Consonantia: Reflections of Respect: Honours Awarded Falun Dafa is Published

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This book is a collection of over 600 proclamations awarded to Falun Dafa from 1992 to 2001. The proclamations were submitted by various governments and civil organizations from the United States of America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China, Russia, and Japan, to name a few. These honours truly reflect kind-hearted peoples commendation of Falun Dafa. And as more and more people around the world learn about Falun Dafa, especially about the evil persecution set in place in 1999 by Jiang Zemin's regime, their support and praise for Falun Dafa increases even more. Jiang's regime spreads lies far and wide in order to gain international support of its vicious persecution, but all of these pathetic attempts end up in vain. Although the Chinese government has intensified its schemes to coerce local governments and cities to rescind their proclamations, most governments at various levels, having gained an understanding of Falun Dafa, have summarily rejected these unreasonable demands from Jiang's lackeys and firmly stood on the side of justice.

Due to limitations of space, this book does not include all the proclamations.

Title of book: Consonantia: Reflections of Respect: Honors Awarded Falun Dafa

Author: Edited jointly by North America Falun Dafa Associations
Publisher: Golden Lotus Press
ISBN: 1-921035-09-1
Language: English
Measurements: 8.5 inch X 11 inch
Published: August 2001
Pages: 170 pages
Copies printed: 5000
Colour: Full colour
Note: A Chinese version of the book is in the process of being edited.

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