Report from Swedish Newspaper “DN Kultur”: Chinese Consulate attempts to Stop Swedish Radio Station from Broadcasting Falun Gong Programmes

On September the 19th 2003, major Swedish newspaper “DN Kultur” published a report entitled “Chinese Consulate attempts to Stop Swedish Radio Station from Broadcasting Falun Gong Programmes.” The following is the excerpt from that report:

The local radio station in Gothenburg and Mr. Hans Hirschi, a local politician from the People’s Party, told reporters, “The Chinese Consulate in Gothenburg attempted to stop a Swedish radio station from broadcasting Falun Gong programmes.”

Yesterday at a press conference held by Falun Gong practitioners, Mr. Hans Hirschi stated, “An official from the Chinese consulate gave us a lot of materials slandering Falun Gong and asked us to stop the Falun Gong Association from broadcasting programmes at the local radio station. After we refused their proposal, they contacted the Management Section, to which the local radio station belongs.”

The Falun Gong Association broadcasts a two-hour radio programme, in both Swedish and Chinese, every week through a local radio station in Gothenburg. Part of the content of the broadcast is about the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in China.

In a conversation with Mr. Hirschi, the Chinese consul hinted that the good relationship between China and Sweden would be influenced. Mr. Hirshci was also reminded that cooperation between Gothenburg and Shanghai would be postponed in the near future, and that the East India Sailboat Group that is sailing toward Guangzhou City may be affected.

The hostess of the Falun Gong programme Yvonne Kleberg said, “We think that this act ignores Swedish law. China has neither the right to influence the Swedish media nor the right to invade our freedom of expression.” She has already reported the case to the police.

The reporter had tried many times to contact the Chinese consulate in Gothenburg, but in vain. In an interview on the No. 4 TV channel, the Chinese consul claimed that “freedom of expression is limited.” He did not deny that he had attempted to stop Swedish Falun Gong practitioners’ radio programs.

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