Ireland: Zhao Ming's Speech from the Public Hearing of the Criminal Jiang

I am a Trinity student. I was persecuted in Tuanhe labour camp in Beijing for one year and ten months only because of being a practitioner of Falun Gong. Due to the many efforts of the Irish people and government, I was released last year and returned to Ireland.

I suffered brutal torture in the labour camp. The major torturing methods they used included deprivation of sleep, beating, squatting for a long time and electric shocks with multiple electric batons. I experienced all of these kinds of tortures. Ten inmates, instigated by the police, beat me up and made me unable to walk for two weeks. On another occasion, five police guards shocked all over my body with six electric batons. I was often deprived of sleep. In 2000, the police guards let the inmates in the camp monitor me. If I fell to sleep they would kick me and push me to wake me up. In this way, I did not sleep for a single minute for the first two days and was only allowed to sit on a small chair to sleep for one to two hours in the following days of a two weeks period. I was also submitted to a torture of long time squatting. I was forced to squat for about ten hours a day. My lower legs and feet completely lost feeling. Now my lower legs still feel numb.

I want to tell everyone that the persecution of Falun Gong in China is completely a persecution of our spiritual belief. We did not do anything illegal. The police guards committed all the tortures only to force us to renounce our belief. This is a definite violation of basic human rights, of Chinese law and of international law.

Now, we have recorded more than 800 verified cases of Falun Gong practitioners persecuted to death. I have found four of my friends in this death list. They are a telecommunications engineer, a bank clerk, a doctor and a university lecturer. They are all very young, well educated and law-abiding people. But they have been persecuted to death. And the death toll keeps increasing nearly everyday.

I also want to testify that this persecution is not a regional problem or committed by individual police officers. It is a state terrorism and was instigated by the former president Jiang Zemin. When I was held in China, I was transferred among different cities, different detention centres, labour camps, and even a drug rehabilitation center. They were all implementing the command from the highest authority to persecute us, but I had not done anything illegal.

What is happening in China now is a definite example of genocide. Now I have been involved as a plaintiff in a series of legal cases in different countries to prosecute Chinese dictator Jiang Zemin for genocide and torture. In Ireland, we are consulting lawyers to initiate lawsuit against Jiang Zemin as well. As a victim who has personal experience of this persecution, I would say that Jiang Zemin’s genocide is even more evil than Hitler’s. Hitler spent twelve years committing genocide. Now Jiang Zemin has started for four years. We must put all our efforts into preventing Jiang’s genocide from developing any further. An injustice anywhere is an injustice for everywhere. It is the responsibility of all people in the world to stop this genocide!

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