Belgium: Peaceful Protest in Front of Chinese Embassy

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Falun Dafa practitioners held a peaceful protest on October 25, 2023 in front of the Chinese Consulate in Brussels, Belgium. They demonstrated the Falun Dafa exercises and protested the 24-year-long persecution by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Drivers of passing vehicles honked their horns to show their support, and many passers-by said they hope the persecution ends soon and that practitioners in China can openly practice Falun Dafa.

Nora and her friend passed by the consulate and were surprised to learn about the CCP’s persecution. She said, “I know that China is known for its lack of freedom of speech, but I didn’t know about this persecution against Falun Dafa practitioners. I am happy to see people fighting for their beliefs.”

They agreed with Dafa’s principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, highlighted on the flyers they received. While watching practitioners do the exercises, Nora said, “It looks like meditation and self-control. We see power.” She added that it was important to, “let people know about the persecution that is happening [in China].”

Before they left Nora and her friend thanked practitioners for the explanation, wished them good luck, and praised them for their great courage to stand up to the Chinese communist regime.

Student: End the Persecution As Soon As Possible

Camilla is a student at the European School in Brussels. When she heard about the CCP’s organ harvesting from Falun Dafa practitioners, she said she was, “Really shocked.” She said that while there was no such problem in Belgium, “Hearing about such a problem in another country makes one think that the world is still bad and there are still big, unknown problems around us. It’s scary.”

Camilla said she was happy that Falun Dafa practitioners could openly hold protest activities in Belgium. She said it was important to be able to do whatever one thinks is right in a safe place, without anyone interrupting or disturbing the activity. She hopes the persecution of Falun Dafa in China ends soon.

When a practitioner told her about the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance, Camilla strongly agreed with them. “Falun Dafa’s principles should be valued everywhere, and people with faith should be accepted,” she said. “This is very important.”

Telling People About the CCP’s Persecution

Falun Dafa practitioner Wilfried, who organized the event, said that the weather forecast predicted rain all day. But thinking about the practitioners who persist in practicing despite the CCP’s persecution in China, he said that a little rain was no problem. “What we have endured is little compared to the persecution suffered by practitioners in China,” he said.

He said that the CCP’s persecution has gone on for 24 years, and Dafa practitioners have protested the persecution for 24 years, which has allowed more countries to recognize the true nature of the CCP. He explained, “The persecution will end soon. Those who have participated in the persecution will be brought to justice. Falun Gong practitioners in China can then practice and live freely according to the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance like those in other countries.”

Wilfried added, “It is necessary for everyone to learn about the CCP’s persecution,” in order to effectively stop the persecution. He hopes that through their protest activities in front of the Chinese Embassy, the embassy staff can also “recognize the true nature of the CCP and get out from under its control. Instead of helping the evil regime, it is better to start supporting practitioners.”

Helping More People Learn About Falun Dafa

Giang Ngan Nguyen, a Vietnamese-Belgian practitioner, is a high school teacher. She started practicing Falun Dafa during her Ph.D. studies five years ago. In addition to working and taking care of housework, she reads the teachings of Falun Dafa and does the exercises every day. She also practices the exercises with others at Liege Beauvier Park on weekends.

“Practicing Falun Dafa has benefited me a lot, including my physical health and mental health,” Giang said. “Following Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance has made me calmer and more compassionate. Students have told me they never met such a kind teacher before. I know that because I practice Falun Dafa, I am a better teacher.”

As this week was a school break, Giang was happy to have the opportunity to participate in the peaceful protest. “I have benefited from Dafa, but fellow practitioners in China are still being persecuted by the CCP for practicing Dafa. I admire their steadfast resolve and their courage. I sincerely thank them for their firm belief and for helping more people in the world learn about Falun Dafa and benefit from the practice.”

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