First, I wish your Fa conference complete success. Only by comparing how you study and cultivate, and being unceasingly diligent, can you do well what practitioners should do, as you are, or will become, humankind’s only chance of being saved. Because the salvation of sentient beings in your areas will become your responsibility, you must cultivate yourselves well! Be diligent in truly cultivating yourselves and become a true Dafa disciple.” (To the India Fa Conference, May 13, 2023, Master Li Hongzhi)

Thank you esteemed Master! 
Thank you fellow practitioners!


(Submitted to the European Fa-conference 2023 in Paris)

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