Practitioners in the UK Express their Voice to the visiting Chinese Leader, Hu Jintao

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“Please get involved directly with Falun Gong issues and please be fair on the Falun Gong practitioners.”

On 31st October, Hu Jintao, the Chinese Vice President completed his 4-day-visit to the UK. During his visit, the practitioners in the UK made use of all available opportunities to express their voice to the leader and to reveal to the British media and public the truth of Falun Gong and the persecution instigated against it by the Chinese government.

Practitioners waited outside where Hu Jintao visited: Dorchester Hotel, Imperial College London, the British Museum and Downing Street. The message that we wanted to get across was:

“Please get involved directly with Falun Gong issues and please be fair on the Falun Gong practitioners.”

Mr Hu visited London University’s Imperial College. We managed to display our banners and read out our petition letter through loud speakers at the College. Our pure hearts moved the police on duty and we gained great support from them. We were told to display our banners at the best possible spot.

We had many chances to make direct close visual contacts with him. We waved and smiled at him, welcoming the leader to visit the UK. We spoke, “Welcome Vice- President Mr Hu! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa!”

Many police officers on duty were moved by the Falun Dafa practitioners. One policeman asked us, “Why would you spend so much of your working and leisure time in such chilly weather? Is it really worth it?” We told him that in China, almost everyday there are innocent Falun Gong practitioners tortured to death, and we simply have no chances to meet the Chinese officials and state our request. The Chinese Civil Affairs Office is no longer a place where people can go and express their complaints, instead, it has become the home of arrested Falun Gong practitioners. Anyone who says “Falun Dafa is good!” could result in serious prison sentences and even be tortured to death.

We also told the police that we were lucky here to have the freedom to speak and to have our own beliefs. Even though we have to suffer a little bit in chilly weather to express our views to the leader. In China, the Falun Gong practitioners are in such an unimaginable bad situation. According to the official new rules, any dead Falun Gong practitioners as a result from torture should be treated as “suicide”.

Everyone who heard about the persecution showed great support to us. At the beginning the nearby residents were not so happy about us using the high volume speaker. But when they got to know the truth, they showed great understanding to us and even suggested we play some background introduction information through the loud speakers. During the hours before Mr Hu returned to his hotel, we read out loud the articles on “Peaceful Journey” and “Journey to Return Home” in both Chinese and English.

The literature we read were heard by the police, the residents and passers-by. Everyone was listening carefully. Especially when we read a declaration article by practitioners in court, “No Regrets”. It says, “Everyone seated here please ask yourself, that are you able to keep the righteous standards of ‘kindness, faithfulness, manners, wisdom and trust’ as a true human being, that are you able to safeguard the righteous fearing none from the selfish and the evil?” All of a sudden it became really quiet, and the practitioners doing exercises shed tears. We suddenly felt how the degenerate evil was being eliminated and how the fresh being was formed from nothingness.

The police asked us for many leaflets, and some even expressed that they would like to learn the exercises. We were also told by many that people loved the Falun Dafa music since it made them feel calm. Practitioners said that under normal circumstances the music for the practice would not be played in public, but now we are pushed to this stage by the Chinese government. Such a good practice and such kind people were not tolerated by the Chinese authorities, and we have to find our home abroad! When we told the police that among the practitioners present there were many PhD students from famous UK universities, IT Consultants, Senior Engineers, Lecturers and Financial Consultants, they were really surprised. They could never imagine that a such a group people would pay such a price for their belief.

Unconsciously we modified our environment. When we were not sure about the route of the Chinese leader, we were always able to gain help from the kind-hearted people. Many times we stood for hours in the chill, only wanting to say one sentence to the Chinese leader when he showed up, ““Please get involved directly with Falun Gong issues and please be fair on the Falun Gong practitioners.” Such great tolerance and firm belief were witnessed by the leader’s assistants, the guards, and the embassy staff, and they showed respect to us. Even though some Chinese assistants were not able to speak to us directly, we could see such respect from their eyes.

We also realised that what really made the impact was our pure hearts all in harmony. We held such demonstrations in order to offer a chance to the worldly people to get to know us. Whenever we faced obstacles, we were not trapped by the obstacles themselves and simply felt nervous. Instead, we were patient and used kind hearts. In such a way all obstacles were overcome.

By practitioners from the UK

* * *

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