Germany: Picture Exhibition to Expose Jiang’s Genocide in front of the Parliament Building

On September the 11th 2003, a picture exhibition to expose Jiang Zemin’s crimes of genocide and cruel torture was held in front of the Parliament building in Germany. Practitioners were not aware that this was the day of the first meeting between the federal parliament members. Many journalists had their cars parked just 5 metres away from the picture display. There was also a large amount of tourists in the area.

At the train station across the street from the Parliament building

During the signature collection, someone asked about whether human rights have improved in China. Practitioners told people about how German practitioners’ family members have recently been arrested just because they wanted to practise Falun Gong and appeal against the persecution. People were shocked anddid not hesitate in signing their names on the petition sheet.

The last time practitioners went to appeal at the German Parliament building was about six months ago. In order to expose Jiang’s latest crimes in Chengdu, practitioners visited the Parliament building again. They directly exposed the fact that two practitioners from Germany, Chen Xiaozhu and Yu Hongli, have recently been kidnapped by the authorities in China. This also provides new evidence for bringing a lawsuit against Jiang in Germany for his crimes of genocide and torture.

After examining and approving an appeal letter that exposed the illegal kidnapping of the two German practitioners, the relevant government departments approved the application for the practitioners’ 3 day appeal. It is usually impossible to get an application approved in just one day for a place like the President’s Palace, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or the Federal Parliament. In particular, at the Parliament building, the request must pass through the federal Ministry of Domestic Affairs, and this usually takes seven days. The fact that the application was passed so quickly shows that people are eager to know the truth and support Truthfulness, Kindness, Tolerance.

Practitioners handed a copy of petition signatures that they collected to the Chief of the Federal Parliament, Wolfgang Thierse. The signatures represent the heartfelt wishes of the German people. In addition, the signatures that were handed in contained the address of the place where Chen Xiaozhu and Yu Hongli are being illegally detained, as well as the relevant telephones numbers and an appeal letter to Chengdu authorities. These were handed in to appeal to the German Parliament so that they could set up a resolution to immediately stop this illegal trampling of human rights, freedom of belief and basic humanity.

One TV station took footage of practitioners performing the exercises for a long time. A lot of Chinese tourists accepted Dafa materials. They were surprised to see Falun Dafa practitioners in Germany. A family of three Western practitioners from Bonn came to visit and happened upon the picture exhibition exposing Jiang’s crimes as they walked through the city. One of them sighed with emotion and talked a lot about his experiences. An elderly German citizen asked for a videotape of the Falun Gong exercises. He said, “I heard, I saw, and finally I think this must be something good. So I’ve got to practise.” The flyers, in more than 20 languages, did not last throughout the practitioners’ appeal. At the appeal site, there were more than 30 banners and display boards. After seeing the banners and listening to practitioners reveal the extent of Jiang Zemin’s vicious crimes against humanity, many people said, “We all know what a dictator is – he is just like this!”

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