Germany: Frankfurt Practitioners Collect Petition Signatures Supporting the Trials of Jiang

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“Jiang Zemin was accused of Genocide against Falun Gong practitioners”
“How does China deal with truth and human rights?”

This is what our two display boards say. They are placed on the liveliest shopping street in Frankfurt and can be seen from quite a distance. Many passers-by approach us to ask about these boards. People’s concern over the violations of human rights in China emerges as soon as they learned a little about the situation. Those people who heard the facts for the first time could hardly believe it: In China, practitioners like us are forcefully taken away, detained in prisons and detention centres and sent to mental hospitals where they may be held indefinitely. They endure various excruciating methods of torture and ill-treatment, including being persecuted to death.

Practitioners from Frankfurt and other areas answered people’s questions and demonstrated the Falun Gong exercises. Many people signed a petition calling for the people of the world to bring Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin to justice. Recently one phenomenon has become more and more popular: there are always people who come back to our stand and want to talk to us more or those who sit on the nearby benches enjoying the harmonious atmosphere.

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