Recent Cases of Persecution

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[Chaoyang District, Beijing]

1. Hu Jialou Police Station is notorious for persecuting practitioners. One day policeman Li Tieshan, whose badge number is 031612, and another policeman with badge number of 031624 attempted to tear out Teacher Li Hongzhi's picture from a Falun Gong book and threatened to force practitioners to trample on Teacher Li's picture if they refused to give their names.

2. A district attorney from the Public Security Sub-bureau of Chaoyang District said, "As long as you are a Falun Gong practitioner, I will arrest you whether it's legal or not." Some practitioners had tried to persuade him to change his attitude towards Falun Gong. They told him that even inmates in the detention centre changed their minds and wanted to be good persons after learning about the Falun Dafa principles. But the district attorney said, "We can allow a thief to steal or a prostitute to make a living out of prostitution, but we won't allow them to study Falun Gong."

3. At the end of August this year, a group of practitioners were sent to the Chaoyang Detention Centre, where they started a widespread hunger strike. Those practitioners who had endured their tribulations passively gradually realized that they had attachments of seeking comfort and fearing hardships. They joined in the hunger strike one after another. The head of the detention centre took various violent measures such as force-feeding and forced-infusion to coerce us to give up the hunger strike, but his efforts were in vain. Finally, he had to unconditionally release a group of practitioners. Fearing that such an unconditional release would result in more practitioners joining the hunger strike, the officials told them that those who were actually set free had been transferred to "the Seventh Section of Criminal Investigation," a department of local Public Security Bureau notorious for its cruel tortures.


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