Atrocities Committed by the "610 Office" of Jimo City, Shandong Province

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By a practitioner in China

Several top authorities of the Jimo City "610" office [an agency established specifically to persecute Falun Gong] are all section level officials. In order to make personal gains, get promotions and get rich, they sold their souls at any cost in following Jiang Zemin's Gang. They have committed numerous atrocities against innocent Falun Gong practitioners, sending dozens to labour camps and using all methods of torture in order to force them to give up their faith.

The "610" Office use both brainwashing techniques and physical torture in order to force practitioners to abandon their faith. Now, many practitioners have been tortured into critical condition.

Practitioners Wu Xianguo and Li Deming have been arrested many times only for saying some fair words about Falun Dafa. They have managed to escape, only to be arrested again, at which time they suffered more severe torture both mentally and physically. Electric batons were applied on the slightest excuse, and handcuffs and foot shackles were applied all day long. They were unable to move and were not allowed to sleep for a long time. They have gone on hunger strike many times to protest these cruel torments. Then the thugs of the "610" Office ferociously force-fed them and caused injuries to their esophagi and stomachs. Now they are in critical condition and their lives are in danger.

Since practitioner Wang Jiwei was determined to practise and refused to write a "guarantee statement" to give up Falun Gong, he was unable to go home and was forced on to the streets and get by doing some part-time jobs. The police hunted him everywhere and his family and relatives were also implicated in this case. It was heard that he was recently arrested. Since he refused to write a "guarantee statement," he has been tortured to the point that he is near death.

Practitioner Jiang Jing (female) was sent to a mental hospital against her will to suffer abuse due to her determination in cultivating Falun Dafa (see a previous article at was arrested several times but each time managed to escape. A few days ago she was arrested again and injured her pelvis when she jumped out of a building to escape. Her condition is uncertain at this time.

Jimo City Party Secretary: Zhang Hongxun

Jimo City Political and Legislative Committee, address: 140 Zhenhua Street, Jimo City; phone: 86-532-8552219

Jimo City Party School, address: 43 Zhenhua Street, Jimo City; phone: 86-532-8512047

Mailbox of the Mayor: [email protected]

September 27, 2001


* * *

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