Practitioner's account of Inhuman Torture

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A Falun Dafa Practitioner Is Inhumanly Tortured in Changchun city, Jilin Province.

The following is a practitioner's account of the torture he recived before he luckily escaped and was able to describe his ordeal.

"Late one night in September, several fellow practitioners and I were soundly sleeping at our printing location. Then, some people came and arrested us. I don't know what means of torture they had employed on me during the night of the interrogation, but consequently, my body shook all over, totally out of control; and I had a fit of dizziness for about five seconds. Then, they handcuffed me to the "Tiger Bench" (a type of torture instrument) and didn't allow me to fall sleep. Many times, they tightened the handcuffs, cutting them into my flesh. They beat me up with wooden and electric prods. They covered my head with a plastic bag (It's easy to suffocate a person to death in this way). Worst of all, they shocked me with electric prods on my genitals, nipples, etc. As a result, my genitals became severely swollen and it became very difficult to urinate. The skin on my wrist was abraded away because of the tightened handcuffs. My cheeks were black and bruised, and there were many dark spots all over my chest and back caused by the electric shocks. The skin over my two hipbones was seriously bruised and raw. Both my hands and feet were swollen. There were bruises as big as baseballs left on my arms and legs.

They claimed while torturing me, "If you become dead or disabled, we'll say that you Falun Gong people commit suicide and disable yourselves."

Source: Clearwisdom

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