Police Treat Practitioners Worse than Animals in the Xishanping Forced Labour Camp

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Team leader Tian Xiaohai and assistant team leader Zhou Benzhong from Team One in the Education Division, Xishanping Forced Labour Camp in Chongqing City viciously attack Dafa practitioners. Every morning and evening, they called the names of practitioners and beat them brutally. They also instigate the drug offenders detained there to attack practitioners in order to force them to give up their belief.

Since the practitioners refused to give in, all the prison police officers, together with convicted drug offenders, descended upon them and attacked them with batons, electric batons and other types of weapons. They beat practitioners heads, faces and other body parts. Some practitioners were beaten so badly they sustained injuries and some had become disabled. Police officer Li Qiwei beat one of the practitioners so badly that the person lost consciousness and had to be sent to a hospital for emergency treatment.

Some officers put practitioners in solitary confinement. Some handcuffed them onto the windowsills. Some were sent to the "intensive" group. This intensive group is under the direction of the most vicious drug offenders, and Jiang Wei is the group leader. He brutally tortured the practitioners. Even after he was exposed for his continued drug consumption in the cell, with the protection of team leaders Tian Xiaohai and Zhou Benzhong, he was still allowed to do anything he wanted, without any restrictions. In the intensive group, practitioners were forced to stand straight and face the wall for nearly 20 hours per day without making any motion, have no toilet privilege, no talking allowed and no closing of the eyes. They would beat practitioners with fists and kick them for anything the enforcers were not satisfied with. Fellow practitioner Jiang Wei was beaten so severely that he sustained several broken ribs. They didn't allow the person who was being beaten to cry out and forbade anyone to visit them. This whole group was isolated from other cells.

Forced to stand in military postures under the hot summer sun, the practitioners could not make any movements, could not close their eyes, could not talk, and were forbidden to bathe or wash their clothes. Twenty-four people were held in a cell that only had 6 bunk beds. (It is common for labour camps to assign one bed to eight detainees.) Sometimes there were more than 24 people in the cell and some had to sleep on the floor. A toilet bucket, without cover, served all the people in this room. The smell from the bucket and sweat mixed together was gruesome. There were many flies, mosquito and bedbugs.

In the winter, there were no vegetables in the food at all. There were just boiled potatoes every day. In other seasons, there were just a few yellow leaves floating on the surface of the water in their bowls. There were many insects and also sand in the food. Only three people worked in the cafeteria to serve several hundred people. One of them was also in charge to feed the pigs, although almost all the pork was for the police. The drug offenders were pressed into service to cook food. The food might be fully cooked one time but not the next time. Police officers also took money for their own use from the food fee practitioners had to pay.

One police officer was transferred here from a hospital, because he can earn more bonuses here in charge of practitioners. He was very vicious. He would be present during each beating case of practitioners. Some practitioners would be force-fed after only one day on a hunger strike. This thug would insert a long and thick tube into the oesophagus and stomach of the practitioner and viciously twisted it, which caused the practitioner severe pain and much bleeding.

Every three or five days, the cells would be searched for Dafa articles. Police officer Ye Hua would tear off the whole bed cover or tear a warm coat into pieces if the articles could be found inside. Even the thermos bottles would be broken into pieces if the articles were found.

Tian Xiaohai and Zhou Benzhong would confiscate the property of the Dafa practitioners. They would immediately take away the money sent to the practitioners from their families. The police and/or drug offenders would steal any better items the practitioners had.

Police entities in charge of daily living would feed the pigs with rice but not allow patients to eat enough. The better vegetables were given to police enforcers first and the virtually inedible leftovers were left to the practitioners. On hot days, they would require practitioners to carry cement blocks to construct a base around the sports field, or to do long periods of frog jumps and push-ups. There was no rest from 5:00 a.m. till very late at night, except during mealtime.

Chinese version available at http://www.minghui.ca/mh/articles/2003/5/13/50195.html

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