Public Announcement from Qinghai Province Evidence Collection Group to Investigate the Persecution of Falun Gong

August 12th report: from January 2002 to February 2003, the authorities at Qinghai Province's Female Drug Rehab Centre located on East 81 Road, Xining City, Qinghai Province brutally tortured to death three female Falun Gong practitioners who firmly believed in Truth Compassion Tolerance. The victims were Tan Yingchun, a teacher at No. 6 Middle School in Xining City; Zhao Xiangzhong, a woman in her 50's who worked at Xining Railroad Bureau; and Fan Lihong, a young woman in her 20's who also lived in Xining City. In late May 2003, it was learned practitioner He Wanji, a police officer for the Xining Railroad Police Department was tortured to death at Haomen Prison in Haibeizhou.

We are Falun Gong practitioners. We are being persecuted for persisting in our belief of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance. Right now, with our first-hand experiences, we are making known the facts of this persecution against Falun Gong by persecutors from the Jiang's regime and the Qinghai Province "610 Office" [The "610 Office" is an agency specifically established to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.]

Dafa practitioner Ms. Tan Yingchun was abducted and sent to Qinghai Province's Female Labour Camp. The guards often slapped her face, shocked her with electric batons and in the winter forced her to take cold-water showers. Because she persisted in her belief in Truth, Compassion, Tolerance, the guards brutally beat her until she was bruised all over. She died from torture on December 29, 2002. Several days before she died, a practitioner saw horrific scars on her thighs. A practitioner revealed that a guard at the labour camp almost choked her to death by tying a rope around her neck and pulling it backwards. This is one of the brutal torture methods used by the guards to subdue the practitioners. Because of the secret governmental order "beating Falun Gong practitioners to death is nothing and shall be counted as suicide," the guards torture the practitioners, using all kinds of means with no consideration for the consequences. The death of Tan Yingchun was not publicised until three days later. The labour camp authorities claimed it was "suicide by hanging," but there was no scar from a rope on Tan's neck.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Luo Fang was detained in solitary confinement because she didn't cooperate with the persecution and refused to respond to roll call. The guards took turns beating her until pus seeped from her ears. They didn't give her food and forced her to stand for several days and nights. Luo Fang suffered severe physical and mental torment and was sent back to her hometown.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Guohua didn't cooperate with the evil. The guards ordered the common inmates to curse, threaten and beat her. Because she continued to perform the Dafa exercises, the guards beat her with police batons, shocked her with electric batons, detained her in solitary confinement and cuffed her hands behind her back. She held a hunger strike and was force-fed. She firmly believed in Dafa and didn't obey the evil's unreasonable arrangements.

Dafa practitioner Ms. Wang Shujuan didn't cooperate with the illegal detention. The guards shocked sensitive body areas including her head, face, palm and soles of her feet with four electric batons for a long time. They put unknown drugs into her food. Her tongue became numb and her mouth foamed after she ate the food. Her hands and feet also became ice-cold and her legs grew numb and painful. Shujuan held a nine-day hunger strike in the solitary confinement cell. In order to force her to give up her belief in Truth, Compassion, Tolerance, the guards forced her to run for hours each day, although she was extremely weak from the hunger strike. They tried to destroy her will and exhaust her with continuous corporal punishment. Because of the brutal persecution, Shujuan's body was severely injured and her legs are still numb and painful, even now.

One Dafa practitioner saw another practitioner whose hands were cuffed behind her being brutally beaten by the guards who used electric batons for a long time.

In the cold of winter, the guards force the practitioners to strip down to only a sweatshirt and underpants. They pour a basin of water on the ground and force the practitioners to stand on the wet ground; then they beat, kick and shock the practitioners with batons. They didn't allow the practitioners to sleep for days at a time.

For practitioners who had just been sent to the labour camp, the guards put on deceiving masks of kindness and isolated the practitioners from each other. They deluded the practitioners in carefully setup situations, enticing them with financial interests, family matters, and future careers. Then they viciously attack Minghui.Net [a Chinese Falun Dafa website], lying that the facts of the persecution exposed on Minghui.Net do not exist.

They verbally abuse true practitioners with lies. They intentionally twist Fa principles and try their best to confuse the practitioners with perverted thinking and words. They use personal interests and force to make the practitioners write "guarantee statements". They send undercover agents to monitor determined practitioners, brutally torture them, slap their faces, detain them in solitary confinement and extend their terms. They incorporate exhausting tactics with outrageous lies to force the practitioners to give up their belief. [2] - A statement to declare that he or she is remorseful for practicing Falun Gong and guarantees not to practice Falun Gong again, not to go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong, and never again associate with any Falun Gong practitioners.

We could often hear the noises the electric batons made when they burned human skin. The air was filled with the smell of practitioners' burnt flesh. The guards are afraid of their atrocities being exposed, and they conduct these tortures in secret.

We will continue our investigation and publish the names and actions of these evil people, based on facts, in order to support justice.

Below is the first group of government departments and enforcers:

Please dial 86-971 before each number, except cell phones and Haomen Prison

Haomen Prison in Haibeizhou, Qinghai Province: 970-8616216
Hainan Province Labor Camp: 2298435

Police officers and guards:
Head of police department: Ma Ruqiang, ethnicity: Hui; cell: 13709762701
Head of Administration Division: Lu Xin: 5130627 or 5130619 ext. 3107 or 3108

Qinghai Female Labour Camp
Address: Xiashilipu, Xining City, Qinghai Province

Qinghai Province Female Labour Camp:
Address: 61 Eighty-one East Road, Xining City, Qinghai Province, 810007

Deputy person in charge, Xiang Jianmei: 8016657 ext 802
Chief Administrator: Duan Hairong: 8016210
No. 1 Division Chief, Wang Haijie
No. 2 Division Chief, Zhang Wenjing

Datong County "610 Office", Qinghai Province
Division head: Yang Baoming

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