Belgim: How Did I Persist in Sharing and Communicating Over the Long-term?

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Venerable Master!
Fellow Practitioners!

It is a great honor to be able to communicate with you here. Let me share how I persist in sharing and communicating over the long-term.

1. Embarking on a Path of Sharing and Exchange

I have to say that in some respects, I do have a strong attachment of dependence. For example: During the time for sharing and exchanging understandings after studying the Fa, I hope to listen to other people, and hope that these sharings can be helpful to me. But others are unwilling to talk, and I am unwilling to talk either, and everyone sits there in embarrassment, waiting for time to pass by.

Later, I heard a voice from another dimension asking me: "You want others to share, do you want others to cultivate? You want to listen to others' sharing to be helpful to you, do you have any desire for selfishness or not?" I thought the lack of communication was someone else's fault, unexpectedly, it was my own fault. Once, in order to break the silence, a fellow practitioner suddenly called my name and asked me to share. At the time, my mind was blank, I had not prepared, and had nothing to share.

Afterwards, I was very regretful, because there was a test waiting for me there, but I didn't do well. I don't want similar things to happen again, and whether I communicate or not in the future, I have to prepare what I share.

I made a few requests to myself:
A. The theme and content of the sharing should be based on the Fa and not deviate from Dafa.
B. The shared content must meet certain standards. Because this is no casual chat, just say a few words and call it a day. When everyone comes here to meet, time is very precious. We should cherish and make good use of this short time.
C. The content shared should be helpful to the group.
D. Prepare the content to share in advance.

In this way, I embarked on the road of sharing and exchanging understandings.

2. Sharing Openly

On this road, it’s not always smooth with me. I found that I have a heart to protect myself. I don't want others to know about my life, and I don't want others to hurt me because of it. This is a shell that is difficult for me to break through.

I remembered Master's teaching in the Seventh Talk of Zhuan Falun (2018 translation version): "You should focus on the big things and practice with confidence and poise." So sharing should also be “with confidence and poise”. If you say half a sentence, hiding the other half, how can it be called "with confidence and poise"? If you cultivate well, why worry about people knowing about it?

Even if there are problems and mistakes in cultivation, you should dare to face them. There must be something I need to enlighten to, and there must be something I must cultivate. Then, the shell that wants to protect itself will be removed.

3. Avoiding Repetitive Sharing

Every week, I participate in several Fa-study groups. Some practitioners, like me, participate in both small-group and large-group Fa-study. Sometimes, I wondered if it would be more convenient to share the same content in multiple groups.

One day, a fellow practitioner said to me, "You've already shared this before." I immediately understood that they didn't want to hear repetitive sharing. I realized that I could share or not share, and I could do it better or just half-heartedly. It was my own choice, and no one was forcing me.

The fellow practitioner's words woke me up, and I reflected on myself. I realized that sharing was what I’ve enlightened to during that time. After a few days, is my cultivation still at that level? Is there no deeper understanding? Yes, but I don't want to sum it up. I want to save trouble and seek comfort, and this is exactly the attachment I should get rid of! As Dafa disciples, it is better to be strict with yourself, because this is related to saving sentient beings.

Since then, I have tried my best to avoid repetitive sharings. Usually, I prepare at least two different sharings each week that can be openly shared with everyone.

4. Ensuring Clarity in Expression

In one sharing session, even with the help of a translator, a Western practitioner couldn't understand what I was saying in Chinese. Even a Chinese practitioner couldn't grasp the essence of my words. If Chinese speakers can't understand me, then there must be an issue with my expression. The problem was that my content was scattered, lacked focus, and didn't have a clear theme.

Wherever there is a problem, I just fix it there. From now on, I ensure that every sharing has a clear theme and I stick to it, avoiding unrelated topics. Just like shooting an arrow, the direction must be clear to hit the target.

5. Breaking Through Challenges in Righteous and Evil Battles

Once, I had already thought about what to share, but before I shared, my hands were shaking badly, and my body was shaking too. I clearly felt that there was a strong force, desperately preventing me from sharing. But there is also a force that encourages me and supports me to share, which is relatively small. The struggle between these two forces intensified, with neither side yielding.

Should I share or not? I used Master's Fa to re-examine the content I wanted to share and concluded that it was in-line with the Fa. So, I decided to share despite the resistance. When the sharing ended, I lay there, unable to move, cold sweat dripping from my body. I felt like I had just experienced a battle between righteousness and evil. With Master's blessing, I won the battle. Breaking through this test, the resistance to sharing has been reduced in subsequent sessions.

6. Needing a Bigger Cup

I share almost every week. Sometimes, I feel very stressed. For some weeks, I couldn't take it anymore. I was very tired and wanted to rest. I wanted to call a few fellow practitioners and ask if they could share? Suddenly, I heard the voice from another dimension again: "You want others to share, do you want others to cultivate? Can't you take it, isn't it time for a bigger cup?"

I stood there in a daze, and after thinking for a while, I said, "Okay, I will share." So, I prepared the next sharing content obediently. I remembered what Master said in the Ninth Talk of Zhuan Falun (2018 translation version): "Nothing is truly unbearable or impossible."

7. Writing Down the Sharing Content

On the Minghui website, I read a sharing article written by a fellow practitioner. One of the sentences roughly reads: There has been no manuscript from her on the Minghui website for a week. I myself have a lot of good sharings, but I only write sharing articles when Minghui solicits papers or participates in various Fa conferences. Usually I would just speak without recording it. Comparing myself with other practitioners, I saw the huge gap. I should write it down, accumulate sharing articles, submit them to Minghui, or be prepared for future Fa conferences.

What I write down is what I have thought about carefully. Compared with the spoken language, it is more logical and expresses content more accurately. When I was studying the Fa, I no longer had to think about how to share, and my mind became calm. After studying the Fa, just follow the script and read it.

This approach has also received positive feedback from our Belgian FXH (Dafa Association) and translators. The translators are very busy. They have their own lives, jobs, and Dafa projects to do. I should consider them and leave some time for them to translate. Therefore, I wrote the sharing article in advance and sent it to the translator in advance, so that I would not be in such a hurry. The person in charge of our FXH also suggests to write down the content you share in advance. The purpose is for a better sharing.

Maybe because I have the desire to share, Master is helping me, and divine beings are helping me. Therefore, there is always content for me to share with others. Now, what I want to share every week are more than two contents, and sometimes there are three or four, or even too many to share, so I have to choose the most suitable ones for certain groups.

This year's Shen Yun show has a program called "Solo Savior for His Lord", which inspired me a lot. In order to protect the young lord, Zhao Zilong single-handedly broke through the siege layer by layer, and thousands of troops could not stop him. His sincerity and courage touched countless audience members. Isn't this the spirit that we cultivators should possess? You can't depend on others, everyone has to walk their own path.

Each sharing and exchange experience is a self-reflection and self-improvement on my cultivation journey. I have gained many valuable insights along the way, and all the credit goes to Master!

The above is what I have enlightened to and achieved. Due to my limited level, if there is anything inappropriate, please kindly correct me!

Thank you Master for your compassionate salvation, care and hints!
Thank you fellow practitioners for your kind reminders and help!
Thank you translators for your hard work!


(Submitted to the European Fa-conference 2023 in Paris)

* * *

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