The Truth Of The Persecution Against Practitioners In Wuhan City

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[Wuhan City, Hubei Province]

1) Luo Yuanying, is female, 42 years old, a cashier. In 2000, this practitioner was illegally detained in Jiangan District 610 Office's brainwashing class in Huangpi, Wuhan City, for 5 months. In November of 2000, she was arrested because she was making banners in a practitioner's house. They locked her in Dongxihu Detention Centre, Wuhan City. She couldn't see any sunlight in the cell, the air was foul and unventilated, and it was cold in the winter and hot in the summer. About 10 prisoners were locked up in an 18 square-meter room. They had to eat and defecate inside this room, and the smell was extremely disgusting inside. Water was often withheld, and sometimes food, too.

Because this practitioner was very firm and didn't give in, the guards didn't allow any family visits for 10 months, they even took away the 100 Yuan RMB that her family gave her. In February 2001, the warden Liu Lili saw Luo Yuanying practising and cuffed her two hands to iron bars, making her stand there for 7 days. In March 2001, Luo Yuanying was practising while she was let out for exercise and to relieve herself and was found out. Liu Lili cuffed her to the iron bars again, and told Luo that she would let her go only after Luo apologized for practising; otherwise she would cuff her there indefinitely. On the third day, the section head came to visit, and asked Luo why was she cuffed. Luo Yuanying said because she practised. The section head said, "Don't you know that we don't allow practising here? If you apologize to Warden Liu, I'll ask her to let you go." Luo Yuanying said, "I have not committed any crime, why should I apologize? It's you who are wrong. You are committing crimes." Because she was determined not to apologize, they cuffed her for another 7 days, and then continued to cuff her with her hands in front of her. It had become warmer by that time, and the other prisoners were just wearing cotton shirts, but because she was cuffed she couldn't take off her coat. They didn't release her to eat nor for using the washroom. In order to function, she needed the help of other practitioners. Her legs were swollen from the cuffing, and her two hands were ice-cold. She couldn't eat anything and couldn't speak. By this time she had been cuffed for a month. It is not known what her condition is right now.

2) Chen Zhiqiang, a 41 year old bank clerk, and Dong Danping, 40 year old, tariff chief, are a married couple. On the morning of March 6, 2001, the police of Wansongyuan, Jianghan District forcefully kidnapped Chen Zhiqiang, saying that he hung a Falun Dafa banner. They also arrested Dong Danping from the same work unit. During the arrest the wicked guards kicked Chen Zhiqiang's chest with hard-leather boots four times. When Dong Danping saw him that afternoon, Chen was holding his chest with his hands, back bent, and he couldn't sit down. He kept pacing around and could not stop coughing. A month later they were transferred to Jianghan District's brainwashing class. Chen Zhiqiang was locked in the brainwashing class for 20 days, and without given any reason they sent him to Hewan Labour Camp for a year. Dong Danping practised and didn't recite the prison's rules, the warden Liu Lili forced her to stand and didn't let her sleep. Later the work unit and the family was extorted a total of 30,000 Yuan as "payment" and more than 1,000 Yuan for "living expenses" before they let her go. When she got back home, in July the work unit suspended her Party membership, and transferred her to a far away work unit.

Chen Zhiqiang was forced to perform tasks in the labour camp, and they forced him to walk for 6 hours everyday. They then took three hours every night to "talk" with him in order to prevent him from sleeping, thus making him extremely tired. After the family pleaded numerous times they finally let them visit him. When they saw him he was in an extremely deteriorated state. It had only been two months, but his weight decreased from 165 pound to only 110 pounds.


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