Yimianpo Labour Camp's Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners

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On September 5, 1999, I travelled to Beijing to appeal. I was illegally arrested, detained and sent to Yimianpo Labour Camp.

In the labour camp, I still insisted on practising Falun Gong. The director of the labour camp has systematically persecuted Falun Dafa practitioners, following secret orders from higher authorities to "Exhaust their personal finances, defame their reputation and eliminate them physically. No one will be held responsible for any deaths as they will be counted as suicides." So, from the guards to the prisoners, a thoroughly evil force had been formed. When prisoners talk about their experiences there, they would often shudder from the terrifying memories.

The guards always cursed people and they often took for themselves the things that the prisoners' family members brought for the prisoners. Whatever they brought, they had to give a portion to the guards. The guards always demanded food and drinks. They have even dropped hints for money and expensive items. If a prisoner didn't give a good "show," they were given heavy and tiring tasks and of course, they would also be beaten and abused in other ways.

A prisoner named Han Xiaoping was especially sinister and vicious in his extreme persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners. He beat and cursed all practitioners and when a guard was present, he would act even more viciously. After prisoners were sent back to their cells, he would force the practitioners to "Ride the Airplane." This is a painful torture in which one is forced to lay on the floor with the hands bent backwards. In this position Han would use steel pins to jab into practitioners' hands. When the practitioners were no longer able to endure holding this position, Han would kick them under the bed.

The leader of the 3rd team is named Sun Fuping. Once, while everyone was asleep, he took a big padlock weighing about a pound and used it to forcefully strike the forehead of practitioner Sun Huibo. Upon impact, a wound in the shape of a triangle appeared on Sun Huibo's forehead while blood started to flow down his face. Another practitioner, Tan Chengqiang, was also pounded in the same way; the swelling on his forehead was black and as big as a chicken egg.

Practitioners were interrogated every one or two days and every time they would be beaten ruthlessly. They have been beaten countless times by each of the guards. They were not even allowed to sleep at night, but instead they were forced to clean the bathrooms and the floor under the beds.

When the labour camp was assigned the task of handling the stones in the quarry, Zhang Dianjun, the leader of the 1st team and Shao Mingming, the guard of 3rd team, used this opportunity to order the common prisoners to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. In a typical situation, two prisoners would lift up a stone pipe weighing more than 100 pounds and come up to practitioners to ask them if they still wanted to practise. When a practitioner answered "yes," they would drop the stone pipe down onto the practitioner's body. Sometimes the practitioner's face would be broken, his head would have huge swellings, or the skin on his shoulder would be peeled off. The injuries were so gruesome that they were difficult to look at. If a practitioner was not able to carry a pipe, another practitioner was allowed to help him but they would be required to run. Some people were pushed and beaten from behind as they carried the pipes. Sometimes the practitioners fell onto the ground and were not able to get back up. When this happened, the prisoners would come over and beat them using shovels or they would kick them.

Once, as practitioner Wan Yunlong was bending down to pick up a pipe, the prisoners dropped two pipes at the same time on him. One could hear Wan Yunlong's body crunch under the weight. He hurt so much that he screamed and fell onto the ground and could not get up. Several prisoners propped him up and placed one of the pipes on top of him and left him there for the rest of the day. Under such brutal torture, Wan Yunlong still did not give in.

After a few days of this torture, the practitioners' bodies were distorted beyond recognition. The skin on their shoulders was completely gone and the swellings on the back of their heads were like pillows. A scab formed on Yu Lianhe's shoulder after his skin had peeled off. The thugs then came up with a dastardly scheme. They told Yu Lianhe to go the guard's room for medical treatment. When he got there, several prisoners held him down and brushed off the scab on his shoulder with a toothbrush. His shoulder started to bleed immediately and every stroke caused such extreme pain that Yu wanted to die. After the brushing, they poured salt water on his open wounds. This is their so-called "medical treatment." They repeated this once every few days and after a month, knots of flesh started to grow on his back. Yu did not give in even under torture as horrendous as this.

Falun Dafa practitioners' bodies may be beaten up or pounded down, but their determination and their firm beliefs are indestructible and solid like diamond. Here we would like to offer a piece of advice to those who are still persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners: Stop the persecution and stop committing crimes now!


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