Letter from the Danish Prime Minister to the Falun Gong Association in Denmark

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Copenhagen 29 October 2001

Falun Gong Association Denmark

Dear XX:

Thank you very much for your letter of October 12th, 2001, regarding Mr. Zhao Ming.

The government stresses that issues regarding human rights violations in China are constantly on the agenda in regard to the bilateral ties with China, the EU’s collaboration with China, as well as part of the scope of the UN. As you’ve stated in your letter, the human rights situation in China will next be discussed during the EU-China meeting in Beijing on October 25th and 26th, 2001, where both questions of general interest and examples of concrete cases will be raised.

The objective of this dialogue is to achieve concrete improvements in the area of human rights, which we have continuously urged the Chinese government to address. During the course of this dialogue the EU’s views are critical and will not pass unnoticed. Issues such as freedom of speech, respect for personal integrity and the protection of the rights of prisoners, including the right to not be submitted to torture, take a central position in this discourse.

It is in the interest of Denmark and of the other EU countries to continue and strengthen this crucial dialogue and to include, both the general, as well as individual, human rights abuses.

Yours sincerely,

Poul Nyrup Rasmussen
Danish Prime Minister)

* * *

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