Another Fabricated Falun Gong "Suicide" Case in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province

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By a reporter in China

Falun Dafa practitioner Zhang Lin had been detained at Wangcun Labour Camp for forced brainwashing since July 2001. On September 28, 2001, however, the labour camp suddenly informed Zhang's family members that Zhang Lin had suffered an urgent illness and they asked them to take her home. Zhang's family declined the request and said, "Zhang Lin has been quite healthy ever since she practised Falun Gong." In the evening of September 29, Zhang's family members had to "take her home" under police pressure. The next morning, news leaked out saying that Zhang had "jumped out of a building" and died.

53-year-old practitioner Zhang Linxian, who later changed her name to Zhang Lin, lived in No. 42 building in Wenhua District, Zhaoyuan City. Around July 2001, Zhang was illegally arrested by the Zhaoyuan City police and was sent to a brainwashing class in Linglong Town, Zhaoyuan City. She endured forty to fifty days of brainwashing and refused to "be converted" (give up Falun Gong practice). In the beginning of September, she was sent to Wangcun Labour Camp by officials from Zhaoyuan City to serve a 2-year labour camp term. Since then, there had been no communication between Zhang and her family. On September 28, Wangcun Labour Camp notified Zhang's husband that Zhang felt ill and asked him to take her home right away. Zhang's husband refused to do so and said that Zhang, ever since she practised Falun Gong, had always been in good health.

On September 29, Wangcun Labour Camp again notified Zhang's husband and told him that he had to take Zhang home. With no other choice, Zhang's husband went to the labour camp accompanied by Zhaoyuan City police and took Zhang back the same evening (no one else saw Zhang other than her husband and the police with him).

In the early morning of September 30, news came out about Zhang's "suicide" by jumping out of the building. Police claimed that early in the morning of that day, the City Police Department was informed by residents that someone died by jumping out of a building. Later, police informed Zhang's family about this suspected suicide (No one in the residence district saw Zhang Lin's body. The people who informed the police were unidentified. Zhang's husband told the same story as the police). Zhang Lin's body was hastily cremated on October 1.

According to the analysis of some local practitioners, Zhang Lin never gave up Falun Gong practice in the labor camp and was tortured to death by evil persons there. The evil people were afraid of the truth being spread to the public, so they colluded with the police from Zhaoyuan Police Department to threaten and bribe Zhang's husband into contriving this scheme to deceive the public and defame Falun Gong. The following are some suspicious points of the case:

When officials from Wangcun Labor Camp telephoned Zhang's family to take her home, they said Zhang was "ill." Zhang's husband replied that Zhang has never fallen ill and questioned, "How she could become ill in just a month?" Then, the Wangcun Labour Camp again urgently notified the family. Two possible scenarios could exist at that moment: either she died or she was in a life-threatening situation. If Zhang was still alive, she was already in lethal danger. After she was brought home, with such a serious physical condition, how could it have been possible for her to jump from the building?

Zhang's husband claimed that he was not aware of his wife's jumping out of the building and it was the police who first received the eyewitness report and then knocked on his door to inform him in the early morning. Who else could discover Zhang's death other than the people living in the same residential block? After it was discovered, why on earth didn't the eyewitness inform the family first and then the police?

Zhang's husband claimed that the police allowed Zhang to go home to celebrate the mid-autumn festival. There were many practitioners that were detained in the same labour camp before and after Zhang Lin was sent there and many of them were also under the brainwashing. Why did they only allow Zhang to go home and not any others? According to people who know the truth, Zhang was not "reformed." Jiang's political gang of scoundrels has used every cruel means to physically destroy Falun Gong practitioners and to psychologically crush them. It is therefore easy to understand the cause of Zhang's death.

Zhang's husband claimed that, "Zhang had given up practising and had written a repentance letter." If that was the case, why on earth would she want to jump out of a building and commit suicide? Furthermore, it is known that people who were "reformed" would be required to immediately write home, telephone home, or write to the government. Zhang had done none of the above.

Some people claimed that, "Zhang Lin had cultivation insanity and jumped out of building to commit suicide." Zhang Lin had practised Falun Gong for five to six years and had never gone insane. She did the laundry, cooked meals, and took care of her family members. She carefully and considerately took care of her mother-in-law. Why did she go insane after only one month in the labour camp and, furthermore, commit suicide? Practitioners all know that it is a sin to commit suicide and thus would never do that. In the end, if it was really true, if Zhang did commit suicide, she must have been under extremely high pressure. It is therefore strong evidence of how cruel and how violent are the means used by the labour camp to torture practitioners.

It can be concluded from the above suspicious points that Zhang Lin was tortured to death by the Wangcun Labour Camp because she was steadfast in practising Falun Gong. Afterwards, police bribed or threatened Zhang's family to tell the story that they contrived.

We hope kind-hearted people who know the truth, as well as Zhang's family members, will get a clear understanding of the evil nature of Jiang's political gang of scoundrels. Stand up to expose the evil, clarify the truth, redress the injustice for those innocent who were murdered, and let justice prevail.


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