Swedish MEP's Message at the Opening of a Falun Gong Exhibition in Mora

To all those in attendance of the opening of this exhibition:

Truth, Compassion, Tolerance.

These are Falun Gong’s fundamental principles, something we all can and should try to aspire to, as individuals, as citizens and as human beings.

In a time of increased evil and the deterioration of society, all good and upright forces in society need to cooperate and encourage each other. By working for truth, compassion and tolerance, Falun Gong contributes positively in building our society.

It is time, even in Sweden, that society and humans start to cherish the right to spiritual depth, to life, to faith and belief.

The negative consequences show that every individual has a innate need for a positive outlook, an inner security, a trust in one's environment and to Life itself; a will to stand up for what is good and for love.

As a member of the European Parliament and the Swedish State Committee, on several occasions my attention has been drawn to the infringement and mistreatment of Christians and Falun Gong practitioners within the oppressing dictatorship of China. It is a matter of direct persecution, where many people have lost their innocent lives.

Let us all think about those who have sacrificed, who have been victimised for believing in freedom and the right to choose their religion, theory of life, belief and form of meditation.

With deep respect for those people who are suffering, and with hope that this exhibition at the Mora house of culture will attract many visitors and receive great appreciation, I send my heartfelt greetings to you all.


Translated from Swedish at: http://se.clearharmony.net/articles/200311/8601.html

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