A Post Card to a Chinese Labour Camp - German Falun Gong Practitioners Appeal to Rescue Xiong Wei

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This is an unusual post card. The front page is a photo with a dark blue background, in which a girl with a glorious smile is holding a little girl riding a rocking horse. On the right and left hand side of the post card are the words “Release Xiong Wei – Please give a helping hand” in German and in Chinese together with a poem:

“A Thought, flying to China, coming to your side my dear friend,
Tears, with respect and dignity, from the depth of my soul flowing toward you;
You are so unselfish, my friend, for Falun Dafa, to tell the people of the world,
This persecution, of these peaceful people, is so unfair.
My heart is still next to you, my tears harden,
Transformed to a confident smile, for your freedom.”

At the back of the postcard the address of a labour camp in China is printed. The sender only needs to have their name signed next to a ready-made statement: “By signing my name, I express my insistence on the release of this soul based on freedom of belief in China.” After a one-euro postage stamp is attached, the postcard can be sent to the labour camp in Beijing.

The smiling girl on the post card is Xiong Wei, who was originally a student in the Technical University of Berlin. She went back to China to work in a German company accredited in Beijing and was arrested at the beginning of 2001 because she distributed Falun Gong materials on the street. She is currently locked up in a female Labour Camp in Beijing. The little girl in her arms was the daughter of one of her friends’ in Berlin. While just learning to walk at that time, the little girl is now in her second grade in elementary school. Xiong Wei has been detained in the labour camp for two years.

Last weekend in the square in front of the theatre in Muenz City, a famous university town in Germany, a group composed of a Chinese and German practitioners attracted people’s attention. They are Falun Gong practitioners from a city near Muenz. They came here appeal to the German society for the release of Xiong Wei.

Those who wanted to help could sign their names on an appeal letter that was to be sent to the Premier of Germany, Gerhard Schroeder. Those who wanted to personally encourage Xiong Wei could also take a postcard. After signing their names, they could mail it to Xiong Wei, who is currently detained in China. This post card was co-printed by Amnesty International, the German Falun Dafa Association, and the Germany-Chinese Language and Culture Exchange Association in Language Learning in the Technical University of Berlin. The poem on the front of the postcard was created and presented by her Germany friends.

Having practised Falun Gong for several years, Mr. Clore and his wife, Mario, came to attend this activity in Darmstadt City. Mr. Clore said that he hopes more people can understand Dafa through such activities, where people can see Falun Gong practitioners all nice people.

Those who understood the situation were very much willing to sign their name and express their support by filling in a postcard to send to Xiong Wei. Since the crackdown on Falun Gong, there has been over 100,000 practitioners detained in labour camps and prisons, among whom 787 have been persecuted to death. International society has paid more and more attention to their situation.

Translated from Chinese at http://www.yuanming.net/articles/200309/24506.html

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