An Overseas Chinese Comments: "I Feel Relieved When I Hire Falun Gong Practitioners"

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A while ago, in order to help a fellow practitioner find a job, I called an acquaintance of mine who worked in a travel agency and asked her: "When you are very busy, would it be possible to hire my friend to help?" I also told her that my friend is a Falun Gong practitioner and that she never did things that cheated people or were dishonest. My acquaintance said: "Ok, no problem. I would love to hire your friends who are Falun Gong practitioners. It makes me feel relieved to hire your Falun Gong practitioner friends. You guys do not do any crooked dealings regarding money or the accounts." Then she asked me for my fellow practitioner's telephone number and told me that she would certainly remember it whenever there was an opportunity.

After calling I felt very happy. Overseas travel agencies are the places where Mainland Chinese people frequently meet overseas Dafa practitioners. They can frequently hear the truth that Dafa practitioners tell and can also see with their own eyes Dafa practitioners' ways of handling people and wealth, which gave the managers of the travel agencies a profound impression. This for sure cannot be changed by the slandering and fabricated rumors spread by Jiang's group.

I have also heard that it is quite common for people coming from China to visit Europe to stroll in the red-light districts. So, some Dafa disciples began to tell these tourists the truth about being a good person and being a noble person as soon as they met the touring party. As a result, these tourists no longer remembered that they initially wanted to take a stroll in the red-light district until they were leaving in the end. Some tourists said: "We ordered three-star service before we came overseas. However, your service is actually five-star class. You are very good! We really did not realize that there are such good Chinese people now!"

Those fellow practitioners who often accompanied the touring parties from China told me that in the past, they could not mention Falun Gong to these mainland tourists. Now, these tourists have started to inquire about Dafa quietly. They also dared to accept the flyers Dafa practitioners distributed at each tourist resort. The common people really are more and more sober.

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