Overcoming pain, police arrest and mental tribulations as the SOS RescueWalk reaches Poland

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The following is a report sent by a Western practitioner walking across Europe to raise awareness of the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China and to appeal for support to rescue them:

Before arriving in Poland we received positive support from a local organisation in Minsk, Belarus called "Next stop new life" who said that they would put our Falun Gong information in their newsletter and would invite practitioners to demonstrate the exercises.

After that, I waited for my travelling companion who finally arrived after two hours. She had been taken to the police station and questioned for handing out flyers in the metro station. She had told them the truth about Falun Gong. After that it was very hard for me to give out the next flyer and to overcome the negative feeling. I felt nervous in my stomach. At that time I had a sense of what a courageous act it is for Chinese practitioners to step out and distribute Falun Dafa materials in China.
My companion and I finally broke through the negative feeling and gave out many flyers.

We also met Aleh Hulak, executive director of the International Helsinki Federation –[Belorussian Helsinki Committee]. The discussion was very good. He admired our effort and promised to put information in editions of their book as well as a newsletter. He also offered to talk to many other organizations and media about it on every occasion.

After Minsk, we took a bus to Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Three practitioners held a press conference and over 15 reporters, including Chinese ones, attended. Also present were the biggest television station and newspaper in Poland. We conducted many personal interviews after the conference.

I also experienced some physical tribulations. On the first days of the walk, I had very deep wounds on my hips and back from carrying my back pack. It was as if somebody had beaten me up. As soon as they healed somewhat, I twisted my ankle very badly. The pain made me waver and I had thoughts of going back home which came up very strongly. Once I decided that I would walk and do whatever it takes, I was able to walk By the time we arrived in Poland the pain was all gone.

Despite many physical tribulations, everybody tells me that I am looking good and that I look very energized and young. Many people have commented that I look as if I am 14 years old. I told them that youthfulness is a side effect of practising Falun Dafa and we joked that next time I see them I may look like a child!

When my mother heard of my SOS walk through Europe, she thought that I was crazy. But now since seeing me again she thinks that it has done miracles for me and I feel the same way. I have changed very positively within myself.

Reported by Western practitioner

* * *

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