Sweden: Practitioners Appeal in front of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate to call for Severe Punishment of the Perpetrators who Persecuted Liu Chengjun to Death

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On December the 30th 2003, Swedish Falun Gong practitioners sat in meditation in front of both the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm and the Chinese consulate in Gothenburg to mourn the death of Liu Chengjun, who was tortured to death by the Jiang regime. Practitioners also wanted to appeal to bring Jiang, who instigated the persecution against Falun Gong, and the vicious policemen responsible for the death of Liu Chengjun to justice.

Dafa practitioners in front of the Gothenburg Chinese Consulate

Since the former leader of the Chinese government Jiang Zemin began to persecute Falun Gong practitioners in July 1999, Mainland China has been covered with deceit. The Chinese media is filled with a variety of political lies and the public has been brainwashed into believing them. The regime have not felt any shame after cheating people and causing moral degeneration. In order to disclose the facts of the persecution against one hundred million of practitioners in China to more people, Liu Chengjun and other practitioners tapped into a Changchun TV station to broadcast Falun Gong programmes on March the 5th 2002. The entirety of the broadcasts lasted forty to fifty minutes and spanned eight channels. After clarifying the facts, practitioners were beaten and some were even beaten to death. Liu Chengjun was one of those who was beaten to death. On December the 26th 2003, Liu Chengjun passed away after suffering enormous brutality for twenty-one months.

According to reports, Liu Chengjun was kidnapped on March the 24th 2003. He was handcuffed and police deliberately shot his legs twice to cause him severe injury. In early May, Liu Chengjun was transferred to the Tiebai Detention Centre to be persecuted. At his trial, he had to be carried in. In mid September 2002, he was sentenced to nineteen years in Jilin prison. After suffering persecution for one year and nine months, he passed away at four in the morning on December the 26th 2003. Certain eyewitness discovered blood pouring from Liu's nostrils, ears and legs. Policemen cremated his corpse without his family's agreement and without the corpse being inspected.

Upon hearing about this, Swedish Falun Gong practitioners immediately informed the media and the public. On December the 30th 2003, practitioners peacefully protested in front of the Chinese Embassy and Consulate against the slaughter of Chinese practitioners and to appeal for the murderers and their accomplies to be brought to justice. Passers-by and drivers also offered their sympathy and support to practitioners.

Practitioners in front of the Chinese Embassy in Stockholm

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