Innocent Falun Dafa Practitioners Sentenced to Long Prison Terms in Chaoyang City

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The following Falun Dafa practitioners of Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province have been illegally sentenced to 14, 11, 10 and 7 years of jail respectively, because they would not give up their beliefs and clarified the truth of the persecution to the people of the world.

Zhao Shaofeng, Li Shuping (husband and wife): On July 18, 2002, a little past 5 a.m. Zhang Shaofeng and Li Shuping were arrested by the police of Chaoyang City. They were detained in the Hongqi Police Substation for two days and one night, and suffered beatings and kicking without being allowed to sleep. After this mental and physical torture, they were sent to the Chaoyang City Detention Centre, where they continued to suffer persecution. When the officials of the Chaoyang City Police Station, Shuangta Branch Political Security Department interrogated Li Shuping, they tied up her hands from the back and hung her up for four hours. During this time, they poured cold water on her body and beat her face with a broom handle. These officials also took a 29-inch TV from this couple's home and brought it to the office of the Political Security Department. In the Chaoyang Detention Centre, the guards installed iron chains on the door of the cell connecting the door and the wall. After opening the door, the iron chain wasn't taken off, so that prisoners had to crawl under the chain. Li Shuping felt that having to crawl under the chain was an insult to her human dignity and refused to do so. She asked the guard to undo the chain politely. But instead of doing so, the guard beat up Li Shuping. This guard called another five to six male guards, pulled Li Shuping's pants down to her knees, and beat her buttocks with a leather hose. Each male guard took turns beating her over twenty times with the leather hose. Her buttocks became black and purple, and she could not sit down normally for more than a month. On February 25, 2003, the Shuangta District Court unjustly sentenced both Zhang Shaofeng and Li Shuping to eight years in prison.

Mr Li Baozhen, is a 55 year old resident of Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province, and was a police officer: He was expelled from the Chinese Communist Party and fired because he practises Falun Gong. After he came back from appealing on April 25, 1999, officials in his work unit often talked to him, trying to persuade him to give up practising Falun Gong. Because he refused to give up practicing, he was demoted several times, from head of the substation to the janitor. He was arrested before the 2001 Spring Festival and detained for fifteen days. Afterwards, he was held for another fifteen days. His home was also ransacked. Lawless police also arrested his wife, brought her to the detention centre, and detained her for thirty days. Twenty-eight days after Spring Festival, his family members paid the fine to bail them out. In October 2002, he was sentenced to six years in prison because he wrote "An Open Letter to Police Officers in China" and published it on a Falun Dafa website. When he was appealing, he called his daughter and, as a consequence, his term was increased for another year for supposedly "leaking secrets." He has been sentenced to a total of seven years in prison.

Liu Zhifu, resident of Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province: The police department harassed him frequently because he refused to give up his belief. The police also put him under secret surveillance. Later, police suddenly broke into his home and tried to arrest him. He was forced to jump from the fifth floor and injured himself. He was unjustly sentenced to five years in jail.

Mr Hu Jianguo, 34 years old, a resident of Chaoyang City, Shuangta District: On November 22, 2000, he was arrested while peacefully appealing on Tiananmen Square. After being tortured in the Beijing Xicheng District Detention Centre for a month, he escaped with righteous thoughts. On October 25, 2001, officials from the Political Security Department of Chaoyang City Police Station Shuangta Branch arrested him. The police brutally beat him and hung him on the wall during the night. Over ten police officers took turns watching him and cursing at him. They beat him with their fists, kicked him, didn't allow him to sleep, and didn't allow him to eat or drink. Whenever he got tired and closed his eyes, the police would use a high-pressure water hose to shoot him. He was tortured like this for three days and two nights. They also took away from his home computers, printers, all of his money, a cell phone, a pager, a cell phone card, and other items. They didn't leave any receipt or go through any proper legal procedure for taking all these things away. In January 2003, practitioner Hu was unjustly sentenced to fourteen years in prison and is being detained in the Chaoyang City First Detention Centre.

Ms Li Qunfang, who is 24 years old, is a resident of Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province: She was a student in the Northeast Finance and Economy Institute and was expelled from her college for practising Falun Gong. On October 25, 2001, she was arrested along with Hu Jianguo and Cao Zhiyong. During her detention, police officers Zhao Yucheng and Bai Wenyou, as well as others from the Chaoyang City Police Station Shuangta branch often brutally beat her up. She went on hunger strike to resist the persecution. She was force-fed, which caused her to have stomach bleeding, spasms, and dilated pupils. She went into a state of shock. After she was rescued from the hospital, the police forced her to wear fetters and handcuffs. She was illegally detained in the Chaoyang City Detention Centre for almost seventeen months. On December 11, 2002, Liu Fei and others from the Shuangta District Procurator put her on trial, and she was sentenced to eleven years in prison.

Ms Jin Cuixiang, who is 37 years old, was fined 200 Yuan after she came back from the April 25 appeal in Zhongnanhai, Beijing. On July 22, she was intercepted on her way to appeal in Beijing again. Her home was ransacked afterwards. On July 19, 2000 she was arrested while at her work unit and detained in a detention centre for twenty days. After she got back, her salary was lowered by two tiers, and she was not allowed to return to her original position. On December 16, 2000 she travelled to Beijing to appeal and was arrested because she tried to stop the police from beating up other Falun Gong practitioners. She was beaten up by six to seven male and female police officers from the Tiananmen Police Substation. Later, she was detained in Shunyi County. Police from the Longtanwan Police Substation shocked her with an electric baton and didn't allow her to sleep. Later, she was transferred to the Shunyi County Detention Centre. She escaped from the Chaoyang City Office in Beijing, but had to stay away from her home. She was again arrested on January 28, 2002. Police officer Zhang Minghua broke her nose by kicking her in the face, and the bleeding could not be stopped. In the Political Security Department of Shuangta District, police officer Bai Wenyou shocked her face with an electric baton and cursed at her. During the arresting, practitioner Jin Cuixiang tried to get away and police officer Zhang Minghua struck her head hard. She felt faint and almost passed out. Later she was taken to the Chaoyang City Detention Centre. Practitioner Jin Cuixiang went on hunger strike to resist the persecution and was force-fed. Her teeth became loose from the forced feeding. She almost suffocated when they inserted the tube into her nose. On January 23, 2003, Jin Cuixiang was sentenced to ten years in prison.

Ms Sun Xiuhua is a 44 year old practitioner from Yanshi city. In January of 2000, police took her to a detention centre because she practised the Falun Gong exercises in public at Zhujiang Square. They beat her for practising in the detention centre, also. Sun Xiuhua refused food and water in protest. Five days later they extorted 1000 Yuan [a typical urban worker's monthly pay in China is about 500 Yuan] from her. She was then released. On July 13, 2000, the Guangming Police arrested and detained her for 16 days. Because most businesses are under the control of the Jiang regime, she was fired from her job. They also refused to pay her 2000 Yuan of salary, 500 Yuan for insurance and overtime pay of 600 Yuan. In addition they extorted another 1000 Yuan from her. The Guangming Police went to her house and harassed her frequently. Sun Xiuhua felt that she had to leave home to avoid persecution. On January 28, 2002, the Shuangta Political Division arrested her, the Hongqi Police kept 750 Yuan of cash that she had with her and locked her in Zhaoyang Detention Centre. Sun Xiuhua refused water, so they force-fed her. She had frequent heart problems in the detention centre, and on two occasions the force-feedings made her oesophagus bleed and her stomach convulse. She was sent to the hospital with shackles on her legs. On December 11, 2002, the Shuangta Local Court illegally sentenced her to 10 years in prison. On January 28, 2003, she appealed to the intermediate court, but the court refused her appeal.

Li Xiaoyan, a 29-year-old female practitioner, went to appeal in Beijing on April 25, 2000, and was arrested. She was detained for 15 days. On April 25, 2002 she went to appeal in Beijing again and was arrested. She refused to tell them her name, so they kept her in Huairou Detention Centre for 6 months and 25 days. She refused food and water, so they beat and force-fed her. In the Beijing Police Hospital, a policeman named Ma Zhiyi beat her again. Her right ear became deaf. He tried to burn her with a cigarette and threatened to lock her up with male prisoners. He kept cursing at her. He ordered criminals to beat Li Xiaoyan and shackled her to heating pipes. Li Xiaoyan's arms were deeply bruised and she lost feeling in her arms because of this. Whenever she practised the exercises, they would cuff her hands and legs. She has been locked up in the Zhaoyang Detention Centre since November 20, 2002.

Yu Xiuling is a 30-year-old female practitioner from Damiao Village, Zhaoyang City. In 2001 she was arrested as she was giving out materials regarding Falun Gong. Huang Dianxiang and Sun Su from the Political Security Office, Longcheng District, beat her viciously. Then policemen Huang and Sun threw her out of a 4th floor window, trying to create the impression that Yu was committing suicide.

Falun Dafa practitioners are peaceful people, yet Jiang's evil regime persecutes them just because they practise "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" and believe in being good people. We hope that everyone around the world will work together to stop this most unjust persecution as soon as possible.

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